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LaCie FireWire Speakers

Browsing LaCie’s site for a looking for a new hard drive I happened to see these beautiful speakers designed by Neil Poulton. Apparently these speakers are the first to use Firewire and perhaps as a result they don’t require an AC adapter, resulting in better portability and less cable clutter. From LaCie:

The LaCie FireWire Speakers combine Neil Poulton’s stunning industrial design with superb digital audio technology. With a frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz, they deliver powerful, vibrant sound for your music, movies and games. Easily connect them to your computer (laptop or desktop) or MP3 player* with the built-in FireWire cable. FireWire provides superior digital audio as well as line power — no need for batteries or an AC adapter. Compact, portable, and stylish, the LaCie FireWire Speakers give a whole new meaning to plug and play.

They will be shipping in April and will cost about $99.00US. LaCie’s product page.

Flipperoo Analogue Clock

I’ve got to get my order in on this one. The Flipperoo Clock are flip clocks with hand drawn letters and numbers which come in three colors: silver, orange, and green. They have limited the production of each to just 200 pieces. I love the sound of the numbers flipping. Only one caveat – no alarm.
$60.00US at Gama-go.

Samsung’s SGH-X830 mobile phone

Samsung’s stylish SGH-X830 mobile phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, 1GB of memory, video and music players, and Bluetooth. It’s tiny; the dimensions are 84 x 30 x 19.9mm and it weighs a scant 72g. Many people look for devices which claim to revolutionize mobile communications. This certainly isn’t a claim Samsung would make with this product – it’s screen size limit any but the most basic uses. But it has an array of great colours which I think make this a great choice. I’ll take the powderblue.

Thinking for a Living

Thinking for a Living is a collection of recommended readings and online links put together by Duane Kin. It’s expansive and could keep you busy reading for ages. While the design of the site is quite lovely it suffers from that old fashioned problem of tiny type. Enjoy but be prepared to bump up the font size a couple of times.
Thinking for a Living

Roma Lussa Journal

The Roma Lussa Journal just might inspire you to write or sketch your best every time you open it’s pages. Very beautiful. “Bring out the writer in yourself or someone close to you with this beautiful traditional leather journal made in Italy. It’s softbound with a flap and tie closure and distinctive marbleized edges. Ivory-laid, unlined pages”.
$75.00US at Kate’s Paperie.

REI Backpacks Redesigned

REI has redesigned much of their pack line in an effort to reduce weight and increase comfort. The REI Lookout Pack also boasts a better suspension system to comfortably carry a full day’s worth of gear. This daypack has plenty of pockets for a full day’s worth of gear and a contoured fit to comfortable for a day of hiking or travailing streets. Key features: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) framesheet and a single aluminum stay support heavy loads and protect your back from bulky or pointy items, molded-foam backpanel is designed to improve body contact comfort, with channels for air circulation to keep your back cool and dry, contoured, padded shoulder straps and waistbelt wrap around to offer comfortable support under pack load. It’s available at REI for $85.00US. The smaller REI Trail Pack costs $45.00US.
REI originally got my business years ago as they were one of the few online retailers who would ship to Taiwan. Their branded products are worth considering, all the products I purchased are still in great condition. Something that I have come to appreciate more in a region where cheap broken products are the norm.

The 51 Best Magazines Ever

A good list though ignoring hidden gems (who could compile such a list anyway?). “Newspapers tell you about the world; magazines tell you about their world—and by association, your world. Writers, photographers, editors, and designers bundle the slice of the world they have chosen to explore and deliver it to you in a singularly affordable, transportable, lendable, replaceable, disposable, recyclable package”. Good’s The 51 Best Magazines Ever.
You might also be interested in The Nation Magazine Cover Archive – “a non-commercial ‘hobbysite’ devoted to helping keep inspirational magazine design alive. These are dark days for magazine design with homogenisation and closure of many well known (and loved) titles. Have you noticed how bland, safe and banal our newsstands have been looking lately? Is this what you want? Hey consumers, vote with your feet! Don’t let quality magazines die.”

L.L. Bean Carefree Unshrinkable T-Shirt

Non-fiction (Tiger Brand), my former Canadian supplier of t-shirts and sweats for 20 years or more, moved their manufacturing to China last year and the quality of their products has taken a definite hit. I have a few tee’s upstairs that just can’t compare to the formerly Canadian made product. Non-fiction were a Canadian institution, likely one of the few low end apparel makers still with a factory in Canada and unfortunately what’s good for profits is not always ultimately good for customers. When I can I wear nothing but simple black t-shirts like these. Taiwan and the parts of Asia I frequent are unassuming so I can luckily get away from needing to wear the overpriced ‘high fashion’ clothing that so many others love to wear. This year, as summer approaches, I’m going to give LL Bean another try. I haven’t bought into the American apparel sweat shop free line yet. The L.L. Bean Carefree Unshrinkable T-Shirt is made from “soft 6.3 oz. 100% cotton fabric, which is jersey-knit from strong, smooth yarn that’s ring-spun for durability. Soft jersey-knit taping on the neck seam. Straight hem. Durable double-needle stitching”. Made in Peru I think. At $12.00US it’s as cheap and of much higher quality than what I can find in Taiwan.