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My son is out of the hospital and I am quickly recovering from the vestiges of a chest cold. I’ve got a heavy schedule this week but I’m excited to get back to babbling on the sites other than my twitter stream.
Here are some of the things I read this week. None of which have much to do with mobility, design, or productivity.
Vitamins ‘may shorten your life
Flu comes fresh from Asia each year
Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger
Higher Oil Prices – A Surprise? Surely Government must cut them?
Rickroll (I had no idea!)
Maybe Money Does Buy Happiness After All
Pneumonia Treatment Overview
Too Many Eggs Risky?
Plazes to Nokia Maps: The Bookmarklet

Glass Lamp

I think these lamps look more like flowers but designers Ichiro Haba & Kazuya Koike write:

Shaped like a wine glass, it is an elegant and pretty clip-lamp. The stem is covered to keep an ugly metal neck out of sight. Soft light coming through the translucent silicon shade will do wonders to the atmosphere in your room.

A wonderful addition to your home office, especially when working in the evening.
More information here.

Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

I think this is an exciting extension to the iPod Touch.

Let’s say you didn’t need that kind of firepower from your iPod touch, but that you would like to use it make a phone call every now and then. You can, and today I’m going to show you how to make VoIP phone calls from your iPod touch or iPhone using a freeware application called SIP-VoIP.

Lifehacker link.

Belkin PocketTop Laptop Case

If you use your laptop in various locations in your home and tend to not take it elsewhere this laptop case from Belkin is a great way to keep your laptop protected and you organised. The Belkin PocketTop acts as a mobile workstation and allows you to carry your power supply while it’s plugged into your laptop. Convenient, attractive, and inexpensive. Available at Amazon.

Xuxabag Diaper Bag

I wish we had one of these when we were lugging around diapers and such.

This is a fun bag for over the shoulder. It has a nice wide strap for comfort with two extra pockets to store stuff in. The inside fabric is cotton. The brown stripes on the outside are cotton and the green stripes are velvet.

See on Etsy

iPhonehard screen shell

Finally a case that will both protect your iPhone, it’s screen, and let you use it at the same time. Ivyskin’s Xylo Touch Thru (T2) hard-shell polycarbonate case accomplishes this feat of magic by using Surface Xylo Wave technology which claims to send ultrasonic signals from your fingers through the clear shield. Sounds good and you can’t go wrong when the price is $35.00. More information.

Weekend in Chiang Mai

The New York Times writes about one of my favourite cities.

… an influx of Thai artists and Western expatriates has turned this quiet city into a vibrant destination in its own right. Design studios have sprung up in town, fusing traditional Thai with modern twists. Age-old curries are now paired with Australian red wines and croissants. The area around Nimanhaemin Road now looks like South Beach, packed with BMWs and Art Deco homes, alongside contemporary art galleries run by young Thais with purple hair and nose rings. But traditional Chiang Mai is still there.

New York Times link.

Cityofsound – Monocle: design notes

if you’re interested in the honest craft of website work, almost deliberately old-fashioned ‘classical’ web design – and how to ally this with innovation in magazine publishing – the following should provide a decent account of several of the key decisions in this particular project.


What to do in the hospital when your child is sick?

Nothing much it seems. My son has been in the hospital with pneumonia this past couple of days and is expected to stay there until at least Wednesday. I don’t know why this big boisterous healthy young guy gets sick so often but he is having a tough first few years with all the colds and fevers he has experienced. As luck would have it he always seems to get sick when his mom and dad are at there busiest work wise which adds stress to an already stressful situation.
To keep him occupied we’ve loaded up his room with toys and books. Reading to him helps immensely but he needs activity so walks are taken whenever possible. Our kids don’t watch much tv so as a result when they do watch they are completely absorbed. It’s perfect when they are sick. In the picture above my son is watching his favourite move ‘Cars’ on my old Powerbook. I brought some of his stuffed animals and other objects that have colour. Many hospitals are so lifeless and dull that bringing some kind of color into the room can make such a big difference.
When your child goes to hospital
What to Bring to the Hospital
Before You Arrive (at the hospital)

Reusable bags

New colours for summer?

The 24-7 bag has been designed to be with you all the time. Really, all the time. That’s why the bag has a casual go anywhere, do anything style. We wanted the bag to work well for the grocery store, or a day of shopping in the city, but we also wanted people to feel good about carrying the 24-7 bag into a nice restaurant, or even a night at the movies

flip & tumble – reusable bags. Via swissmiss.

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iPhone Multi Case

Protect your iPhone and keep it warm (if you live where it’s cold all year round) with the Multicase for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s another great pick from Working Class Heroes. The case is handmade from 100% top grade 3mm wool felt and is replete with a back pocket made from ‘buttery soft’ cow leather to keep your credit cards or other plastic within reach. The elastic herringbone on the front and side allow you to store your headphones and a pen. It looks wonderful but loses some of the simplicity inherent in their other products. Not a deal breaker but I hope the trend toward more function doesn’t continue.
See more here.

Looking for a China Bag OEM?

Perhaps it’s a failure in the hurried design of this site, or the hurried marketing habits of Chinese based manufacturers, but somehow I have become a prime customer lead for bag OEM’s. Every week I get a few new notes in my mailbox asking if ‘do you have interests to do business with us?’ It’s interesting to know just how many companies manufacture these kind of products and it’s an education to realise just how many are manufacturing our favourite local brands.
This is all cool but to be clear, I don’t sell bags.

Square Shoulder Bag

Interesting concept from Dutch design group XS-M-L. Their Square Bag is a bag to carry or though unintentionally a bag to wear. The kidney bean opening matches the natural contour of your arm. There are a number of other bags in this series which may be of interest including the circle and paper bag single. Playing with traditional paper materials and shapes seems to be popular of late. Their site (in dutch). Via Gems Sty.

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