Shuffle in Colours

Apple has announced that the ‘new’ iPod shuffle is now available in five different colours: blue, pink, green, orange and the original silver. The same colours currently used in the nano’s. With a device as small as the shuffle a little bit of colour might just help me find it under the pile of papers and junk that always seem to surround me. Same almost commodity price of $79.00US.
The colours are perfect for the new Hipster Shuffle.

Nokia – A View of the Future

All user interfaces look great on film.

Nokia has released a number of short videos that explore how mobile phone design may change in the next three or four years. There is a video for each of the four categories, or put more simply different lifestyle, that Nokia focuses on.

More here.

Breakin’ it Down

It’s the chunks, not the days of our lives, that really matter.
There’s something I do that does me a world of good, and it might do you some good, too: I break down everything I do into chunks. I mean everything. And the chunks are very small.

Jugglezine – Breakin’ it Down

Getting my mojo working

These past 2 weeks have been quite lucky as my resolution to improve my home office bottom line has born some fruit. Whether a temporary or long term change I welcome the craziness of more client work coming my way. Unfortunately I haven’t quite got my mojo working which has meant no time to devote to ‘blogging’ or other pursuits.
Some weird happenings this past week as well. I had no idea how important a cars electrical system is to it’s continued … movement. My old Nissan’s charger decided to die on route to home after a client meeting leaving me stranded on the highway in the rain. I eventually arrived home 6 hours later tired and cranky over the prospect of having to leave my car behind. I picked it up the next day and brought home some brochures for new Nissans.
But apparently things are going to be looking up. Friday night was bat night with the sudden appearance of a bat flying in the downstairs dining area just after dinner. My Chinese friends tell me this is sign of good luck. Lets hope.

Logitech’s LX3 optical mouse

One of the unfortunate side effects of spending an increasingly excessive amount of time working in front of a computer is that I believe I have the onset of some early symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome (mentioned before here). At least there is some discomfort and stiffness. As beautiful as they may be I blame at least in part my use of Apple made mice. Having always used Apple’s one button mice by default I have really no clue about what is available nor do I know what I should be looking for. Currently I am trying Logitech’s LX3 optical mouse, the best non-wireless mouse the local electronics store had on offer. It’s a bit disappointing in how it fits in my hand but using a mouse like this is like a revolution. Two buttons and a scroll wheel who would have thought how useful that would be! I’m going to keep looking, I want something that is larger and as a result a better fit for my hand. At only $24.99US list it’s certainly worth giving a try.

Mobile ‘smelly phone’ hits Japan

Apple is not the only kit maker causing waves with its latest device. Japanese mobile giant NTT DoCoMo has launched handsets promising scents and a double screen.
The DoCoMo mobile ‘smelly phone’ is the SO703i from Sony Ericsson, which uses scented sheets that produce an aroma when the device is opened.
The operator said the scent sheets are designed to relax users during a phone call, according to Reuters. The clamshell will be available from next month.
NTT, parent of DoCoMo, has already experimented with linking technology and fragrance. In 2005 the company trialled a system that would fill a cinema with an odour at an appropriate point in the film.


Schlepp luggage tag set

For the traveller with a sense of humour. You won’t get much use of these with the way many airlines treat your luggage but they are great all the same. They might even help you find your black bag in the sea of other black bags.
From Bob’s Your Uncle and found via Swissmiss.



Set in a spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, the 400 bed resort hotel is uniquely constructed within the natural elements of the quarry. Underwater public areas and guest rooms add to the uniqueness, but the resort also boasts cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities.

the cool hunter – WATERWORLD – China

Matt Haughey’s Travel Tips

Matt Haughey offers up a few travel tips he has been meaning to share, including finding a hotel which offers a little bit extra space so that you can have a little bit of separation between parents and child.

When you travel with a baby, it helps to have an extra room in your hotel so you can have some separation of space and your child won’t see you and want to be picked up at 3am. It’s not always feasible to get a hotel suite, but I’ve found a real bargain in Embassy Suites. It’s pretty much an average Holiday Inn style room, but it’s about 15ft longer, giving you a living room area in front of the bedroom complete with desks and sofas. We put the baby’s crib in there, and could put her to bed early and still read, talk, or watch TV in the other room while she slept. Plus, we could let her wake up slowly in her own room. Bonus points for this hotel giving a free breakfast buffet for two with every room. The price isn’t much higher than a typical business travel hotel and works wonders for a traveling family.

It’s tough to find hotels like that in Asia but it’s worth keeping in mind.
Pile O Tips | A Whole Lotta Nothing

Apple moves to protect iPhone UI

It’s been less than a week since the iPhone was announced and the product is not even expected to ship for another six months, but Apple is aggressively protecting its Mac OS X-like interface on the iPhone. A group of users has already developed a skin for Windows mobile that enables users to mimic the iPhone interface, but one website that posted screenshots and links to the hack has already been threatened by Apple and its legal team.

MacNN | Apple moves to protect iPhone UI