Emmedi Travel Bag


The new Emmedi range from Mandarina Duck brings lightweight and comfortable design, and blends it with classy yet contemporary style. Combining the raw design and materials that made the ‘Workbag’ range so popular, and bringing a refreshing feminine touch, the bags in the Emmedi line will no doubt be a huge success.

Great bag and despite the proposed ‘feminine touch’, a bag I could see myself carrying on the next weekend excursion.
Mandarina Duck Emmedi Travel Bag

Porta 2030 – Webcam backpack

This would be fun. With the Porta 2030, you can record and stream your video while you are in a WiFi zone. Videos after the jump.

The porta-pack is the crucial device that will broke the lock on liberty. It includes a modified wifi network system, a webcam, a signal-generation device and a GPS tracking unit. Through this wireless transmission device, people have gained the ability to interact and communicate regardless of geographical boundaries and without obstructions.

PORTA2030. Via Trendhunter.

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Space Station desk organizer

I plan on constructing something similar later later in the month unfortunately it will be no match for the elegance of this useful desk organizer. Of all the de-cluttering devices I have linked to this is certainly the most beautiful.

An extended desk organizer for laptop users with internal coiling pins conceals all the cords that usually sprawl over the desk. Hovering just 5mm above the desk, cords are free to enter or exit the hub at any point – on the side to connect a scanner, the front for an iPod, the back for a laptop or camera. An internal 4-port USB 2.0 hub will keep all peripherals connected. One USB plug exits the station right where needed to connect a laptop. Just tip the front of the SpaceStation up to access the hub and cords.

Bluelounge – SpaceStation

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Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Most of us do not welcome change easily but we will benefit greatly from becoming willing to develop new habits to overcome procrastination. Below are just a few ideas to help with this challenge.

Excerpted favourites from their short list:

1. Remember that it is motivation that gets you started and habits that
keep you going. Resolve to get started.
2. Put your professional and personal goals in writing. Prioritize them.
3. Write out a plan for yourself and make a realistic schedule.

Tips for Overcoming Procrastination for the Chronically Disorganized Individual or Household (links to .pdf).

Griffin PowerDock

Are there families that have so many iPods that there become ‘power struggles’ as they try to charge their iPods? If you do the Griffin PowerDock has you covered. It might also be a welcome addition to small offices with iPod touting workers.

Substantial brushed aluminum with a grippy rubber base stays put on countertops and desktops. 8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit iPod models that charge by Dock Connector.


Lacquer Docking Station

A great way to keep all those ugly cords under-wraps.

A space-saving way station for cell phones, digital cameras, blackberrys, mp3 players and their charging kits. Wood construction with a glossy lacquered finish. Hinged back holds a surge protector, cords and plugs; rear cutout feeds cords to an outlet. Large drawer stores notes, pens and more.

Link. Via Swissmiss.

How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List

A lot of productivity systems such as Getting Things Done by David Allen or Do It Tomorrow by Mark Forster concern themselves with writing lists of things to do. This skill is easy to learn.But what if the problem isn’t making lists, but executing your plan? What if you write “Get X, Y and Z done” and then you can’t make yourself do any of these things?
I think that many people have a problem not with making to-do lists – but with executing what is written on these lists.

How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List

ThirtyFour – Malaysian Design

Beautiful work!

ThirtyFour uses brass, copper and silver for its hardware (buckles, rivets and studs) and mainly calfskin leather for its other products. Lambskin is used for softer items like clutches and wallets. Linda and Shuenn Kee generally avoid the more exotic materials like lizard and snake skin (for example, python), chinchillas and foxes but they do offer some sea snake skin items.

Mass appeal.

Constant Garden


A product that combines relexation and information, helping you during the day with your appointments and besides that, displaying nice garden sounds inside the office to remind you that there is more to life than work.

It would be a more convincing idea if it was organic instead of plastic. I love ambient interfaces,
vbenedetti online portfolio – constant garden

The Mobile Social World of Presence

… the real reason in my mind that the iPhone wins is it’s ability to “stay in social touch”. The email, the SMS, the browsing experience has enabled much of the behavior that social networkers have mastered already on the laptop or desktop. It’s not about the technology, it is about how the device helps you socialize.
So the iPhone wins because it both keeps us in the flow and keeps us loosely connected. Perhaps a little like adding a “lurking” factor…. iPhone in hand I have a better sense of what my friends and colleagues are doing.. I am more connected without actually thinking about it or working at it. As someone who’s never used a Blackberry and yet observed the “connected” behavior that creates around email (like IM) it’s been a revelation.

The Mobile Social World of Presence

In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use

Indeed, Japanese handsets have become prime examples of feature creep gone mad. In many cases, phones in Japan are far too complex for users to master.
“There are tons of buttons, and different combinations or lengths of time yield different results,'” says Koh Aoki, an engineer who lives in Tokyo.
Experimenting with different key combinations in search of new features is “good for killing time during a long commute,” Aoki says, “but it’s definitely not elegant.”

In Japan, Cellphones Have Become Too Complex to Use

Outlook Meeting Invite Translator for iCal

I’m having a difficult time dealing with meeting invitations from corporate clients. I’m trying a nifty plug-in called You Are Invited, to see if it will help. YAI (You Are Invited) is a plug-in for Apple Mail that translates and transfers Outlook, Google Calendar, Zimbra and Exchange style meeting invitations to iCal. It corrects many incompatibilities between Microsoft Exchange style meeting invites and what iCal can understand. YAI is £3 for Mac OS X 10.4 and up (Universal Binary).
You can download YAI here.