Kindle a landmark moment in technology

So here’s what Amazon went and did. Metaphorically, the company invented a humanoid robot capable of autonomous action. Every day at 4 a.m., it gets in your car and drives all over the state, buying fruit, milk, butter, eggs and other staples straight from the farm. By the time you wake up and trudge into the kitchen, there’s a steaming plate of waffles waiting for you, made from scratch, and topped with fresh-picked strawberries and whipped cream.
It’s one of the most awesome consumer products ever. It might even be a landmark moment in technology. … and Amazon is promoting it as a $399 waffle maker.
The Kindle isn’t merely an entertainment device: It’s an information device. A generic, empty book that can be used to read anything on any subject from any source, whether it’s a DRMed copyrighted novel, a file from your desktop or text published on the Internet.


Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh at GR2

If you happen to be in or traveling through LA:

Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh at GR2
December 8 – January 9
Reception: Saturday, December 8, 6:30 -10:00
For this show, the artists will make individual and collaborative drawings, paper cut-outs, sewn soft sculptures, and other pieces that expand on the theme of their third collaborative calendar, Hidden Habitats. The artwork depicts houses, shelters, buildings, and dwellings incorporating and blending into nature. These dwellings are sometimes human-sized, but more often than not sized for real and imagined animals, reptiles, or bugs.

More info.

Caribee Summit Garment Bag

For those who don’t have the luxury or inclination for t-shirt and jeans travel. Though looking bland and similar to many this lightweight garment bag at $120.00US is reasonably priced for those with a budget. The internal hardware looks great.

The Summit garment bag has capacity for 2 to 3 business suits with room for additional shirts. The main internal compartment can be sealed for security and protection. Caribee is one of Australia’s most well known and leading outdoor brands.

Find it at Rushfaster.

Rugged Dog Rucksack

With the recent addition of Buster into my family it is only natural I look at ways in which he can carry what he needs for a short day trip.

A functional, lightweight canine rucksack that secures comfortably with a stable spider-web harness system. The low-profile saddlebags are elliptically shaped to help ensure unrestricted leg movement. Zipped panniers ensure plenty of space to accommodate leads, treats, pick-up bags and other accessories.

The Approach Pack. Better picture here by Gary Rolfe.

In the future everyone is a designer

Broad cultural, technological, and economic shifts are rapidly erasing the distinctions between those who create and those who use, consume, or participate. This is true in digital experiences and information environments of all types, as well as in the physical and conceptual realms. In all of these contexts, substantial expertise, costly tools, specialized materials, and large-scale channels for distribution are no longer required to execute design.
The erosion of traditional barriers to creation marks the onset of the DIY Future, when everyone is a potential designer (or architect, or engineer, or author) of integrated experiences – the hybrid constructs that combine products, services, concepts, networks, and information in support of evolving functional and emotional pursuits.

The DIY Future: What Happens When Everyone Is A Designer?. Via Putting People First.

Mobile web browsing still has a long way to go

“The user experience has been a disaster,” [Tony Davis]
While many phones have some form of Web access, most are hard to use – just finding a place to type in a Web address can be a challenge. And once you find it, Web content does not look very good on cellphone screens.
“But they’re fundamentally different devices.” … the basic Web experience for most of the world’s three billion cellphones will never involve trying to thumb-type Web addresses. Instead … it will be voice-driven. “People want to use their phone as a phone,” he says.[Eagle]


Moop The Small Pouch


This small and useful clutch is made from brushed sage canvas and lined in sage cotton. It has 4 pockets: two small ones in front, the main pocket and a slip pocket in the back. There’s plenty of room to hold a phone, ipod, digital camera and keys, as well as a smaller wallet. It’s great on it’s own or clipped inside a larger bag.
Approximate dimensions: 4”tall x 6”wide

$36.00US. Found via Swissmiss.

Felt Safe cover for MacBook Pro


Laptop bags are great, but what happens when you need to put your laptop in your bag? Or backpack? Or carry-on? This handmade, wool felt sleeve will protect your machine from bumps and scratches, and, when not in use, folds flat and out of your way. Or, once out of the sleeve, can double as a table mat.
Fits current MacBook Pro 15″ model.
The details: red wool felt lined with white wool felt, hand cut and sewn, finger and thumb cutouts for easy in and out.

@ Etsy shop. Via Swissmiss.
On preview I see it’s sold out already. For inspiration only.

Elizabeth Saxena portfolio

Nice portfolio of work from Elizabeth John Saxena, a designer based in Mumbai. Her collection of bags for the teen market is what caught my eye. Her description:

The duffle for short term travel & the day pack for daily needs are part of the range of soft goods developed for the teen market in India. The pieces are trendy in metallic fabrics & textured foam backed mesh. Form aspect of the pieces worked upon to achieve the contemporary visual language.

Fire and water proof hard drive

This looks like a great idea. “The world’s first and only fire resistant and waterproof hard drive. Direct USB connectivity to a laptop or desktop computer. Enables backup of critical data in the event of crash, computer failure and fire and water-related disasters. Encased hard drive provides protection from dust and dirt.” The Sentry Fire-Safe waterproof hard drive will be available in December.

The Kindle Flop

Amazon’s attempt at a wireless e-book. The distribution model is excellent (US only though) but with an incredibly restrictive DRM it ignores the basic behaviour of the book buyer. People want to be able to own, share, reference, and covet their books. None of this is possible with the Kindle. Nice attempt but hopefully doomed to failure. It’s $400!

Internet could run out of capacity in two years

Consumer and corporate use of the Internet could overload the current capacity and lead to brown-outs in two years unless backbone providers invest billions of dollars in new infrastructure, according to a study released Monday.
A flood of new video and other Web content could overwhelm the Internet by 2010 unless backbone providers invest up to US$137 billion in new capacity, more than double what service providers plan to invest, according to the study, by Nemertes Research Group, an independent analysis firm. In North America alone, backbone investments of $42 billion to $55 billion will be needed in the next three to five years to keep up with demand, Nemertes said.

A common thread these days – oil, the environment, and now the Internet! Is someone trying to tell us something?

Study finds that sitting may increase risk of disease

Most people spend most of their day sitting with relatively idle muscles. Health professionals advise that at least 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days a week will counteract health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity that may result from inactivity. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia say a new model regarding physical activity recommendations is emerging. New research shows that what people do in the other 15 and a half hours of their waking day is just as important, or more so, than the time they spend actively exercising.

I take this study to heart. It’s amazing how working from home has affected not only my waistline but my very ability to move! I never realized how all the movement required to function in a traditional office could have positive physical effects. I have to find some replacement activity at home.