Teddy Bear Suitcase

“A teddy bear that is part of the suitcase’s interior appears when you open the suitcase”. A great concept from industrial design student Jenny Pokryvailo. Her design managed to fit a stuffed bear inside a recycled suitcase making it easy to carry around your child’s favorite animal. Wholly impractical which is part of it’s charm. Great for a fun room. Via Yokkido. More picts after the jump.

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Software: Megaphone 1.5

MegaPhone 1.5 allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch for file storage via simple drag-and-drop using a Mac-like UI. It’s an alternative to the iTunes lock-in but does include iTunes and iPhoto integration for your music, movies, and photos. The latest release enables the ability to add notes (including text files, PDF files, and other formats) to the iPhone Notes application for reading and editing. MegaPhone is $19.95.

Skew Bookcase

I would love to get something like this for my office. I like the playfulness and tension it creates. The Skew Bookcase modular shelving was designed by Simon Jarl and Martin Palsson of Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Via Designboom.

How to Find Internet Cafes?

With the popularity of the iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, small notebooks, and the seeming endless number of devices that now allow you to stay connected, it would seem odd to be concerned with places to read your email. Finding wifi hotspots would seem more likely. Not everyone wants to lug around a device regardless of it’s size a fact made evident by the simple fact that Internet (cyber) Café’s everywhere when you travel throughout Asia.
While it’s been a popular topic in many guidebooks the most current and thorough resources can be found on the web (and with your feet on the ground). Here’s a list of sites to lead you in the right direction:
easyInternetcafe.com has a searchable list of café’s around the world. Easy has their own chain of café’s but the database contains other businesses as well. The site includes user reviews and Google maps for many locations. It works well but some of my searches came up blank.
The Cybercafe Search Engine lists over 5,000 Internet cafes around the world, searchable by city, state, province or country.
World66 has a worldwide Internet cafe search feature.
Cybercafes.com contains a database of over 4,000 Internet cafes in countries around the world. You can search by city or country.
Internet Cafés tends to be a transient business and what is listed in one of the directories above might have long since closed. Use these as a good starting point with the knowledge that nothing beats asking someone when you arrive where you can find internet access. If you are in Thailand there seems to be one on every corner. Via Independent Traveller.

Lloyd laptop bag

This certainly counts as one of the nicest looking laptop bags I have seen. Very original. The Lloyd laptop bag comes with matching detachable clutch and is made from Italian leather with a soft padded satin lining. Available in 3 colour combinations: Storm, Peppermint, Peacock and 2 strap lengths for the perfect fit. The pleated strap is 100% silk taffeta and in 2 lengths – standard & petite. ~$790.00. More photos after the jump.

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Velina Volante backpack

Jannita van den Haak’s Velina Volante is a backpack designed specifically for women who like their fashion and glamour combined with practicality. The 2.7 kilo backpack’s women friendly features include novel shoulder straps, formed like a bra, which reduce pressure on the breasts. Folded pleats on the sides make it possible to expand the volume from 50 to 75 liters. The upper pocket can also be detached and reversed to transform into an evening/hand bag. There is also a powder compact, a seat cushion and room to pack clothes with care for special occasions. Waterproof materials in colors bronze and anthracite. Not on the market yet but sure to be a hit if and when it does.
Jannita van den Haak.

Skype for Mac update

In case you missed it, Skype 2.7 for Mac OSX was released last week. This release adds Leopard compatibility, 640×480 resolution for video conversations at up to 25 frames per second, Address Book integration, creation and management of public chats, and other stuff. The address book integration seems less than practical if you have a database of hundreds of numbers. Luckily it can be turned off in preferences.

Can you build a life from $25?

In an experiment Adam Shepard started over with the clothes on his back and twenty-five dollars. Soon after, he had an apartment, a car, and savings.

Alone on a dark gritty street, Adam Shepard searched for a homeless shelter. He had a gym bag, $25, and little else. A former college athlete with a bachelor’s degree, Mr. Shepard had left a comfortable life with supportive parents in Raleigh, N.C. Now he was an outsider on the wrong side of the tracks in Charles ton, S.C.


Leather sleeve for iPod Touch

This leather sleeve for the iPod touch from Belkin provides full protection from everyday scratches and scuffs while giving you full access to the touch UI. The sleek design doesn’t add much girth to the device which allows you to easily slip your iPod right into your pocket. Made of soft, durable leather with soft-suede interior with a choice of two colors. The black/chocolate is pictured. More info. from Belkin. It’s $15.85US at Amazon.

Gadling’s guide to getting better airline seats

We’ve broken down the process into a few basic steps. Since you’re online reading this article right now we’ll assume you know how to use the internet, so we’ll show you a great web tool that you can use to help in your research. We’ll also assume that you’re flying on a legacy carrier and not from jankyair.ru; most seat booking tips go straight out the window when you start dealing with budget airlines


The Retro R306

Looking like a high tech screen smacked into an analogue radio, SE has designed a radio with a built-in phone. Placed horizontally on a table, the R306 not only looks like a radio – it sounds the part too. It has a 5MB built-in memory, 1.3MP camera, WAP2 XHTML and bluetooth. I love the look of the phone but can’t imagine any use for a radio. With Podcasts and iTunes who listens to the radio anymore? Link

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7 Reasons To Travel With One Bag

Ian MacKenzie, writing for Brave New Traveler, explains his reasoning for traveling light by summarizing the thoughts of a variety of authors around the web on why you should travel with one bag. It’s a good list.

When planning for our 2 month trip to Southeast Asia in winter 2005, my girlfriend and I decided we would only take a single bag.
And no, this wouldn’t be a large, cumbersome backpack like the ones perpetually seen by eager backpackers around the world. We each pledged to stick with a regular size backpack, like one you would fill with schoolbooks and a lunchbox.

What works for me is the reduction of stress, being able to pick far more means of transport, and no more lost baggage. Something that has happened to my family far too many times.
More. Photo via Malias.

Diaper Dude bag

I’ve finally found a useful bag for those of who don’t want to carry around the pretty in pink bags our wives use. The Diaper Dude is a pouch covered pocket centred bag designed with men in mind. The messenger style keeps everything accessible, highlights include two hooks to hold pacifiers, the essential changing pad, plus a cell phone pocket. I like the style and the fact that it won’t slide off my shoulder. They have been featured heavily but I guess I read all the wrong magazines. About $60.00 for the Dude in Camouflage.