Geneva Sound System Model L

Beautiful. It’s about someone manufactured a quality sound system for the iPod made from something other than cheap white plastic. The Model L iPod Speaker System from Geneva features an all-in-one design with a built-in universal iPod dock, a wood cabinet, a slot-loading CD player, an FM radio with digital tuner, a LED display, and a remote control. Plus for an extra $75, you get an aluminum floor stand. Geneva Lab is now taking pre-orders for the new Geneva Sound System Model L. If you register for our pre-order service now, you will get priority delivery. About $600US.
See it on their site.
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Bosca Briefcases Partners Brief

I admit that this style of bag would never work for me. I try to avoid having to carry anything in my hands when I am walking, preferring to have things secured on my shoulder or back. The quality leather in this bag catches my eye. If you are an associate in a law firm or perhaps you want to reward yourself for getting tenure this bag will combine traditional elegance with the ability to carry all your modern tools. If you carry your laptop be sure to consider a sleeve to go with it. It has separate pockets for airline tickets, cell phone and four pen loops. Tanned and finished in Italy (but I think made in China), this brief’s leather burnishes beautifully over time, revealing a lovely patina. About $475.00US.
More info. on their site. You might want to check out the Bosca Computer Partner’s Brief as an alternative.

The Podzilla Holster Style SLR Camera Bag

I’m always on the look out for a new camera bag and I saw this particular model on the hip of photographer I met over dinner a short time ago. While I always have the fear that wearing a heavy object around my waist will cause my pants to fall down, this Holster Style SLR Camera Bag looks like it might be worth the risk. With over 20 pockets and compartments, this bag is able to carry your larger digital or 35mm SLR camera, your MP3 jukebox, your portable gaming device, your GPS, or just about any other handheld technology product, along with every cord, adapter, card and battery that goes with it. It’s fully padded and the side walls are reinforced with lightweight polyethylene sheets sewn into the linings, to prevent tension or pressure on fragile memory cards stored in the two side pockets, while affording an extra measure of protection to the main compartment. About $47US.
More info. here.

Under Seat Rolling Carry-On

This might be an answer to those who either can’t or don’t want to put their carry-on’s in the over head bin above their airline seat. It looks like it would be a good option for your laptop as well but you might still want to ensure it is in some sort of sleeve for additional protection. This carry-on has a telescoping handle, multiple side pockets, and a large interior. It’s boon though is it’s ability to sit under the front of your seat with a design that allows easy access to the contents contained within. Personally I value every inch of cramped space airlines feel they can bestow upon me but if you can live without the toe space this will take up than it’s great choice for you. Costs about $119US.
More info. on the site.

Coffee Brewers

Long before I became a bag aficionado I had a love for coffee that led me to spend copious amounts of my limited funds blending expensive beans from the local shop. It helped that I lived in a neighbourhood where every second building had an Italian expresso machine. I lived in the heart of little Italy so the smell of expresso and coffee were everywhere. I never shared my neighbours love of sipping expresso, preferring it as a quick fix to sleepiness, and I have longed preferred a full cup of coffee brewed in a basket. Where I live now I am forced to set aside my love of coffee as the availability of beans is pretty much non-existant. There are coffee shops everywhere of course with their french roast and expensive expresso machines. Café Latté is nice but it isn’t coffee to me – the skill of most “barista’s” here leaves much to be desired as well. I have been relegated to the ranks of instant coffee drinker – of which each cup contains 3 tablespoons. Lately I have seen a few high-end groceries starting to carry some good quality beans so I have started to lust after some products that I can buy to brew the perfect cup and escape visiting the likes of Au Bon Pain. Here are a few of the products I am thinking of …

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Thirsty Tote

I’ve featured Built NY products before and it’s not just because they nice product photography. I saw these this past weekend and thought they were a better alternative to simply throwing the bottle in a bank to leak all over the place. These totes stretch to fit baby bottles and sippy cups, while insulating and protecting the drinks. The Thirsty Tote also soaks up all spills and are machine washable – which eliminates those sour milk smells. Each tote includes a convenient carry handle that snaps to strollers, car seats, diaper bags, or whatever else is handy. Comes in a dble. bottle version as well. Prices start at about $9US for the single version.
More info. on their site.

Pinder laptop sleeves

These laptop sleeves are made of tough water resistant cordura – a fabric I am intimately familiar with after years on the road as a musician. They also have 1/4 inch closed cell foam, indestructible oversized zippers, include a high quality shoulder strap and are thin enough to be placed inside your favorite bag, tote or backpack. These are very functional sleeves available in a variety of bright colours. A bag made from this material that uses these zippers should last you for many years. $49US. Found via Popgadget.
Buy it at their site.

Waterproof SLR Camera case

I could have used this during may last mini-break on the beach. Taking an expensive slr on a sandy beach is a recipe for a trip to the camera shop for a cleaning or a ruined camera. Leaving it the bag on the beach chair (which I did) risks theft. The Aquapac SLR Camera Case lets you use your SLR camera in and around the water without worry. It keeps the sand out, allows you to take underwater photos (to 15 feet), and it even floats. Available for about $120US at Altrec and REI.
More info. on the Aquapac site.
Swim, Boardshorts, Sandals, and More at Paragon Sports. Free Shipping

Fleurville Capsule Lunch Pak

A bag for kids. Even the little ones need cool bags to carry their essential stuff. The kids here use bags like this for their food and miniature carry-ons for books. They have to carry allot of books. This lunch pack is insulated with adjustable backpack straps scaled for kids. It has essential features like reflective piping for high visibility, machine wash, hidden name tag, and a built in beverage sleeve. It comes in 3 different colours that appeal to both boys and girls.
Available at Modern Seed for $33US.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas bags
My bags aren’t packed and I still have a desk of work to clear but tomorrow I say good bye to the cold and head for the warmth of a sandy beach. Though a short break it beats eating what they pass for turkey here. Have a safe, happy holiday and see you next week.

Headphone Travel Package

If you are traveling this week and like myself can’t bear the in-flight audio entertainment or just want to ensure you have access to sonic delight than you might consider heading over to HeadRoom and configuring your “Mobile Line Package”. “Mobile Line package will put any headphone lover on the road with amazing sound; complete with portable headphone amp, high quality Sennheiser headphones, and HeadRoom carrying case to carry it all with protection and convenience. Just choose your amplifier, headphones, and bag.” While I would prefer to swap out the Sennheiser cans with either a pair of Beyerdynamic cans (for home) or Etymotic ER-4S (for travel), Headrooms prepackaged systems are a great start. Prices for the prepackaged systems start at about $229US.
Start with their Mobile Line Package. Their travel page gives some greater detail.

Pia Wallen Felt Bag

Stylish simple super clean bag from Sweden made of 100% wool. Leave it to Swedish designers to create something so beautiful from a simple form. Available in 3 colors for $149US.
Find it at Modern Seed

Casauri Small Envelope Pink

So cute. So pink. “As a cool home for your 12in laptop or to dress up your portfolio, you can carry me alone or in another bag. The bag is fully padded; water resistant polyester and includes a removable padded shoulder strap.” I’m going to make the assumption that this will be going to a girlfriend – so buy it for the girlfriend who doesn’t ride a mountain bike to work and wouldn’t buy a Coach, Vuitton, or Kooba (well they might but not for work – those are for Friday nights). A girl who likes to show her personality, her creativity at the office. It’s a good fit for her iBook or Sony Vaio. The colors are contemporary and will match with what she wears. And it’s only $60US.
Buy it from Composition.

iJacket iPod Case

Yet another in the endless supply of iPod cases comes the iJacket, an interesting twist to the usually uninspiring designs. The iJacket cases are made of “a soft, flexible yet rigid silicone material that is durable enough to withstand scrapes, scratches and provide protection while still allowing the user to access the iPod’s unique touch-sensitive click wheel surface to control volume or browse music,” according to the company. Taking a cue from interchangeable cell phone face plates the iJacket allows you to choose a variety of predesigned artwork or customize the look of your case through a downloadable design template. A fun idea which could be made better by creating an application to do the customizing online. Prices start at $12.99US.
Available on their site. Hat tip tuaw.

Peal & Co Briefcase

There are times when I must ditch the usual jeans and t-shirt outfit and don something more respectable for the suit and tie crowd. I’ve been a fan of Brooks Brothers Non-Iron dress shirts for some time and have a decent “corporate blue” which has stood up to abuse quite well. While looking on their site I came across the Peal & Co Briefcase. It’s certainly looks like a wonderfully made product – from England of tan calfskin, solid brass fittings, green bonded leather lining and reinforced steel frame. When was the last time you saw someone carrying around a briefcase – sans laptop? What do you carry in these things? A newspaper? It’s interesting just how far removed this product is from my experience of people carrying around laptop bags, messenger bags etc.. The last time I saw someone carrying a briefcase was in 1986 in college when I was hanging out with some business admin. students (though in later years some of my old professors had them as well). Maybe they will catch on again when we get digital displays as thin as paper.
Buy it on their site.