Dana’s Messenger Bag

“Whether you are a bike messenger or an artist, a student or a professional, an up-and-comer or a free-spirit, you’ll find what you need with our messenger bags, DJ bags, and accessories. All of our bags will go where you want to take them and take you where you want to go.” That sounds good to me. I think I am the last person to find out about Manhattan Portage bags.
There bags might be an ideal fit for our wet wet wet Asian weather keeps your new Powerbook from suffering from whichever typhoon your walking in at the moment. The main pocket has waterproof vinyl lining for carrying your books, notebooks, and laptop without having to worry about the weather, and includes a small flap inside with a zippered pocket for your cash, keys, and MetroCard.
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Vaja’s new iPod nano cases

vaja.jpgThe Ipod Nano cases are coming! Vaja has introduced its first cases for Apple’s iPod nano. Like all cases from the company, they’re made from Argentine high-ended leather and can be customized with numerous color options and added features. Vaja offers further personalization with your embossed name or logo.
The AP171 comes with a handy keyhook making the Nano the most interesting object in which to attache your keys. If you are like me though you don’t want to be losing your keys everyday. Prices start at $34.00.
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iWood case for iPod Nano

iPod Nano
The iWood Nano is carved from a single piece of wood, and will be offered in varieties including map and mahogany, pear, wengé and walnut. A great way to add a touch of class to the already classy iPod Nano. Due to the manufacturing process the iWood never will be a mass product. Every iWood is sculpted in high precision from a single piece of wood, a very time consuming process. All wood is obtained from well-managed forests, and FSC-certified. The iWood nano starts with €75/$90 plus shipping for the ecology friendly types of wood. Varieties include maple, pear, walnut and others. Engraving the monogram and message each €10/$12.

NBA branded iPod cases

Slappa more known for their protective CD and DVD cases announces a series of NBA branded iPod cases. The protective cases, available in styles for all 30 NBA teams, will feature an image of the team logo on the front cover with the team colors throughout. The new products will be available for fans in time for NBA Premiere Week (November 1-7), which opens the league’s 60th season. Currently Slappa has cases for the iPod mini, and iPod shuffle available for pre-order.
SLAPPA Show Your Game Face