High fidelity takes backseat to portability

Music lovers remember a familiar advertising image from the past: a man reclined in a chair, head back, blown away by music from his high-fidelity sound system.
Like the Marlboro Man before him, Maxell’s pitchman is now a relic.
With their ability to store vast libraries of music in your pocket, sleek digital music players have replaced bulky home stereo systems as the music gear of choice. But the sound quality of digital audio files is noticeably inferior to that of compact discs and even vinyl.

High fidelity takes backseat to portability – CNN.com

DLO Jam Jacket

The Jam Jacket no-slip silicone case solves two problems in one product. The silicone material adds a strong, gripable layer of protection to your iPod, plus the “integrated Headphone Management System” on the back of the Jam Jacket allows you to neatly wrap your headphone cord behind your iPod. The case provides access to the hold switch, headphone jack, and the bottom dock connector. It’s also available for the 2nd gen. iPod Nano. Available in black for $19.99US.

Apple’s Address Book More Powerful than You Might Think

On the outset, there doesn’t seem to be much to Address Book – and why should there be? An address book is an address book, right? It seems like the essential function of Address Book, just like half a dozen alternatives, is to store basic contact information. It would be pretty difficult to mess this up.
Entourage offers more than this; I’ll freely grant that Entourage does indeed provide a robust contact manager. But don’t mistake Address Book’s simple form as an implication that it’s substantially less than Entourage offers. In fact, Address Book offers contact management that meets – and in some ways exceeds – the capabilities of Entourage.

Replacing Entourage: Apple’s Address Book More Powerful than You Might Think

Orla Kiely Leather Satchel

I’m out of my element here but appreciate the color and relative simplicity of this bag. Orla Kiely “has a unique, immediately recognisable design language, developed through graphic patterns that celebrate her optimistic spirit. As down-to-earth as her designs are popular, the key to what drives Orla is her fixation on the evolution of a signature style, devotion to quality and practicality”. Lacking the sensibilities of her clientele I prefer the form that this reversible leather satchel. All leather with webbing trims. At 32cmx 30cm x 10cm, it should handle a small laptop. £ 290.00. You should check out the other work in the catalogue – beautiful patterns.

Take Away Bag

The Take a Way, by designer Diane Steverlynck, is a copy of our well known plastic bags, made with one single piece of leather. This soft object can be easily transformed; changing from a flat surface (2D) to a versatile carrier (3D).
View more of her work here. Via The Style Files.

Happy Songkran

Songkran is the Thai new year and water-throwing festival celebrated every year on 13 April to 15 April. I wish I was there.
More here and here.

Get Off My Case laptop bag

Down with boring black bags, these laptop bags from Melissa Beth look great. The Get Off My Case laptop bag will keep you from falling asleep at your next bored meeting! A soft velour exterior, genuine leather trim, and cute patterned lining. Foam interlining and Teflon treatment makes this more than simply fashionable. $175.00US.