Booq Vyper XL2 sleeve for 17-inch MacBook Pro

BOOQ announced this week the addition of Vyper XL2 laptop sleeve for Apple’s new 17-inch MacBook Pro. “Perfectly fitted for the 17-inch MacBook Pro, Vyper XL2 is a compact and durable sleeve with a slick, rugged exterior and a non-scratch interior designed to protect your laptop against scratches and excessive wear. Although Vyper does not have a handle, it can be used on its own, but it is designed to be used first and foremost as additional protection inside another bag, like our Boa, BP3, or Python backpacks.” Shipping in June for $60.00US.

MUJI Sketchbooks

I don’t mean to turn this into a MuJi love fest but I wanted to make a correction about not being able to by MuJi paper products (MuJi Notebooks) in the US. You can at the MoMA Store and they just happen to be my current favourites. These cardboard sketchbooks are wire-bound, contain 20 thick sheets of premium recycled paper, and tie closed with a black ribbon. Available for between $8.00 – $10.00US depending on size from the MoMA Store.

Love Hate T-Shirt

For those who can’t make up their mind, the Love Hate T-shirt from “French designer Rachel Plefger’s clever tee takes the idea of an ambigram—a word that can be read from a variety of angles—one step further. Available so that it reads either “Love” or “Hate,” the mirror image reads opposite.” Great idea – I would pick the love version so that you could only see my feelings when looking in a mirror. 21,00 EUR. Via Cool Hunting.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut Bag Review

Imago Metrics has published a thorough review of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut carry-on duffle bag. They report, “As airlines strive to penalize customers with fines for oversized and overweight carry-on’s the Aeronaut is the best solution that combines maximum volume and minimized weight with durability, styling and user comfort. In true Tom Bihn style- form and function are evenly matched. Ergonomic, flexible and user accommodating- the Aeronaut is sure to make your next journey a pleasure.” Read the full review. The Aeronaut is $160.00US from Tom Bihn.

Zagat’s US Hotel Restaurant Ratings on your iPod

Mainstay Zagat has made a top 100 best hotel restaurants list available for dowload onto your iPod. I think this is great if you are an iPod toting traveller and are tired of striking out with the food in restaurants. Full instructions on how to install the guide on your iPod are available on the Zagat site. As the iPod’s screen size increases I hope we will see more of these type of applications appearing in the near future. The Top 100 U.S. Hotel Restaurants guide and the full list on USA Today.

A Bag that remembers your stuff with RFID

Though aimed at young professional women the concept behind a new kind of “fabric purse” could certainly find a place in my life. I have a habit of forgetting everything and any product that can help me remember to take my keys (among other things) in the morning is welcome. The Ladybag can detect its contents and alert the owner when something is missing. Using off-the-shelf technology, the bag emits an icon every time the owner forgets to put an essential item in the bag — in the prototype, the items were a wallet, keys and a cellphone.
“We are a group of six women on the team. We came up with the bag idea because we thought that all of us would use it,” said team member Ginny Mesina, a senior at Canada’s Simon Fraser University.
A welcome idea – I wonder if we could do the same with those essential cables that we leave behind as well. Purse Won’t Let You Forget Keys. Via Rawfeed.

MuJi Notebooks

It may be fashionable to carry around a Moleskine notebook and devices of the gtd movement but there are obviously so many other options for writing out there. Living in Taiwan has introduced me to a whole new culture of the micro-notebook. It seems every good student here has one. While there some beautifully bound books to be had here some of my current favourites come from Muji. Muji notebooks follow the Muiji minimalist philosophy and as such escheew the fancy covers found on many. Instead you get some interesting and useful page formats which are perfect for designing mock-ups of screen interfaces, gtd pages, and of course sketching and note taking. I take one wherever I go. Unfortunately for those living in America you can only order these online from the UK or you could find them the next time you fly to Japan. The Note Book with Band are £2.50. There are many others.

Floppy Disk Notebooks

Reveal your inner geek with these giant computer disks from the 80’s. Remember these? I remember saving university work on these or I should say my then girlfriend saved my work. Dos scared me. Floppy Disk Notebooks are $9.95US each and handmade from recycled floppy disks and 80 pages of plain white recycled paper. “These notebook will bring a happy smile to the face of any computer geek or 80’s child.” Buy at Acorn Studios. Found via Pop Gadget.

Travelling Light

I am always in awe when I in my travels I see backpackers or tourists with huge bags overstuffed with what must be enough items to last a year. Backpackers who have so much stuff in their bags that it inhibits their movement. Tourists with huge suitcases with clothes and shoes for all possible social occasions. Such energy and strength to carry so much stuff. “People overpack because of timidity and fear of the unknown, both largely results of inexperience.” I prefer to direct my energy to things other than carrying my luggage. People should realize that you can wash your clothes when you are away from home and that it is possible to buy inexpensive clothing for every situation (if the situation demands it) in places other than your typical mall. I still find myself making mistakes which is why it is great to have a guru like Doug Dyment to help remind or introduce you to the art and science of traveling light. His site is an exhaustive resource which should be on every travelers reading list.
“Arguably the most important aspect of intelligent travelling is the issue of what to take. This, more than anything else, will determine the size of your luggage, the weight of your load, and the state of your happiness.”
Check out One Bag.

Spraygraphic T-shirts

It’s feeling like summer and that can only mean that it’s time to evaluate all the drawers of t-shirts I have. I think Spraygraphic will be getting some business from me this as I like the hard edge to the graphics they produce on their tees. I always like when small companies like this invest some time in some low fi photoshoots. The models and the photography really fit the clothes they sell and it makes it a pleasure to browse their catalogue. Their flash site is an unfortunate distraction. You can buy their shirts for about $24.00US direct from Spraygraphic.

Foofbag Laptop Sleeve

Funky fun laptop sleeves with the triceratop look – complete with acrylic spikes. Foofbags are suitable for all current Apple iBooks and Powerbooks. They are slot loading, designed for easy removal, especially at airport x-ray security checks and fit easily inside another bag. You can choose from Purple People Eater (purple fabric with black tufts), Inverted Urchin (blue fabric with pink tufts) or Flaming Madness (red fabric with yellow tufts). Buy them at Foof.

Crumpler King Single Laptop Backpack Review

O’Grady’s Powerpage has a review of a couple Crumpler backpacks and if their article title “Backpack of the Gods” is any indication I would say there enthusiasm for the brand outshines even my own. Their conclusion, “If you’re looking for a stylish ride for your MacBook, PowerBook or iBook and don’t want a bag that screams “There’s a computer inside!” you owe it to yourself to check out the latest offerings from Crumpler, they’ve got something for every taste.”
Read the full review at the Powerpage or order online at Rushfaster for AUD $225.00.

Gravis Staple Backpack

Gravis’ all-purpose lightweight backpack. 3 compartments including a rear comparment for laptops. Overall, not as very heavily padded but certainly not bulky. If you are carrying a laptop you will certainly want to invest in a quality sleeve. Lots of pockets inside for all your gadgets and the exterior has a detachable mobile phone holder. Am I the only one who carries his phone in his pocket? Able to resist the water from a light rain. Nice looking backpack. You might also be interested in the Burton Conceal Pack and the Gravis Metro.$45.00US from Turntable Lab.