Second Generation iPod Shuffle Shipping

Just in time to meet their self imposed October ship deadline, some iPod shuffles have been trickling out of the factory into the hands of their new owners.
The new aluminum shuffle is only half the size of it’s white predecessor yet still is able to hold 1GB of storage. Unfortunately Apple seems to have given up trying to design the Shuffle to plug directly into the usb port instead opting for a dock to allow you to sync. The size of the first generation Shuffle prohibited me from ever conveniently popping it into an available usb port as it was just a smidgin too wide. Expect a Taiwanese or Chinese knock-off within 6 months. Via TUAW

E-Ten launches X500 GPS PDA phone

E-Ten Information Systems on October 30 launched its new GPS-enabled PDA phone, the Glofiish-branded X500, in the Taiwan market. Glofiish-branded products will also be launched in markets worldwide, said company sources.
The X500, which the company claims is the world’s thinnest GPS-Wi-Fi pocket PC phone with a thickness of 1.55 cm, is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system (OS) and sports quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE capability and IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth v2.0 connectivity.
E-Ten will continue to develop its own-brand products and has no plans to merge with large-scale IT companies, said company chairman Hwang Shan-rong, who presided over the launch of the X500.

HTC profits jump over 150% on year on self-designed phones

High Tech Computer (HTC) said its after-tax profits jumped nearly 154% on year to reach NT$6.71 billion (US$202 million) in the third quarter as shipments of self-designed products increased.
For the first three quarters of this year, after-tax profits totaled NT$17.84 billion, up 166% on year, the company said in a statement. The net income for the first three quarters translates into a net EPS of NT$40.87, more than doubled from the NT$18.96 of a year earlier.

HTC profits jump over 150% on year on self-designed phones

Securing Your Laptop Against Theft

Just about every technological step forward comes with a trade-off. The benefits of the advancement have to be weighed against a weakness or flaw. In the case of the increasingly popular notebook PC, that flaw is the greater risk of theft.
Portable and productivity-enhancing, notebooks are also easily stolen. And the costs associated with losing a notebook can go far beyond the replacement cost of the machine itself. By the reckoning of IT research firm Gartner Group, the loss of a single laptop to theft averages $6,285 when you include replacement of not only hardware and software but also the loss of productivity. And that’s before you factor in the cost of any data stored on the hard drive.
With the value of that information in mind, hard-drive manufacturer Seagate Technology (STX) has just launched a new line of hard drives that protect data using encryption technology, which renders information useless to anyone who doesn’t have the coding key—and, in particular, potential notebook thieves.

Securing Your Laptop Against Theft

New cell phone that knows its owner

DoCoMo, one of Japan’s top mobile companies, has released its new range of models with innovative security features which takes mobile security to a new level. This phone can detect when its owner moves away, provides a facial recognition locking system and has an inbuilt GPS system that can be used to trace the phone, if lost.

New cell phone that knows its owner

Use iTunes to find hundreds of Internet stations

If traditional radio no longer grabs you, use iTunes to find hundreds of Internet stations from around the globe, including legendary alternative station Just click the Radio icon in the Library list on the left side of the iTunes browser. Then click on the triangle next to the genre of your choice. Click on the stream that appeals to you and then click the Play button.

Teaching iTunes New Tricks

Acer to launch new smartphone by year-end or early 2007

Acer will return to the handset market by launching a smartphone later this year or early in 2007, company chairman JT Wang said at an investors conference last week.
The smartphone, which is outsourced to Compal Communications, will be marketed as a BlackBerry handset for the SOHO and small- and medium-size enterprise (SME) sector, Wang said, without elaborating further.

Acer to launch new smartphone by year-end or early 2007

More than one in five use iPods at work

More than one in five workers are tuning out of the workplace by listening to MP3 players at their desks, a study has claimed.
Some 22 per cent of employees use their iPod or other digital music player for up to three hours a day in the office, according to the survey.
And 30 per cent of British firms have banned the devices.
Listening to music and podcasts has become another way for staff to shut out colleagues after open plan offices replaced partially enclosed desk cubicles, according to the research.
Of the 120 companies polled by workplace interior experts Woods Bagot between September and October, banking and legal firms were the least iPod-friendly, while the marketing and media sector was most tolerant of MP3 players.

‘One in five’ use iPods at work – AOL Lifestyle

Windows Live for Mobile Available

Windows Live is a new set of services that bring your online world together. And work together as a seamless whole. So you’re never far away from the info you need, the people you care about, and powerful protection.

Mail, Microsoft’s Search Beta, MSN Messenger,, RSS feeds, news, Money, Calendar, Entertainment, Fox Sports, Weather, and a some ability to personalize.
Windows Live for mobile

Record Number of Downloads for Award-Winning Skype for Pocket PC

Skype, the global Internet communications company, today reached a new milestone with the number of Skype™ for Pocket PC downloads surpassing five million since April 2004. And for the second year in a row, Skype for Pocket PC has won the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine’s “Best Software Award 2006” in the Phone and Fax category.
Skype for Pocket PC has been a key element of the company’s mobility strategy, extending Skype use beyond the computer and allowing more people to use Skype anywhere in the world where they have access to broadband Internet, when they want to connect with family, friends and colleagues.
Today, Skype for Pocket PC 2.1 is supported by more than 60 devices from 20 different manufacturers, all of which give consumers the ability to enjoy free, high-quality voice calls anyplace their device can connect to a high-speed Internet connection, via WiFi and 3G networks.

Record Number of Downloads for Award-Winning Skype for Pocket PC – About Skype

Fan Photo Album

Perhaps sites like flickr have taught us that yes people do want to see pictures of your family, your dog, your plant, you in front of your plant with your dog, and the all important what’s inside your bag. Despite an undeserved bad reputation showing pictures of your family is in. If your cell phone isn’t doing your family justice than perhaps the fan photo album should be on your shopping list. CB2 says, “Black faux leather covers swivel open at the corner to reveal 20 double-sided photos. Compact photo album contains 10 acid-free polypropylene sleeves.” Small enough to take with you wherever you go. $9.95US.

Beaucoup Cell-Phone Security

“A new mobile phone in Japan takes security pretty seriously: It can recognize its owner, automatically locks when the person gets too far away from it and can be found via satellite navigation if it goes missing.
The P903i from NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s top mobile carrier, comes with a small black card about the size of a movie-ticket stub. The card works as a security key by connecting wirelessly with the cell phone.
If an owner keeps the card in a bag or pocket, the phone recognizes when the card moves too far away and locks automatically to prevent someone from making a call. The user can choose to have the phone lock when it is 26 feet, 66 feet or 130 feet away.
People who lose their security cards can punch in a password to unlock the phone. But they will have to buy a new card to set the lock again.
The extra security is handy because, like other recent Japanese phones, the P903i can be used as a credit card or a prepaid cash card.”
Wired News: Beaucoup Cell-Phone Security

RFID-enabled passports not so safe

Ever since these newfangled RFID e-passports hit the mainstream, understandable concerns have frequently surfaced regarding the security (or lack thereof) involved. The Dutch version has already been cracked, Germans can clone theirs, and Ireland’s doesn’t even have a protective sheath to keep its data safe from unauthorized readers; now it appears that you have one more reason to stick with the ole laminated paper version, as security researchers have released “proof-of-contact code that they say enables an attacker to read the passport number, date of birth, and passport expiration date.”
Your secrets not so safe with RFID-enabled passports – Engadget

T-Mobile Tests Dual Wi-Fi and Cell Service

” Yesterday T-Mobile became the first major mobile phone carrier in the United States to begin selling service that allows a single handset to communicate over both cellular networks and Wi-Fi hot spots.
The first phones, which are available to consumers in Seattle on a trial basis, link to T-Mobile’s cellular network outdoors and to Wi-Fi routers at homes, in offices and in other locations like airports and hotels. This lets customers avoid using some of their cellular minutes and increases coverage in places where signals are typically weak, like basements and rooms without windows.
To gain access to the service, called T-Mobile HotSpot @Home, customers must buy a phone that works on both networks. T-Mobile is selling a choice of two handsets that cost $49.99 for customers who sign up for a two-year rate plan for at least $39.99 a month. Subscribers are charged $19.99 a month in addition to their regular cellular plan fees.
Customers also need a wireless router, which is free with a rebate. The router is then connected to any available broadband line for home or office use. The phones connect not just to the wireless router, but also at any of 7,000 Wi-Fi hot spots that T-Mobile operates at Starbucks coffee shops, Hyatt Hotels and other public locations.
T-Mobile has set up a Web site,, for customers who want to sign up for the service.”
T-Mobile Tests Dual Wi-Fi and Cell Service – New York Times