25 tips for a better flight

From James Wysong comes a list of sound advice to help make a better flight. My favourites are below and the complete list can be found on the Msnbc site.

Cross-pack with a travel companion. That way, if the airline loses your luggage, you’ll still have half the clothes you need for the week.
Bring dollar bills, and if the kid behind you starts kicking your seat, bribe him with money to stop. Tell him that if he can keep from kicking your seat for the remainder of the flight, he’ll get $5. Works like a charm.
Unless you are traveling with children, always ask for an exit-row seat. You’ll get more legroom.
Practice patience, and be prepared to test it abundantly.
Have great sex the night before you fly. You will be in a better mood and be more likely to sleep on the airplane.

25 tips for a better flight – Travel Tips – MSNBC.com

CMYK Zip-up Red

To keep warm this winter and declare my (and yours) fleeting allegiance to four-colour printing this CMYK Zip-up in 0-95-95-5 is a definite fun choice. Might make a good layer under the Timberland jacket mentioned earlier. The need for some red in my wardrobe, the childish desire to express my designer geekery, and the fact that along with t-shirts you can never have enough fleece makes this an obvious purchase for the upcoming pre-Chinese New Year spending spree (I’m already past Christmas it seems). For you normal people, CMYK is a subtractive color model used in color printing. Unisex sizing in S, M, L, and XL. This is Veer branded wear and will cost you $69.00US.

Drop laptop bag

In most cases women are far more emphatic about their bags and luggage then we guys are. And they should be – other than being ‘fashionable’ – every woman I have ever known has literally carried everything they own on their shoulder. The Drop laptop bag by SNAP Design might not carry everything but it does carry a small laptop securely and with style. The bag has a distinctive look.

SNAP laptop bags are handmade with durable vinyl, padded and fabric lined. Contains a zipper at the top opening as well as front and back zip pockets. Although designed for a laptop, it also makes a great portfolio or everyday case. h 11.5″ w 16.5″ d 1.35″ *fits laptop up to: 10.2″ x 13.7″ x 1.35″

Available at Greener Grass Design for $94.00US

Travel tip: Avoid airport rogue wifi networks

I was recently at New York’s JFK airport in the JetBlue terminal, where they have prominent signs offering free wi-fi, courtesy of the airline. But when I went to connect, I noticed that several options were available including one labeled “default” and another labeled “JetBlue free hotspot.” It turns out that the former was the actual free hotspot and the latter was the honeypot.

Travel tip: Beware of airport wi-fi “honeypots”. Via Lifehacker

TWM launches BlackBerry service

Taiwan Mobile (TWM), one of the top three operators of mobile communication services in Taiwan, on December 20 announced the launch of BlackBerry services for a monthly fee ranging from NT$899 (US$28) to NT$1,799. The company will initially offer the BlackBerry 7290 and 8700g handsets for sale at NT$7,990 (US$245) and NT$12,990, respectively.
For NT$899 a month, a subscriber of the service can transfer up to 2MB (megabytes) of data with additional data transfers charged NT$0.15 per KB (kilobyte), according to TWM. The NT$1,799 plan allows for unlimited data transfer, noted the company.
For overseas roaming, TWM’s BlackBerry subscribers can enjoy the following discount rates: 40% off in the seven countries that are members of the Bridge Mobile Alliance, of which TWM is a member; 20% off in the US for T-Mobile users and 50% off for Cingular users; in China, NT$0.23 discounted per KB for users of China Mobile.
Since there are currently only 2,000-3,000 BlackBerry handsets available, businesses will have priority over individual users to subscribe to BlackBerry for the time being, TWM president Harvey Chang pointed out. TWM expects to have 10,000 BlackBerry subscribers in 1-1.5 years, Chang said.

Taiwan market: TWM launches BlackBerry service

LG’s Shine Designer’s Edition

The art is wonderful but goes under appreciated on the back of a phone. I don’t see how this adds value but perhaps customers in the Korean market see it differently.

LG Electronics presented ‘Shine Designer’s Edition’, a special limited edition decorated with Korean font designed by Li Sang Bong, a renowned Korean designer. On the back of the mobile phone was engraved with the original text of a poem of Yoon Dong Joo, one of the most beloved poets in Korea.
The Shine is a flagship model of LG Electronics’ mobile business and the second model of its black label series. It has been gaining wide popularity with sales of 30 million units per day since the launch, and a company official said that this Designer’s Edition was particularly fused with the traditional beauty of Korea with the company’s hope to make it a globally popular item.

AVING USA – Global News Network

How to Survive an Airport Trip With Your Kids

As usual common sense advice prevails. I had higher hopes for this article – “give every kid a gameboy”? – please, how about a book.

If you’re like most parents, the one part of winter vacation you dread the most is keeping your kids occupied during a two-, three- or five-hour plane trip. In the larger scheme of things, though, the time spent in the air is the easy part; what you should really be concerned about is herding your kids into and through your local airport, and through and out of the airport on the other end. Here’s how to go about it.

I think the real problem is keeping kids occupied while you are flying but then most of our flights with children are at least 12 hours.

How to Survive an Airport Trip With Your Kids – eHow.com

HTC’s Google Phone and CHT’s enome

Google will officially sign a contact with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) on December 21 to collaborate on the development of search services on CHT’s emome mobile phones, the sources added.
CHT chairman Tan Hochen and Google vice president and Greater China president Kai-fu Lee are expected to announce the partnership together on Thursday, the sources added.
The sources also indicated that next year HTC will customize handsets for CHT that feature Google search services.
HTC will also manufacture the Google handset, the sources added. Google is reportedly in talks with mobile service provider Orange to develop a Google mobile phone, the sources noted, adding that the new phone will hit the market in 2008.

CHT to announce partnership with Google

6 Tips On How To Choose The Right Laptop Bag

From the Rushfaster Blog:

It is very important to ensure that you pick the right laptop bag for you, here are 3 simple reasons:
1. Vanity: Just because you have a mobile computer it doesn’t mean that you have to look like a mobile geek.
2. Ergonomics: If you’re carrying the wrong type of bag for the job, you could injure your back and end up looking like quasi-modo.
3. Functionality: Make sure the laptop bag you are using meets your needs for protection and storage.

Top 6 Tips On How To Choose The Right Laptop Bag

Brazillion Dollar Home SLR Camera Bag

I doubt they intended for it to be used in this manner but the Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home slr camera bag looks like a great 3 day get away and/or carry-on bag. It should work well for me as I always seem to travel with a small laptop and slr body and lense. Other than this kit I tend to travel very light so this set-up should work well – especially with the front pocket to carry passport, tickets, and a notebook.
The Brazillion Dollar Home is designed to carry 2 slr bodies with glass attached, all the associated gear, and a large screen laptop. This much gear can be heavy so you have the option of carrying the bag as either a shoulder bag or (somewhat) as a backpack. This isn’t a messenger so it will take actual use to determine wether using a shoulder bag is comfortable enough when carrying all this gear.
Made with water resistant 1000D shell, brushed nylon, 300D and ripstop linings. Very annoying oversized strap excluded the other slr bag from Crumpler I own, an older 5 Million Dollar Home, has proven to be a great investment. So I would expect that this will prove to be the same.
Repurpose your bags! You can purchase the bag for $390.00AU on Crumpler’s Australia site which is regrettably one of the worst in the industry. The bags are worth it though.

VoIP takes hold with small businesses

It may be a truism but, nonetheless, voice over IP has the capacity to transform how companies deal with their communications. Large enterprises have been dipping their toe in the water for several years and now it appears that small and medium-sized companies are following suit, says Anthony Plewes.
Investing in voice over IP has become a priority for SMEs, with some 60 per cent considering investing in it during 2007, according to a survey by silicon.com and The Bathwick Group. In terms of planned investment, it only lags behind laptop and handheld computers.
This trend is significant as VoIP lies at the heart of convergence; it allows voice to be carried over data networks, eliminating the historical divergence between voice and data.

VoIP takes hold with small businesses – silicon.com

Waterproof Timberland System2 Layer Shell Jacket

It’s cold, it’s cool. One day it rains, the other it’s sunny. Welcome to winter in this part of the world. Timberland’s à la carte approach to layering helps keep you prepared for all kinds of weather. Timberland’s System 2 Layer Fabric System Jacket lets you combine shells and liners for optimum levels of water protection, insulation, and breathability, whether you’re visiting Taipei or Beijing, or flying back to Vancouver. This jacket might just be what I have been looking for to help cope with the rapid changes in temperatures and weather here and when I travel abroad. There are a number of different manufacturers with different approaches to layering but none seem to have a store near here and I still like to try-on my clothes (vs. ordering online) before purchase. So the ubiquitousness of the Timberland brand wins in this case.
Kudos to Timberland for providing a label (see page) on their shoes that describes the environmental impact of producing each pair of footwear in their catalogue. Their so-called “nutritional label” goes as far as providing a complete list of their factories, with addresses. (Paraphrased from Ruk.ca)
The Men’s Waterproof Timberland® System2 Layer Shell Jacket retails for about $199.00US.

Towards a Ubiquitous Networking World

… the world of ubiquitous computing envisioned by Dr. Mark Weiser at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center more than 10 years ago now seems just around the corner, thanks to the advancement of microchip technologies and short-distance wireless technologies in recent years. In an ideal ubiquitous networking world, a vast number of computing devices that are found everywhere provide people with the best services by automatically tracking their needs, objects and surrounding environments. Ubiquitous networking offers us a chance to create a new world that can best be described as a “ultra-environment” by linking the real space to the virtual one; real people, objects, and environment are organically connected with contents and date in a virtual world created via networks.

NTT DoCoMo R&D – Persons 001-Towards a Ubiquitous Networking World