Beinghunted Messenger Bag

Beautiful bag with that ‘puffy nylon’ styling that is so popular over here in Asia. Made with a fine nylon outer shell and Cordura enforced bottom should made this bag last. The Glade lists the following key features: “3-point strap system (to be adjusted with the use of one pull only), 3 line velcro closure, waterproof and exchangable tarpauline inner (eg. laptop case), adjustable ‘hem’. The main straps can be exchanged if/when necessary. This bag can be worn ‘messenger’-style or as back-pack.” This messenger comes in black or light olive. Cost is approximately $205.00US.

USB 2.0 Mini Rotating Hub

You never realise just how many usb ports you until you sit down at a café with your laptop trying to hook up all your latest gadgets at the same time. Pendrives, cameras, iPods, and mice all complete at the same time for your scant supply of ports. Rota Rota USB 2.0 Hub “to the rescue!”. This micro hub features 4 ports that fan out 180 degrees, allowing for any device, slim or bulky, to happily coexist – sharing all the high speed throughput. It’s light, sleek, and perfect for travel. $19.99 from Thinkgeek.

XtremeMac iPod Travel Charger

XtremeMac has you covered if you travel around the world with iPod in tow. Their InCharge Traveler for iPod includes four different plug adapters that work just about anywhere (SA/Japan, Europe/Korea, Austrailia, United Kingdom) and a a main unit that auto-switches between 120V and 240V outlets. Also includes adaptors for use on airlines and in your car. $80.00US.

Built Laptop Sleeve

I’m digging the beautiful bright print on Built’s neoprene laptop sleeves. Very stylish and impossible to miss. Even my dislike of neoprene wouldn’t stop me from picking up this great piece of work. They are available in a number of sizes, complete with measurements, to ‘(wet)suit’ the laptop of your choice. Prices start at $30.00US direct from Built.