ro Tuck Laptop Black

“Finally, an interestinglaptop back for men! Vertically shaped, fully padded bag with additional interior and exterior storage compartments. Includes removeable padded should strap.”
Certainly a unique take on the tired old messenger bags so many use to carry around their laptops. If you are like me you won’t hesitate to try out something new but give some thought to how this will feel on your shoulder. The straps being postioned quite closer than more tradional designs must have some effect on the distribution of weight. Watch out for the size as well since the dimensions are 11 x 15.5 x 3.5. Otherwise pretty cool bag for a relatively high price of $220US.
More images and info. here.

Ecolution Hemp Traveling Office Briefcase Bag

Well I cant say i would give this bag a glowing recommendation but it’s just different enough to give it a passing reference. I’m a bit sensitive to buying leather products these days due to some problems entering countries that prohibit certain leather products from entering their borders. Or perhaps I just haven’t found out a way to identify quality leather anymore – Roots and Reunion Blues used to have great leather products.
The bag is made from organic Romanian hemp and is waterproofed. Hemp is a strong material so there should be no cause for concern as to the longevity of the bag. If you prefer Kaosan road to Silom / Suriwong this might be the bag for you.
More images and info. here.

Waterfield Cosmo Bag

Though I have never owned one I’ve always been a fan of WaterField Designs bags, at least as much of a fan as one can be from afar. They have garnered allot of great reviews both for he way they look and for their quality construction. I like the way they look as they can fit a number of situations, jeans and t-shirt for a meeting at the café, or shirt and tie for a meeting at the office.
All their bags address my pet peeve of dark interiors, the cosmo bags have bright yellow interiors, making it easy to spot items inside, also both size bags have internal ‘Sleeve case’ compartments, and internal pocket ‘aprons’. As I am in the market for a smart looking bag to carry my 12″ Powerbook, this one is at the top of my list.
More info. on their site.

Ableton nerdbag 15″ by airbag craftworks

Ableton develops modern software technology to inspire creative people, ie. musicians who use software sequencers, they also sell a self branded notebook bag made by the German designer airbag craftworks. These exclusive limited edition bags are protected with a durable, weatherproof finish—and made by hand in Germany. Each bag is unique and given its own personal ID number. Unlike many, Ableton supplies precise measurements for the inside of the bag and allows you to order sizes to fit notebooks in 12”, 14”, 16” and 17” sizes. A key selling point for all bags should be the inside colour. Nothing is worse than struggling to find something in a bag that is black inside. It’s always best if the inside is bright as it allows you to find and see articles inside more clearly. It’s an important feature for someone like myself who can never find anything.
See at Ableton’s shop

My Pet Human

The Threadless $10 t-shirt sale is still on if you are like me a great way to wrap up allot of Christmas shopping in one stop (yes I like to buy many small gifts vs. maxing out my credit card). I’m generally a sucker for any product ad which has a pretty lady with a smiling face but the design of this tee is stands on it’s own.
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Gonorrhea Boxer

There is nothing more that I would rather wear than a pair of Gonorrhea Boxers. Imagine how great your girlfriend would feel when you wear these with pride. Infectious Awareables makes scarves and other accessories based on scientific visualizations of alluring germs such as anthrax, herpes, and HIV. Uhuh. I was going to link to the t-shirts but these were just too weird to pass up. I’m not sure I like there humor, “availability will vary depending on seasonal epidemics. Watch for regular outbreaks of new designs and conditions.” Should we joke?
Get your boxers here.

Tanker Bags by Kramer & Huisebas

Great looking and kind to the environment, these giant oversized canvas bags are from edzard kramer & matthias huisebas of Germany. These one-of-a-kind bags are made from recycled sails and apparently have “a label inside the flap telling the new owner which boat’s sail its fabric came from – and the waters it used to sail” (EN). Cool. They come decorated with large numbers that come in your choice of blue, red or black. Bit pricey at $225US.
See this site for purchasing.

Ear Buddy

A whole cottage industry has grown from creating cases for the iPod. But what about the significant investment you made in earbuds? SendStation has introduced earBuddy, a carrying case and “the only safe place” to store your iPod earbuds. From their site, “Coated with sturdy ballistic nylon, this tiny, ultracompact case — it’s only the size of a jewelry box — can stand up to the everyday dangers of the urban jungle.” I think the size and shape is dead on. I think I will be ordering one soon and with the onslaught of the season of gift giving madness coming soon it looks like a perfect purchase for others.
More info. on their site.

Samsonite Sideloader Mobile Office

There have been many times when I have been racing through an airport with a heavy laptop on my back when I looked with envy at those with all their business gear in a piece of luggage like this. Certainly not practical if you hop about on city streets but if your idea of traveling includes limos waiting for you at the airport then this might be to your liking. If you are like me you have a room full of bags ready to be hauled into action depending on the situation and need.
I generally like Samsonite – I have a suit carry-on that was moderately priced and allows me to conform to the business class set nicely. This carry-on would be a nice addition. It features a protective side loading laptop compartment with easy access for those tyrannical American security checks and retractable, push-button, locking handles & smooth rolling in-line skate wheels. It’s on sale now at Amazon for $75US – cheap compared to some of the lessor bags I link here.
(198111465)”>More on Amazon.

Sonata Wine Tote

If you are like me you carry your booze in either a paper bag or insulated cooler. Apparently this rule doesn’t apply to everyone. Perhaps appealing to those who say they retire to their house in the Hamptons but have a Kmart budget comes the Sonata Wine Tote, a one-bottle insulated wine tote with stainless corkscrew. It’s fully insulated to protect and keep your wine at the perfect temperature. I obviously have been drinking beer for too long as I hadn’t even thought that a product like this existed. When one bottle won’t be enough there are other cases that carry more. It’s a bit out of character but so different I had to link to it here.
More info. on this site.

Lossless Wallet

When you get sucked into buying every kind of techie geek stuff imaginable (convergence, when, when?), it’s hard to find carrying cases that have enough individual pockets for all the different gadgets you want to carry around. Civilian Labs make a rather unique harness bag that allows you to carry all your gadgets at once. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one in an urban area but I can certainly see their utility when you are traveling. The products I did like on their site were the above, the lossless wallet and the cell gear case. Though it conjures up memories of big bellied truck drivers, with large leather wallets hanging out their ass, the lossless wallet has a great deal of value to those of us worried about losing everything when in Bangkok. I’ve lost my mind there in the past but thats another story.
You can order from their site.

Golla Laptop Bags

From the land of beautiful blond women, reindeer, santa, Sibelius, and hassle free downloads comes a series of italian inspired messenger bags. These type of bags are extremely popular with the kiddies here, surprising since it is also the required type of bag for use in schools (no rebelling?). They look like they beautiful bags but as far as sizes go – who knows? Availability- who knows? It’s a shame that so many manufacturers of great bags such as these include so little information that might actually help them make sales. Some European online stores appear to be selling them for about 70EUR.
More info. on their site.

Capriccio Backpack

Ok so she wasn’t that impressed with your choice of a $7US shopping bag made in India, especially since you spend the difference on a night out with the guys. Well it’s time to pony up and spend some of your hard earned green on a Capriccio Backpack – an “essential for the chic generation”. It has that expensive designer bag look which will make your significant other popular among the female office set. This backpacks unique combination of styling and utility certainly impress us (not sure what that says since we still dig L.L.Bean). It features an easy access front panel, water and stain resistant Jacquard fabric, leather touches, and adjustable and removable shoulder straps. All that for $200US. No word on what laptops fit inside so choose carefully.
More info. on their site.