How to travel with one carry-on

Writer and Traveller John Flinn is a serious advocate of traveling light. In his case takes a carry-on bag with him, even when he’s traveling abroad for weeks.

By limiting ourselves to one carry-on, we can be off the plane and halfway to Boulevard Saint-Germain while others huddle expectantly around the luggage carousel. We don’t worry that our checked bags will take an unplanned detour to Duluth or Dar es Salaam.
Packing light offers less tangible but very real benefits. It’s a chance to pare down and simplify our lives, to discover what is truly essential and what is not. It’s a reminder that we’re more than the sum of our possessions.

It’s not as difficult as you think. John Flinn lists out exactly what he packs in his bag – including the quick-dry socks, shirts, and underwear. A good read, especially for those of you still enduring the long wait at the carousel for your wardrobe on wheels.
Carrying off the art of one carry-on
What’s in John Flinn’s carry-on?

SoonR Talk and Desktop For Mac

SoonR allows you to connect your mobile phone via the web to your Skype account or your PC where you can look at files, email, and appointments. They just recently released a Mac OSX client which integrates with the notoriously slow Spotlight allowing you to search your mac via your mobile. Products like this sound absolutely cool in theory but in practice they usually disappoint. Roaming charges and the mobile interface itself might make this something more for those obsessed with the gee whiz factor than any real usefulness. A quick bluetooth sync and a wap browser might be more than enough for most. More info. on their site.

Tricia Guild’s Embossed Passport Wallet

You can mark this down as an essential item to purchase prior to your next bought of travel. If you travel allot your passport can take a real beating and with the importance that such a document takes in your travels it make sense to protect it as well as you can. Why not do it with style? Made of embossed, chocolate-colored leather, and lined with striped Italian silk, Tricia Guild’s Embossed Passport Wallet has all that. It’s also fitted with a clear PVC ID window and has multiple pockets to accommodate your tickets, passport, cards, and what ever else you need at hand. $38.00US at MoMA store.

MacBook Sleeve and Lap Protector

If the reports are true about the new MacBooks, you may want to consider buying a sleeve to not only protect your investment against scratches and light bumps, but also to protect your legs from the MacBooks heat. These laptops run very very hot. Wrappers MacBook sleeve and lap protector, tailored for the 13inch MacBook, insulates against temperatures up to 250 degrees centigrade which should be just enough to guard against unaturally red legs. Made with 76% rubber and 24% cotton. They are available with a trim in six different colours: black, purple, red, blue, green and orange. £17.99 from Wrappers.

How To Do Business in Asia Factoids

Before coming to Asia to live or do business it’s important to realise that there is a whole world of customs, skills, and rhythms you have to master. As the tired cliché goes – you aren’t in Kansas anymore.
In this age of scanning one of the most fascinating repository’s of this type of information comes from the authors of Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands. It’s called Getting Through Customs – Articles.
Here are some of favorite random factoids, mores, and customs of Asia that I found:

  • “Many Chinese adhere to old beliefs such as astrology and geomancy. Even senior executives may wait until a “lucky” day to make a decision.”
  • “Red and gold are colors with favorable associations. They are good choices for your business card, but never write a person’s name in red.”
  • “Business cards (extremely important) are presented after the bow or handshake. Present your card with its Japanese side facing your colleague. Handle the cards you receive carefully – don’t put them in your pocket or write on them.”
  • “Many Asians who do shake hands actually perform a hand-clasp, with no pressure and very little pumping. To give emphasis to a handshake, it is permissible for each person to place their left hand over their clasped hands.”

It’s important to note that though the site does contain a wealth of interesting information most people you will work with abroad realise you will do things differently – they will give you a ton of slack. People involved in international business are all very flexible when it comes to these things.
[Via 43 folders.]

Fly to Bangkok or Phuket from $699

Decisions, decisions! Bangkok offers travelers an exciting urban adventure filled with exotic food, music and culture. Phuket has miles of pristine beaches, world-class resorts and a relaxing pace. Malaysia Airlines takes you there in style from just $699 round-trip. Flights originate from either Los Angeles or Newark.
Offer is available for itineraries in August 21, 2006 through November 30, 2006 and January 16, 2007 through May 31 2007. Offer expires June 30th.
For reservations and more information visit the Malaysia Airlines Web site.

Bangkok’s Smallest Hotel LUXX

Bangkok Luxx Hotel
A new luxury boutique hotel named Luxx has recently opened in Bangkok. Prices seem reasonable and the interiours with their generous use of warm woods, large comfy beds, and wooden tubs, look very beautiful. I will certainly be giving it a try during my next trip to Bangkok. Rooms start at 2,800 baht a night.
From their news release:

Going by the theme, “Beyond Hotel…Stay with LUXX,” this home for the young, hip and trendy traveller is bringing design, comfort and experience to a new level. From being a home of one of the owners to a left alone building, a young architect and designer merge a vision to create a premium class accommodation facility to fit the taste of the young, hip and trendy.
Thailand’s Newest Design Hotel Thailand is strategically located at the heart of Asia and lies as the gateway to Indochina. Bangkok is one of the most modern and developed cities in Southeast Asia and a hub for trendy and chic places. LUXX is Thailand’s newest design hotel and definitely one of best places to stay in Bangkok. The old Don Muang International Airport is about 30 minutes drive to LUXX and once the new Suvarnabhumi International Airport open this year, travel distance will be about 15-20 minutes using the Bangna Trad expressway.

Hotel Website

British Airways New Bag Rules

If you are a regular flyer on British Airways this might be welcome news for you.
“Airline passengers have a new incentive to squeeze all their luggage into a single carry-on bag. British Airways is changing its rules for cabin bags, increasing the maximum size by 40% and scrapping the existing 6kg weight limit.
From July 5, all British Airways passengers — whether flying in first class or economy — will be able to carry on one bag measuring up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Until now, all airlines have quoted the maximum dimensions as 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. BA passengers will also be allowed to take on a laptop or briefcase, provided it will slide under the seat.
BA says it wants to encourage passengers to travel light. It is also responding to new security measures: the British Airports Authority has said that from “some time this summer”, it will no longer allow oversized cabin bags through security. Any passenger exceeding the new government-approved limit of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm will be sent back to check-in. ” [Via The Sunday Times]
The baggage policies in detail.

Google Targets Mobile Future

“For some time now, it has been establishing ways for people to use its roster of services via mobile devices.
The man in charge of the Google mobile mission is Dipchand “Deep” Nishar. He believes that when people are out and about, they want very different answers from Google than they would if they were sat in front of a PC.
For instance, he said, the first result that comes up after typing “film” into a PC browser is the Internet Movie Database.
“But type ‘films’ into a mobile browser and you are most likely going to see a movie,” he told the BBC News website.
“The same search query, because of the context, means very different search results,” said Mr Nishar. “Search on mobiles is about finding not browsing. [From the BBC]

Flying Hongkong to London? Book BA and Get an Upgrade!

Found via Lets Visit Asia:
“Flying from Hongkong to London? Dreading the cramped, long-haul flight? If you act quickly, there’s a chance of an upgrade. Book with British Airways by 23 June for travel until 30 September 2006 and get an upgrade to the next cabin.”
Check out the Fly to London and Get One Leg Upgraded for terms and conditions.”
We wish we were off to London for a trip but unfortunately we are swamped with work. It’s all good but it keeps us from completing the projects we love most (like DOI) and from taking a break in London.

The Ringtone only Teens Can Hear

“They can receive calls and texts during lessons without teachers having the faintest idea what is going on”
Creative thinking! “Teen geeks have retro-fitted a sound called the Mosquito alarm — normally only heard by people under the age of 20 and developed as an irritant to drive teens away from hangout spots at malls — and made it a ringtone. Now all the kids in class can hear cell phones, which have been banned in most classrooms, but the teachers can’t. The ring tone is called Teen Buzz, and it’s spreading like wildfire via SMS and Bluetooth.” It’s a great way of circumventing adult authority by using the very tool used against them.
In a sign of my advancing age I downloaded a copy and couldn’t hear a thing. Here is a copy of the Teen Buzz ringtone in mp3 format. Via here here, here, and here.
I have been fairly busy of late with projects other than Pop Wuping, look for a return to my regular rhythm next week.

Bally Leather Duffle

Though Carl Bally was originally enthralled with the concept of mass producing his products – he thought the idea of mass producing thousands of high quality shoes a sign of progress and modernity. But that was 150 years ago. The focus of the Bally line today is very much on topflight quality with detailed stitching and top-notch materials, as evidenced by the company’s footwear, accessories, and clothing. The Bally Acapul is a beautiful travel bag. In dark brown and made with calf skin, it generally retails for $1195.00US. Bally site.

Suvarnabhumi Airport set to open on Sept 28

Don’t hold your breath. If it does open on time I would add an additional hour on travel time to the new airport until the anticipated traffic quagmire can be sorted.

BANGKOK, June 8 (TNA) – Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport is now set to open for commercial purposes on September 28, the Transport Ministry announced here on Wednesday.
The opening date of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport was set recently by the government commmittee on management and development of the new airport, Deputies Transport Minister Gen.Chainant Charoensiri and Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai told a press conference after a meeting here Wednesday with the board of directors of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), the national flag carrier.

Read more

Gucci Duffle Bag

I seldom write much about products such as this and tend to favour more sporty or utilitarian designs. Though I do love leather bags, this is likely less to do with choice than with the simple fact that I don’t see myself having the money to spend on a bag from Gucci. This is a beautiful bag, perfect for that weekend getaway in Monaco. This duffel comes with double handles and zip-top closure with lock (and the Gucci logo everywhere). 20.5 x 8.7 x 14.6 inches. The chocolate guccissima leather with silver hardware will cost $2150.00US. If you like this bag you might want to check out the Medico bag as well.