KnoWhere Clock


Share precious moments, always, with KnoWhere personalized clock. Write on and affix multiple hands to the 24 hour clock face that designate the time zones of your favorite people and places.
A contemporary tool in our communications driven, post-geographic world, KnoWhere makes it possible for far-flung peoples to think of one another as friends and neighbors. Greenwich Mean Time suddenly sounds a lot nicer! Preassembled with five popular zones but interchangeable at wish.

The above has “You&Me hands plus six blank spare hands to write on favorite names with provided marker over a bright fuchsia dia.” Perfect now that I am so far from family.
Artecnica blends art and technology to elevate the purpose and value of everyday objects by using design to enchant, inspire and transform.
More great work can be seen on their site.

Freelancers Forgo Office Space for Casual Coworking

Jelly meetings are a way for folks who usually work at home to get out of the house, find kindred workers to collaborate with, or simply to socialize — without having to commit to the gym-like membership setup of most of the country’s coworking arrangements, where rented office spaces feel much like a traditional workplace and require a regular financial commitment beyond the means of most freelancers. Indeed, the term “office” can happily be avoided all together with Jelly. Unlike most coworking setups, Jelly exists for only one day every other week, and it’s free.


Comics weblog

Near-Mint Heroes a weblog about comics, art and design. Including the “The Marvel Guide to Collecting Comics”, something I should have read. I have hundreds if not thousands of comics haphazardly put in storage in Canada.

A practical duffle bag

About 10 years or more ago prior to leaving for Asia we bought a massive wheeled duffle from Eddie Bauer – I hadn’t really gotten a clue with packing light and I think I probably thought they didn’t sell decent clothes other here. The bag is so big that I think we have only used once since that first trip. Too impractical. Well this past trip home with 2 kids and all the clothes that they will be given when they get there we decided to haul out they old bag. Unfortunately in Taiwan neglect often brings growth of all kinds of things and the bag with it’s thin film of mold and rot is destined for the recycling bin. My wife not being one to want to spend any more money on a bag than she absolutely has too (opposites attract?) sent me an email asking my opinion on this bag from Sears Canada.
Trager doesn’t seem to be making duffles anymore so a quick search reveals these practical duffle bags from MEC. They are made of 370g 1000-denier nylon, reinforced with extra-wide 7.5cm webbing. Feature durable full-length #10 YKK zipper on top of bag, a contoured shape and side-zip pocket, heavy-duty D-rings for the included shoulder strap, and side-grip trunk handles. They have received good reviews and should stand up to the rigors of air travel. Up to $32.00CAN at MEC.

Lug Paddy Wagon Work Tote

I discovered this collection while ordering a coffee at the Just Us Girls shop in downtown Charlottetown. Overall the quality is good and in addition to the common black pictured above there bags are available in original and lively colours. The Paddy Wagon Work Tote features a removable padded sleeve that is perfect for a laptop or file folders. Also included are a strap on back for luggage handle along with multiple storage pockets for all the multitude of gadgets and tools you might carry about. $75.00US from Lug.

Bedford Smart Recharge Station

In an attempt to reduce all the cable and wire clutter in my office I currently use a section of flexible tubing I got from IKEA to gather all my device wires together. It works fine but it looks like the hack it is. This Bedford Smart Recharge Station is a more elegant solution for those who like to have a more refined look to their office than I have to date. It comes with a little drawer to hide your knickknacks in and is available in a few different colours. If you were enterprising enough you could build (1) your own (2). The Bedford Station is available at Pottery Barn for $79.00US.

The Reality Desktop

This clip shows the desktop metaphor in reverse. A ‘real-life’ desktop inspired by a digital one. Well done but a tad ‘slow’ with an amusing bit at the end. Link. Via Neatorama.

Logitech VX Nano Review

The Logitech VX Nano, a smaller version of Logitech’s MX mouse designed specifically for the needs of laptop users, is given a largely positive review by Dan Frakes for Macworld magazine. He calls the mouse “tough to beat”. I’m not happy with my far less expensive Logitech LX so I may give this model a try.
Read the full review.

How the iPod can change your vacation

What makes it indispensable is the many nonmusic applications dreamed up by iPod-crazed people unwilling to leave well enough alone.
Today, for instance, I am in Paris on a park bench in the sun. I am wirelessly downloading driving directions to Toulouse on my laptop and transferring them to the iPod in my pocket. Finding the route online and dumping it into my iPod’s “Notes” application takes less than a minute, courtesy of a little program called PodQuest, from Mibasoft.
With the information in place, I navigate the Champs-élysées while wirelessly playing my iPod’s road-trip music mix over the car’s stereo. The car-stereo trick is accomplished with the help of Griffin Technology’s iTrip, a tiny FM transmitter that plugs into the iPod’s earphone jack. With iTrip, the same music that keeps your ears company in airports can now be enjoyed in cars, via hotel-room sound systems, virtually anywhere there’s a radio to receive its signal.

iPod is My Co-Pilot : Condé Nast Traveler

In Transit

We left the beauty of Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island (more) yesterday for a stay in Truro, Nova Scotia before heading to Halifax tomorrow and then a trip to the airport on Wednesday. I unfortunately have to return to Taiwan while my family stays on for another 2-3 weeks.
If you manage to travel to Prince Edward Island and you feel the need to shop for bags or other mobile gear you will be pleased to know that there are a number of new shops that have a great selection of items. Bagsmania in Charlottetown and Cavendish have a great selection of bags of all types, primarily for the ladies, with a few more masculine styles seen. There is a cafe on Queen street in Charlottetown called Just Us Girls which carries a nice selection alongside a wonderful selection of food. The LittleMacShoppe on nearby Richmond street can set you up with all your Apple gear.
I’m traveling with my venerable Tom Bihn Brain Bag and Trager Duffle. I’ve taken these everywhere and they never seem to wear out.
Thursday marks my return to Taiwan with Friday slated as a return to work.

Anya Hindmarch bags cause frenzy


You may have seen luxury handbag designer Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” bags around and maybe thought nothing of it other than “okay, obviously you’re not a plastic bag, so what?” What you might not know is that at 8am this morning, 15 Whole Foods stores around NYC began a first-come, first-serve sale of 20,000 of these $15 cotton grocery bag alternatives, limited to three per customer. A similar event for the bags in Taiwan required riot police and landed 30 people in the hospital.