More airline service reductions

Why not increase fares? With increased fuel costs it’s understandable that the cost of air travel may rise. North American airlines tendency to charge extra for basic services implies that these charges are here to stay regardless of the cost of fuel. This further erodes an already abysmal flight experience.
United Airlines to start charging $15 for first checked bag. United Airlines, the nation’s second-largest carrier, said today that it will begin charging $15 for the first checked baggage, becoming the second major airline to impose a fee for a service that long has been included in the air fare.
The charge for domestic travel follows a similiar fee that American Airlines, the nation’s largest carrier, will begin imposing for tickets purchased beginning Sunday. The United fee starts for tickets purchased beginning Friday.
JetBlue’s $7 pillow kits puts spotlight back on airline fees. JetBlue announced Monday that it will begin charging $7 for a blanket and pillow on its flights. The move has again cast a spotlight on the subject of airline fees, which was a hot topic on morning newscasts across the country today.
Airline removes life vests to save weight, fuel. Air Canada’s regional carrier Jazz is removing life vests from all its planes to save weight and fuel.
Jazz spokeswoman Manon Stuart said Thursday that government regulations set by Transport Canada allow airlines to use floatation devices instead of life vests provided the planes remain within 50 nautical miles of shore.
Airline shrinkage to make seats scarce this fall. As airlines reduce flights and park planes in an attempt to stem losses, passengers this fall could be in line for more inconveniences, fewer options and less service.
So far these service reductions haven’t affected the airlines I fly.


I’ve been on a holiday of sorts, between taking a day off here and there, plus looming deadlines on other projects I’ve not written here in ages. Things should start returning to normal tomorrow.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Managing Multiple Jobs At Once

Some of us take on second jobs to make ends meet. Some do it for a chance to do the work they actually enjoy. And some of us create our own second jobs to build a business or create our own projects. No matter what the reason, though, juggling more than one job is guaranteed to be a crash course in time management. If you’re not careful, the word ‘crash’ could become more than figurative.


Walking the Line When You Work from Home

Working from home as a freelance contractor or remote employee can be a great thing, particularly if you live alone. But what if you have a spouse and/or children at home with you while you work? Every work environment offers distractions, but those who work from home with their families face a unique set of issues—and need equally unique ways of dealing with them.


What You Need To Know Before Starting A Company

Often people start a company without any clear idea of what a company is. Entrepreneurs closet themselves in the garage and start writing code. While the modern tech world could not exist without obsession, artistic inspiration and crazy engineers, there’s more to a startup than passion. Alex explores the basics behind corporate entities, stock, financing, and the key non-technical infrastructure every company should have. [via Swissmiss]


Read books via email and rss

Dailylit is an interesting service which I am giving a try. It delivers books in installments, via email or RSS. One per day. They have over 950 titles available, of which I am struggling to find something I am interested in reading. Many are free or available on a Pay-Per-Read basis.
Since I unfortunately spend most of my day in front of a screen this might be a good way to read something of value vs. the crap I read on blogs and news sites. It’s portable too, allowing you to read on your iPhone or Blackberry.
DailyLit: Read books online by daily email and RSS feed

Tenba Photo/Laptop Backpack

Whenever I consider a bag like this I think about how uncomfortable it would be to carry all my gear on my back over long distances. I would refer to dump the laptop and be satisfied with a portable photo-disc and an iPod touch. But if you must carry a laptop, and it’s nice to be able to present photographs to clients on a photo shoot, then the Tenba Gen-3 looks very promising.

… [It] offers easy-to-access, organized space for a full sized professional D/SLR kit with multiple lenses and flash, plus separate, protective storage for a laptop, including many 15” models. The bag includes movable/removable divider panels, multiple accessory pockets, a movable/removable accessory pouch for a phone or portable audio device, a wallet for flash media cards, and many other practical features. The Backpack also has a removable divider shelf between the top storage and the bottom camera compartment, to convert the interior into one large storage space–while still keeping the padded laptop sleeve intact.

I like how the front sections open to reveal their contents and the harness cover is very useful. They also understand the importance of a bright interior to aid in finding all the small objects that you carry with you. A video after the jump.

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Knomo Leather iPhone 3G Case

I would prefer a case more flush with the phone but this does look great.

This luxurious leather case is designed exclusively to fit an iPhone 3G. Superbly crafted from genuine leather … it allows for easy access to the multi-touch display, camera and all controls while the soft velveteen interior and secure closure provide ultimate protection. Full access is also provided to the headphone jack and dock connector.. Rushfaster

Knomo Luxury Leather iPhone 3G Case

Blackboard walled office

If it weren’t for the dust I might just want to have the exact same office walls and ceiling. Great idea!

So you’re Roland Emmerich, Hollywood super producer/director, and you buy an apartment in Knightsbridge, London. Friends tell you the neighborhood is a bit “staid.” Not caring, you tell your interior decorator to make it so “that when the neighbors peek in, they might want to call the police or something.”

Far From Conservative

EIZO ColorEdge CG301W Monitor

I visited my local Eizo reseller last week to purchase a back-up solution for my home office when I had a look at this beauty. I’m in need of some serious hardware upgrades this year and a replacement for my venerable Eizo 17″ lcd would be a consideration. This monitor is absolutely intimating both in size, performance and at $5600.00 in price. The ColorEdge CG301W is equipped with EIZO’s Digital Uniformity Equalizer function and comes with a shading hood. While professional color management would be one of the main reasons for choosing a monitor like this, I find one of the most interesting features of the CG301W is the ability to divide the screen into two equal halves of 1200 × 1600, and displaying input from two computers simultaneously. A great way to reduce clutter on your desktop and improve productivity. This monitor is way out of my price range so I would likely consider one of the lcd’s from the FlexScan series which share many of the features and performance but for dramatically less.
EIZO ColorEdge CG301W Monitor

Deals on Apple laptops and desktops

Amazon’s rebate page for Apple products lets your see all current rebate offers on Apple laptops and desktops offered by Some good and some not so good deals.
Apple rebate offers. This is an affiliate link which, when you make a purchase, helps support Pop Wuping.