Online iTunes Back-up

I’ve been experimenting with using Amazon S3 as a way to have cheap offsite back-up for photos, music, and project files. Though there are start-ups and software available to make using this option less painful for the non-developer it’s still a less than ideal experience. It’s a challenging project if you want to diy.
Bandwagon looks like an alternative and judging from what I have read it might even allow you to interface with S3. They have a weblog where you can track their development.
Bandwagon. Via Swissmiss.

10 New Ways to Make Money Online

So you want to ditch your corporate cubicle and join the ranks of web workers? But you have a mortgage, maybe a dependent or two, and a taste for Venti Mochas from Starbucks? You can make money in the new economy, though it might not be as easy or cushy as keeping your old economy job.
I’m not talking about advertising or affiliate marketing or selling your junk on eBay. Those are so last millennium! I’m talking about the new new economy.

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Catriona & Tom Bihn ID Bag

Catriona & Tom Bihn ID
Evidence of my unsuccessful attempt at a photo session with my daughter and the newish Tom Bihn ID messenger bag. My daughter loves the camera and like me seems to have a bag for every occasion. Perhaps a Tom Bihn Small Café bag is in her future.

The ID is a mid-sized messenger bag designed to be used on its own as a messenger bag capable of swallowing everything you need throughout your day or with the addition of our Brain Cell hard-sided laptop case, a secure laptop messenger bag that cradles your laptop and its accessories.

You can purchase the Tom Bihn ID for $130.00US direct from Tom Bihn.

Strategies for keeping your inbox under control

For most of us, e-mail has become a primary means of communication—which means that we have an ever-expanding list of messages to read and process. To keep from being overwhelmed, first figure out how to keep your inbox under control, and then decide on other details of e-mail organization. As with organizing your files, choosing strategies to implement will depend on whether you prefer to find a place for each message or to rely primarily on searches to sift through your mail.

Stem e-mail overload

A Google Package Challenges Microsoft

On Thursday, Google, the Internet search giant, will unveil a package of communications and productivity software aimed at businesses, which overwhelmingly rely on Microsoft products for those functions.
The package, called Google Apps, combines two sets of previously available software bundles. One included programs for e-mail, instant messaging, calendars and Web page creation; the other, called Docs and Spreadsheets, included programs to read and edit documents created with Microsoft Word and Excel, the mainstays of Microsoft Office, an $11 billion annual franchise.
Unlike Microsoft’s products, which reside on PCs and corporate networks, Google’s will be delivered as services accessible over the Internet, with Google storing the data. That will allow businesses to offload some of the cost of managing computers and productivity software.

A Google Package Challenges Microsoft – New York Times

DALEK Edition Supersampler


Back in the winter of 2003, we met a Brooklyn gentleman who goes by the name of “Dalek.” As part of a gallery project entitled “Dream So Much,” we lent him a white Colorsplash camera to customize as he pleased. Two weeks later, we were awestruck to see the results! Our plain camera had been transformed into a jazzy black and white number that used dozens of black typeset stickers to create a half-camo, half jumbled letters pattern – with one crazy, staring eye smack in the middle of it.
With this in mind, we contacted Dalek last year with a pitch to create the first artist-customized Lomography camera. Given his precision linework, amazing use of color, and world-famous “Space Monkey” motifs, we were positive that the results would be stunning. Man, were we ever right about that! Without a doubt, Dalek is one of the coolest people that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Talented, easygoing, and rocking a set of really fierce tattoos – we formed an instant friendship with him. After receiving a camera and 10-pack of film from us, Dalek set about creating an entirely new graphic look for the Supersampler. He was easily inspired by it’s future-world design and crispy four-frame sequential images. Alongside his personal photo shoots, we asked our global community at large to submit their finest Supersampler shots for inclusion in a collaborative book.

DALEK Edition Supersampler

Fish Table User Interface

Interesting fun concept – fish as files. I like the idea of a mobile phone functioning as an ID thereby allowing you to use the large screen UI and have access to data. Mobile phones are computers with only the interface getting in the way of us using them as such.

Luis Shoulder Bag

Very bold and aggressive design for this shoulder bag by Argentinean Perfectos Dragones. “The design of this unisex bag repeats an X-shape in leather over an aluminum core to form an innovative pattern. Made of leather, aluminum, and fabric.” $125.00US from the MoMAstore.

J Fold Zip Wallet

This wallet conjures up memories of a wallet I had when I was in elementary school – the one made from leather with an indian chief blazoned on the side. Obviously that memory is light years away from the quality and style apparent in this Uni-Sex Zip Wallet from J Fold. Some how a zip up wallet is supposed to keep the ‘stuff’ inside ‘safe’ which may seem obvious except that in my experience I can’t remember having any problems keeping this ‘stuff’ from harm. Beautiful wallet all the same. Made with top grain leather and quality construction for extreme wear and tear. $104.55 AUD from Rushfaster.

Westwater Backpack

Living and traveling in a region prone to downpours has always kept my interest in looking for great waterproof bags. The Westwater backpack from Watershed is more bag than I will ever need and honestly outside of using this hiking I can’t imagine being seen with it on my back. Perfect for wading water or walking through the Thai. jungle when keeping your kit dry is absolutely essential. Like that new Nikon D200 you just had to buy before you you left.

The patented ZipDry closure makes this a fully submersible backpack. Each pack also features removable padded shoulder straps and a removable waist belt. Watershed products are all made with an air-tight, watertight seal that will stay watertight below a 300 foot deep submersion. The Kryptothane fabric has 5 times the abrasion resistance of PVC fabric. Polyurethane is applied in layers to 420 denier nylon packcloth. The end result never cracks, fades, or loses flexibility, even in cold weather.

$129.00US direct from Westwater.

Polyphonic business is dead

“The polyphonic business, which used to be thriving, is pretty much dead,” says Scott Jensen, vice president of global business development at Zingy. “It’s now master ringtones and full-song downloads.”
This change in format was a disaster for ringtone companies. In the polyphonic age, they licensed the music and created the ringtones, and sold them on wireless operators’ networks and phones in return for a cut of the sale.
But with master ringtones, carriers wanted it all. Operators began striking licensing deals and revenue splits directly with record labels, and sold the new ringtones on their own.
“Everybody just got blindsided,” says Bryan Biniak, former chief operating offer of YourMobile. “We just got pushed to the side.”

Ringtone pioneers branch out to survive – Yahoo! News

Silent Ringtone

Funny and no doubt appreciated by many. An interesting commentary on technology by an artist who wisely doesn’t own a cell phone. Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has created the world’s first silent ringtone – an homage to Cage’s 4’33”, performed live before an audience in 1952.

A remastering, “My Cage” is also a remix, introducing serendipity into the equation, delivering performances unpredictably, whenever calls come unexpectedly. The silence may take place without the listener being aware of it. Or the listener may hear a call – phantom silence – when there’s no one on the line. “My Cage” all-encompassing: Even those who don’t use it as a ringtone have the potential to experience it, in the silence of an unanswered call. Note: To fully enjoy this work, and to give callers the opportunity to enjoy the complete silence as well, it is recommended that you turn off your voicemail.
While noting that Mr. Keats doesn’t have a cellphone of his own, and may be less-than-qualified to make global pronouncements about them, Start Mobile CEO John Doffing believes that “My Cage” may be a platinum hit. “People want a respite,” he says, “and not everybody has the time or money to go to a spa. The virtues of silence are unsung.

My Cage. Via Wired.