Pocket Wikipedia

Save yourself some data charges and take wikipedia with you on your PockerPC smartphone.

Pocket Wikipedia, hand-checked selection from Wikipedia which is about the size of a fifteen volume encyclopaedia (24,000 images and 14 million words)
The selection was made by Schools Wikipedia and is available for download here. This application it’s a freeware software, works on PocketPC, Windows and Linux.
Pocket Wikipedia was created to work on PocketPC systems. After that was ported on Windows and Linux systems. Because the large size of the database file all OS versions of Pocket Wikipedia are distributed in one zip archive.

Knowledge on the go.. Via Lifehacker.

36 Hours in Bangkok

… there are surprising pockets of tranquillity in this city of nearly 9 million people — leafy temple complexes, graceful neighborhoods, inviting restaurants — that offer a chance of momentary rest or rejuvenation before you head back out into the mesmerizing chaos that is Bangkok.

36 Hours in Bangkok

When Comic Sans Isn’t Enough

Is Comic Sans ever enough?

People like Mr. Gjerde are realizing that the thousands of fonts available on the Internet are not enough anymore. They can build custom fonts in which the letters are not perfect duplicates of one another. They can mix in other fonts and produce something that is uniquely suited for the job.
Good commercial and free programs make the job easier for a wide range of users. Some people with degenerating handwriting are freezing their script in a font. Scrapbookers are casting their lettering into a font so they can have a personal look. Battle re-enactors are even printing out orders in historically accurate typefaces.

Sites Help Create Custom Fonts

Twemco analogue clocks

I like to hear the passage of time which except for a nearly inaudible hum isn’t possible from most digital slocks. These classics from Twemco would look great in my office and since I will in Hong Kong in a few months I think a visit to the Twemco showroom might make it on the list of shopping stops. They are accurate to boot!
Twemco Industries Limited. Via apartment therapy.

Wall straps

I like these. A great way to brighten up your office or storage room while organizing your stuff. If only I could drill holes in the concrete walls of our house.

These wall straps can be used to hold things right against the wall.The further apart you place the two end screws, the more tension on the strap and the tighter the hold.

Wall Straps by NL Architects

Nokia announces the acquisition of Plazes

One of my favorite services is going mainstream.

The Plazes team takes pride in being one of the first services in the location-context arena. When we started in 2005 the potential of that space might have been obvious but it was an uphill battle nevertheless with so many concepts gone sour before. We build the first service moonlighting. A year later we were honored to bring some of the smartest people on the web on board as our angel investors. A year later we got enough traction to bring more great investors on board. Now in 2008 we feel that it is time to take Plazes mainstream and really start making a difference for a larger group of users.


Portela iphone case

While a beautiful case it does seem a bit awkward for frequent use.

Black leather iphone case with outside zipper, iphone fits snug in case with bottom support and leather elastic band to hold in place, lined in leather, slot for credit or business card on the inside.

From shopjake.com

EVA Air fare and service changes

I’ve been an EVA frequent flier for years, but the airline, facing financial loses, has announced changes to both it’s fare and service structure. Problems within the airline industry are pretty well known and not isolated to EVA. It doesn’t look at present that choosing a different airline will result in significant savings. Certainly, the fare increase will bring about changes in my travel habits as I cut back plans and choose an airline based on price versus past experience.
Taipei Times:

EVA Air will raise their air fares by an average of 30 percent for international flights starting next month to reflect surging fuel costs …
EVA Airways Corp spokesman Nieh Kuo-wei (聶國偉) said that the fuel price for air carriers has risen from US$84 a barrel last year to US$145 a barrel. Fuel costs used to account for 20 percent of the airline’s operations costs, but the ratio has now risen to 50 percent, Nieh said.
“The air carrier has no option but to adjust its air fares,” Nieh said.

In checking orices to Vancouver recently I found the fare increase to be far above 30%.
Evergreen Club release:

1. Silver Card members traveling with any EVA Air’s int’l flights can access EVA Air VIP Lounge at TPE / BKK / SFO
2. Silver Card members holding Evergreen Deluxe Class / Elite Class ticket or with confirmed upgrading reservation can access EVA Air VIP Lounge worldwide

You used to be able to access the lounge regardless of the class you were flying. Not much of a concern except when you need access to a lounge for work (and you’re traveling on the cheap).
EVA Airlines

Ringtones for dogs

A Tokyo-based content provider named Dwango announced today that it would start selling specialized ringtones which can be heard only by dogs. The service, called Inu ni shika kikoenai chakushinon (ringtones only dogs can hear) will make free downloads available to current DoCoMo i-mode subscribers.

Engadget Mobile

Why ‘digital nomads’ need Wi-Fi finders

When you’re moving in the American “business traveler bubble” — major airports, taxis, business hotels — it’s easy to find connectivity. But here in Greece, as in many other countries, getting online affordably and reliably is surprisingly challenging.


America’s Most Time-Draining Airports

The 20 airports on our list transported 345 million passengers last year, about 45% of all U.S. passengers. This massive volume–almost double what it was two decades ago–strains the existing infrastructure. From 2003 to 2008, the percentage of on-time arrivals nationwide declined from 81% to 71%. During the same period, late departures increased 9%.