Yojimbo Import Scripts for Mailsmith and NetNewsWire

The central point of Yojimbo, as I see it, is that you can just throw bits of information into it without really thinking much at all. It’s a deceptively simple application, and most of the places where it gets particularly clever – like, say, the Drop Dock and the Quick Input window – share the same fundamental purpose: to make it as easy and frictionless as possible to add new bits of information.

Daring Fireball: Yojimbo Import Scripts for Mailsmith and NetNewsWire

Cranky Watch

Though unique, unlike so many of the watches featured on Tokyo Flash this watch actually retains the classic looks you might come to expect. I like the wilder products they carry but can appreciate the utility of this timepiece called ‘cranky’.

Clean lines with reflective mirror rim and an arrow to show the hours. The minutes are shown by the center ring. Different but not too different, and easy to tell the time. The strap can be adjusted by cutting the rubber and moving the pin along.

The Cranky is $65.00US.

Starting points for typographic inspiration

Excellent article by Red Labor on iStock.

Typography is an artform that stretches back thousands of years—from stone-carved letterforms in the second century, to Gutenberg’s creation of movable, letterpress type in 1448. Typesetting was born a tedious trade where hours were spent laying out a book’s pages one letter at a time. For the last 150 years designers have wielded type as visual weaponry, to point directly at the masses and fire at will. Now we’re assaulted with type, most of which is awful; and that’s where you come in.

Articles – Know Your Type | iStockphoto.com


此外帶提袋是由Diane Steverlynck所設計,可用來取代我們常看到的塑膠袋,它是用皮革製成的。由於材質很軟,所以很容易調整形狀,由平坦的平面變成立體的提袋。
請前往這裡瀏覽更多他的作品,轉載自The Style Files.


Intel似乎每年都會跟一家設計公司簽約,而其目的是要他們用新的技術和不一樣視野來打造下一代的筆記型電腦。這次的作品包含以下元素,首先,機器必需要很時尚,也可連接到任何的無線網路,充滿最新最快的計算能力,另外,也要作的跟Motorola的Razr一樣薄才行。目前他們自家的工程師和波蘭的Ziba Design己經作好整合,準備迎接挑戰。而其開發產品的代碼是Intel mobile Metro Notebook,厚度僅有薄薄的0.7英吋。英特爾承諾在今年底原型機會進入生產階段。
Ziba Design

Belkin Flip: 營幕分享器

Belkin Flip是一組設計優美且吸引人的營幕切換器 ,相較於在台灣電腦賣場內常看到陽春型土色的那一種,真的有天差地遠的感覺。雖然我很討厭桌上散布很多條線,但這似乎是可以整合我的個人伺服器和筆電的好方法。但我覺得如果只能使用VGA的接頭,就等於犧牲了顯示的品質。以下是來自Pop Gadget的報導:

同時支援PC和MAC的桌機和筆電。兩種顏色的LED 燈會指示你的Flip是連接在那一台電腦。共有兩條線連接到電腦,另外附一個無線的搖控器。

價格範圍在49到79美元。轉載自Pop Gadget

Travelling to Hong Kong

I’m off to Hong Kong this afternoon for a few days. This trip is a bit different in that I am taking my daughter, who is not quite 4, on our first trip together alone. The plan is after I get the purpose of the trip out of the way we will spend a full day at HK Disneyland where she can experience all her favourite characters and see ‘ the’ castle up close. I expect I will be completely exhausted. This is I hope the start of many short (and long) trips around Asia with my kids.

LED Desk Lamp

I think this would be perfect for adding light to the back of my LCD. My current lamp creates too much heat, something I don’t need when it’s already 37˚C in my office (no AC).

Space conserving, energy efficient, and award winning, this two-bar lamp has 66 LEDs (included) that brightly illuminate but create minimal heat. Adjustable joints extend up to 46″, allowing for easily directed light. Includes a desk clamp. Made of aluminum and plastic. Simple assembly required.

Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp ($130.00US) by Peter Ng.

Peter Ng, spent a year perfecting the design of the Z-Bar, which is manufactured in Hong Kong. “I always wanted to create a lamp that had just the essentials,” Ng said. “At the same time I wanted the lamp to be functional and look good.” A featherweight crop of LEDs enabled the designer to fulfill both profiles: Sixty-six bulbs put out more than 100 lumens focused in a 50-degree viewing angle, and the lamp’s aluminum supports have been thinned to just ½ by ¾ inches. The piece extends with birdlike grace 47 inches from a weighted base that can tuck under external hard drives or act as a makeshift coaster. Once Ng had prototyped the bendy body, he said, “I handed out samples to co-workers and friends. I went back and spent days and nights figuring out how to make the joints as adjustable as my testers wanted.” There are three joints in the neck alone, including a hinge, a rotational joint, and the light bar’s plug-in spot. (The company has since extended the LED line with four other variants, including mini Zs with 40 LEDs and I-shaped lamps with 38 LEDs.)

Continued here.

iSkin SOHO Laptop Sleeves

iSkin seems like a somewhat unfortunate name to call a company – sooner (hopefully) than later placing an i before your name will no longer signify hipness. That aside, their SOHO line of laptop sleeves for MacBook, MacBook Pro and similarly sized PCs appear to be a good value.

Made from premium synthetic leather and dyed using only environmentally safe inks, these handsomely designed sleeves offer sturdy protection that mates couture looks with rock star flare.

iSkin SOHO

A Very Thin Notebook

It seems every year Intel contracts a design firm to build a notebook concept around their vision of the moment or new tech. in the works. This time around the “machine had to be fashionable, able to connect to all manner of wireless networks, and full of the latest, fastest computing capabilities. Oh yes, and make it as thin as Motorola’s Razr. Its own engineers in conjunction with Ziba Design in Portland, Ore., rose to the challenge”. The result is code-named the Intel mobile Metro notebook and it remarkably less than 0.7 inches thick. Intel promises that this particular prototype will enter manufacturing later in the year.
Read more on the Businessweek article.
Ziba Design

The Growing Business Card

Jamie Wieck:

For this project I set out to design a business card that a prospective client would want to keep on their table rather than in their pocket.
The result was a business card that worked like a miniature house-plant, growing alfalfa or cress when dipped in water – a business card for ‘another bloomin’ designer’.

Brilliant. More on his site. Via Ursi’s Blog.