Xylon Wood Frame Bikes

I wonder how these amazing timber framed bicycles from Xylon would stand up to the harsh Asian humidity. I have loads of lovely wooden pieces in my house all of which either require constant care or they suffer from some form of wood rot. These are beautiful and call attention to the whole culture of biking in a creative and innovative way. My favourite is the OLL (pictured).
Xylon Bikes.

Tom Bihn Packing Cubes

I have been using Eagle Creek packing cubes for years to help save space and keep my gear organised when I travel. They are an essential part of my kit. Being the Tom Bihn fanboy that I am I thought it worth mentioning that they have recently released their own packing system. It designed designed specifically to work within the compartments of the Aeronaut but I can’t see any reason to purchase them for use in any bag.
The Packing Cubes are available in four styles: Small (Fabric/Mesh $15), End Pocket (Mesh, $15), End Pocket (Fabric $15), and Large (Fabric/Mesh $18).
Available direct from Tom Bihn.

Boombag Speaker Bag for iPod

The Boombag is a great new design concept from GRO design. The bag comes with a built in full range speaker, a rechargeable battery, iPod compartment, and can be controlled via the red lable affixed on the outside . To protect your iPod from the elements the bag is made with durable and waterproof speaker fabric. Not many iPod accessories are designed with the elegance that this bag has. They are currently looking for production partners.

Mobile Power – myPower ALL

Trying to stay mobile with your mobile devices is a definite challenge with the seemingly ever increasing power requirements that these devices introduce. I hate the constant checking of multiple batteries, chargers, and how they all clutter up my bag. While we wait for the next great portable power technology to emerge, there are many companies trying to come up with interim solutions. Tekkeon’s attempt is the sleek attractive and awkwardly named myPower ALL – a universal lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack. It’s designed to power just about any portable device. The myPower ALL is housed in a black and silver case, it measures 3.28″ x 6.8″, 0.92″ deep and weighs a mere 330g. It ships with a leather travel case, with a belt loop on its backside; an AC power adapter, power cord, a set of 8 starter adapter plugs. They don’t have adaptors for every device so you need to check beforehand. Of course like any battery powered solution actual usage dictates it’s effectiveness. I’m not convinced that carrying around one big power brick is more convenient than a number of smaller ones. The myPower ALL retails for approx. $120.00US.

JanSport Audiopack – a backpack for your iPod

JanSport has been a staple of the students for years and their new LiveWire line include features for the various electronic devices students (and adults) now carry around full-time. Too many devices I think.
JanSport’s Audio Pack, available in black, blue with gray trim, or pink with gray trim, is a traditional bookbag backpack—it doesn’t include a laptop compartment or sleeve. The audiopack includes iPod integration, you place your dockable iPod in a zippered, neoprene pouch inside the bag’s main compartment. Two plugs—one for your iPod’s dock-connector port and the other for its headphone jack—connect your iPod to the bag. Near the top of the right-hand shoulder strap is a standard stereo miniplug, into which you plug your headphones; lower on the strap is a set of soft-button iPod controls: Play/Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Forward, and Back. Styling aside I like this product but if you are like me you expect a quality bag to last for years. I wonder if we will still see use from the integrated controls in a few years or even next season. Bags may soon have the same rapid obsolescence as all the gadgets we buy. About $100.00US.

Tom Bihn Imago Messenger Bag

Tom Bihn has recently announced the availability of their Imago Messenger bags. Made of 1000 denier Cordura, the Yin Imago is available in color combinations Cocoa/Cocoa/Wasabi, Plum/Crimson/Steel, and Olive/Steel/Wasabi. The Yang Imago, made of 1050 Ballistic nylon model, has a more conservative look, and is available in color combinations Black/Black/Wasabi, Steel/Kiwi/Deep Blue, and Crimson/Steel/Crimson. We had a sneak preview back in March. When used in conjunction with their Brain Cell insert this becomes the messenger I have always wanted. It’s small and perfect for carrying around my 12″ Powerbook (it works with the 13″ MacBook too). Unfortunately Apple has made the unfortunate decision of discontinuing my laptop of choice but that won’t hamper my enthusiasm for what is the laptop bag I have been waiting for. It’s loaded with useful features all of which are explained in detail on their site. Tom Bin makes great bags (I am a fan) and this bag is worth considering.

Artisan Leather Messenger Bag

Dark brown leather and with solid antiqued-brass hardware make this a messenger that will only get better with age. It’s big enough to allow for use as an over-nighter or if your standard heavy mixture of books and gear. The adjustable hardware allow you customise the bag for whatever use you can think of. It’s truly a beautiful messenger. $195.00US a J. Crew.