Blackberry’s new phones

I think they look great but I’ll stick with my Nokia N series coupled with my future purchase of an iPhone (I’m waiting on a flight to Hong Kong for the iPhone).

With do-everything wonderphones like the iPhone and the G1 “Google phone” breathing down its neck, the BlackBerry’s status as the best-selling smartphone isn’t guaranteed forever. So this fall, Research in Motion is introducing three radically different BlackBerry models … The BlackBerry brigade is bursting with boasts about both of these beautiful bad boys. But do they bring benefits? Are they best of breed? You betcha.

David Pogue: BlackBerry Aims to Stay Step Ahead

Instant Messaging Proves Useful In Reducing Workplace Interruption

Employers seeking to decrease interruptions may want to have their workers use instant messaging software, a new study suggests. A recent study by researchers at Ohio State University and University of California, Irvine found that workers who used instant messaging on the job reported less interruption than colleagues who did not.


Instant messaging emerging as mission critical business tool

I think many of us have felt this for years.

For many knowledge workers, instant messaging (IM) is as critical as having access to a telephone or to e-mail and enterprises that haven’t already done so should start incorporating IM into their critical business processes immediately, says Gartner.
Gartner predicts that by the end of 2011, IM will be the de facto tool for voice, video and text chat with 95 percent of workers in leading global organisations using it as their primary interface for real-time communications by 2013. The worldwide market for enterprise IM is forecast to grow from $267 million in 2005 to $688 million in 2010.

Instant messaging emerging as mission critical business tool

Work from home tips

Some WFH tips that have worked for us when balancing the work and home life:

  • Set a daily schedule. This will help co-workers know when to expect you online…and when to expect you offline.
  • If you don’t have a separate home office, try to clear up any evidence of “work” at the end of the day. Stow your laptop and papers away. This allows you to clear your head of work-related stress and focus on unwinding. (In our case, a beer or a glass of wine with some music also helps in this category.) If you live with your significant other, this can be very beneficial to your relationship–in most cases.
  • Try to get outside at least once during the day. This could be in the morning, during lunch, or after dinner. Being cooped up in the house can be very, very rough. We usually take the dogs for a walk, or at the very least, hang out in the backyard and water the plants.
  • One problem that we run into with family and friends is the idea that since we’re “at home,” it means that we’re also available for hanging out during the workday. Define your boundaries, and don’t be afraid to lay down the law.
  • Attempt to change out of your pajamas before dinner time. We know it’s hard. We’ve been there. But trust us when we say this: even though you may not work around other people, showering and wearing non-elastic / non-drawstring waistbands will ultimately benefit you.

From Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

Interrobang Pouch (tote)


These bags are incredibly strong, great for the environment, and are guaranteed to be a conversation starter! People will be amazed when you tell them what it’s made from.

They are made from recycled seatbelts so you can be sure the material is far stronger than needed. Available from their shop on Etsy. Via monoscope.

What Foods Can You Carry On The Plane?

I now make it a point to not eat at all. Certainly whatever is on offer at the terminal is unhealthy at best – I can live the rest of my life without yet another fast food burger. On board the aircraft I now request fruit, which though seldom plentiful, keeps me satiated until I reach my destination. For long trips I bring nuts and cheese with requests for some noodles if necessary.
The TSA website states that you can carry on:

  • Beverages brought from home or purchased before reaching the security checkpoint in a 3 oz. or smaller container and in your quart-size, zip-top plastic bag.
  • Canned or jarred goods such as soup, sauces, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables and jellies – 3 oz. or smaller
  • Cheese in pressurized containers, Jell-O’s, pudding, whipping cream, yogurt or gel like food substances – 3 oz. or smaller

What Foods Can You Carry On The Plane?

Rainer Brockerhoff talks about the New MacBooks

With the new unibody, for the first time, both lines use the same materials and design. This means that Apple must distinguish the lines by feature sets alone. In this case, it seems that the major distinction is screen size: the normal MacBook has a 13″ screen, while the MacBook Pros have larger screens. Of course there are the usual somewhat faster CPUs and larger hard drives, but these are more of an expected consequence of the size difference. All this also makes for a natural spread in prices among the lines.

Link via Daring fireball.

Another review of the G1

The T-Mobile G1 Google smartphone, designed by Google and made by HTC, remains firmly in the shadow of the iPhone—for now. The phone, which goes on sale next week in the US and next month in Britain, was released too early. The HTC hardware and Android OS that powers it lack the polish and depth of even the iPhone 1.0 in most respects. It’s not a bad phone, but the software and hardware needed more time in the oven to bring them to a golden brown crispness.


Top 10 Hotel Bathrooms

The top American hotel bathrooms as rated by Tripkick. While it certainly can be a defining feature of your stay, I’m not really interested in bathrooms that lead right in to the room proper. It’s great to keep them separate for all kinds of reasons.
Tripkick Blog

It’s your bag!

A great idea from Uppercase paper goods.

Your name, message or other greeting will be printed on a canvas bag for all to see! It will be typeset in beautiful Clarendon in black, orange and blue as shown in this example. Say as much or as little as you want—we’ll adjust the font size to fit it all in!

From Uppercase paper goods.

Design Hotels 2008

Hotels to dream of staying in.

… there’s a new generation of design hotels, one that rejects the notion that a slab of concrete is a place to sit. Whether they’re reducing their environmental footprint, employing local artisans, or using the natural world as an extension of their aesthetic—such as the Amanyara in Turks & Caicos, pictured here—these new contenders are creative and inspired, and invite no comparisons to M.C. Escher.

Design Hotels 2008

Taiwan: The Other China

On the surface, Taiwan may not look like a model for much of anything. To be sure, like all modern Asian capitals, it has plenty of chichi discos, Starbucks, and shopping malls. This is also the home of what was briefly the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101, whose elevator flies, disconcertingly, up to the eighty-ninth floor in forty seconds. Taipei’s best Taiwanese restaurant, Shin Yeh, is on the eighty-fifth floor, and there you can eat shark’s fin soup, braised abalone, and oyster omelets while looking out on the twinkling lights of the low-lying city. But unlike on the mainland, where the world’s great architects are building wildly creative towers, and in some cases, entire new cities, the growth in Taipei has been organic, steady, and dull.