Digital Sound Bag

I remember as a kid caring a large panasonic ghetto blaster (sorry the name came with the times) boombox to the park blasting out the latest hit from the Police. They were big heavy and required the toting of a bag of mix tapes. Here’s todays version, the digital sound bag allows you to annoy those around you with your eclectic music collection while remaining totally inconspicuous. Pop in your iPod, or other mp3 player, plug in the speakers and off you go. Pretty convenient. The bag is available in blue, orange or white; has a clear acetate window lets you see your iPod’s display and access controls; and only requires three aaa batteries.
Available exclusively from RedEnvelope. Hat tip ubergizmo and Popgadget.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac and Folders

When traveling around Asia I like to keep mobile and relatively inconspicuous so I often opt out of expensive fancy luggage. You would usually see me carrying on my back a simple duffle or large laptop backpack. That doesn’t mean that I want to show up at my destination with a messy bag of wrinkled clothes. Nor does it mean that I don’t like to carry some crisp white dress shirts with me. To that end I have been relying on Eagle Creeks (and another no-name brand) pack-it folders and Sac’s to keep my clothes organized, flat, and clean. These durable travel necessities feature with see-through sides for easy identification of contents, mesh-reinforced polyurethane for durability and spill protection, carry clips, great zippers, and a pleated bottom which allows pouch to stand upright for easy loading and unloading. Highly recommended.
See more at their site.
If you’re a serious traveler, you’ll appreciate Magellan’s Catalog.

Le Pod iPod Bag

The iPod accessory market is certainly an industry all to it’s own creating all kings of interesting products to complete your iPod purchase. “Le Pod” from Your Sister’s Mustache and flavor paper are a unique little ipod bags made of flavor paper’s famous graphic designs. Pictured are the Pink Cherry Le Pod and the Texas Longhorns Le Pod, made from industrial laminated paper with black vinyl backing, and costing $20US.
See that and more cool stuff at their site.

iPod Hoodies

Maybe these are lame as Gizmodo suggests but if you are looking for something different to carry your iPod in than this might be your choice. Imagine for a moment the possibility of you, your girlfriend, and your iPods all out for a walk wearing hooded sweatshirts. The thought of such apparel coordination makes me feel warm inside. The company writes:

“Ipod hoodies were created by Ubahn Clothing; a small home grown company in the U.K. The aim was to keep your Mp3 player protected in something unique and eye catching. Hoodies will transform your ipod into something more individual!”

The regular iPod model will cost you $20US with the iPod mini version running a couple bucks cheaper.
The companies product page.

Katamari Damacy T-Shirts

Panic the makes of shockingly good mac software “has been granted a license by Namco to sell a line of t-shirts inspired by the cult-hit Playstation 2 game Katamari Damacy!”(~stevenf)
All of the shirts are 25US$ and besides the Katamari soundtrack these are the only licensed items Takahashi himself has ever approved.
“Unfortunately, due to our licensing agreement, we can only ship to the USA, Canada, Japan, and Korea at this time. We’re working on adding more countries, so hang in there.”(~stevenf)
Buy them at Panic Goods.

Venezia Duffle

This looks like a fantastic bag. It’s a romantic notion, perhaps ill fitting with our consumer culture which dictates that we must buy something new at every chance, but imagine buying a bag that only gets better with age. A bag that you could actually pass on to someone else. The Venezia Duffle looks like it its that ideal. Here is the description in Floto’s words:

“Toss it on a Russian jet and sneak into Cuba, or pack it for a long weekend in Nantucket – whatever you choose arrive in style!
Venezia Duffle is hand made in Tuscany using Italian polished calf-skin leather and old world craft methods. The result is a rugged yet supple leather duffle bag with unquestionable quality and durability not found in mass produced luggage.”

A bag handmade in Tuscany for only 200US$.
More on the Floto site.

Sweaty Stuff Yoga Bag

Here is a product I wouldn’t have thought of.

“Store all of your sweaty gym stuff with your very own Sweaty Stuff Yoga Bag. This tubular, cargo style unisex sports bag set includes a mat bag, a separate sweaty stuff bag to store sweaty items, and two soft double-piqued cotton towels in hand and mat size. The outside of the bag has multiple zipper pockets, a zigzag bungee towel holder and expandable water bottle pouch.”

Believe it or not you don’t need expensive gym memberships to keep in shape. Good running shoes, some loose clothes, and a mat will take you a long way to getting rid of that belly that has been growing since you started sitting in a cubicle all day. If you are going to carry a mat you might as well carry it in a great bag.
Available at Wrapables.

Bump Laptop Bag

This Andrea Valentini laptop bag is a good last minute gift idea for the lady, or as Gizmodo puts it “really fashionable guy”, on your Christmas shopping list.

“Inspired by nature’s perfect package—the egg—this computer-friendly bag envelops delicate electronics in a protective egg crate-textured surface. The newly developed material is luxurious, light-weight, water-resistant and stain-resistant. Nicely appointed with a cushioned polyethylene core, adjustable and removable leather strap, carry handles, three interior pocket, and red zip closures.”

Beautiful bag but I would hope that for $200US this “newly developed material” isn’t just another naugahyde.
View at MoMA. Found via Gizmodo.

Switch Easy Capsule

Yet another protective case for the iPod nano. Despite preferring leather or even wood cases SwitchEasy’s introduction of the Capsule with colors that I like (Black Amber, not the fruit saver colors above) provides a more sporty option. The problem with the cases I like is that you can’t have easy access to the controls, this case solves that problem while still protecting thetouch wheel from dust. If it matters to you, SwitchEasy states that the Capsule’s “are made of the strongest polycarbonate resin in the world. Its the same stuff astronauts use for their helmets!”
Available in colors including Black Amber, Shaved Ice, Red Mama, Tangy Orange and Citrus Apple. The Capsule includes a color-matching lanyard, lens cap and “Stickies,” color-coordinated reusable static cling stickers for the iPod nano’s click wheel.
Buy it for the color names.

iBoxer iPod underwear

Oh that photo is so painful to look at. For only $22US apiece, you can be the proud owner of underpants that have a specially-designed pocket on the side, a perfect place to store that iPod of your choice. Playunderwear makes the world’s only mass produced iPod underwear for those who must walk around in their undies with iPod in tow. A novelty gift for sure.
Buy them at International Jock or just look at lots of male models in underwear.

Maloo Kimono Laptop Bags

Found via Cool Hunting:

“How do you get from a Kimono to a laptop case? Designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann (hettler.tuellmann) won the YOnoBI design competition, which sent them to Japan to collaborate with Mizuta, a manufacturer of traditional Kimono fabric. The upshot was their first folding laptop case made from Kimono material. The duo since founded Berlin-based Maloo with the mission of creating well-designed, ecologically sustainable products. Their first product descends from the Kimono laptop case, but replaces the material with 100% wool felt (pictured above). Called m-1, they’re like security blankets, using velcro to snugly envelop either Macs or 15″ Vaios. Unfolded, the m-1 makes a protective mat and a convenient mousepad, which (as nomadic computer-users know) beats awkwardly balancing on other sleeve-type cases.”

They appear to be a great fit for my Powerbook 12″ which sorely needs a new home.
More at Cool Hunting and at the Maloo store.

T-shirt of the Month Club

It’s Christmas and I can’t think of a better gift to myself than a year filled with one new t-shirt a month. Well I am exaggerating but it’s still a fun deal. For $180.00 plus a one time shipping charge of $5US Heavy Tees will send you a 100% cotton brilliantly design T – just don’t get large over the course of the year as you only get to chose one size.
Order on their site.

Embroidered Roses Large Ipod Holder

If the dropping temperatures are giving your iPod a dose of the sniffles you might want to buy your iPod a “gaily” embroidered rose cover. It doesn’t offer much in the protection department but it makes up for it in style. Sized for use with a “standard sized Ipod” and has a hands-free securing clip. Comes in red only for $24.00US.
Ordering info. on their site.

The Laundry Bag

The laundry bag duffle is a designer laundry bag that solves the problem of taking your dirty undies in a totally uncool hockey bag or, even worse, a black garbage bag. The company The Laundry Bag, yes thats the company’s name, have created three different bags, each with a variety of pockets/bags/compartments to store your laundry essentials: The Original Laundry Bag US$59.95, The Duffle Laundry Bag US$69.95 and The Travel Laundry Bag US$49.95.
View more at their site.