John Cleese on Creativity

In your speech this morning, you suggested that there’s a direct link between creativity and curiosity. If creative people are more fascinated by life in general than less creative people—if they simply take a greater interest in things—is that sense of curiosity innate to a person’s personality or can it be developed?
CLEESE: I think it’s true that there are just some people who are curious and some people who are not so curious. But it isn’t all innate.
I knew a wonderful teacher once—a tutor. He tutored my stepsons and my elder daughter. He said to me, “Always start where the energy is.”
People make an awful mistake by starting where the energy isn’t. If you’re feeling very world-weary—and sometimes we’re all in that boat—you have to sit down with something that’s going to engage you. That doesn’t mean you just switch on the TV and watch a cartoon, but it does mean asking, What would be fun? Maybe take a piece of paper and a pencil and start drawing silly things. Go for a walk. Just sit very quietly watching your breathing. Anything. Just allow the whim to get you going.
Now, you can’t do this all of the time; it’s too disconnected. But I think in that particular frame of mind, when you run out of energy and motivation, I think you have to go right down to the instinct, right down to a whim.

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Milk Glass LED Night Light Lamp

They are putting LED’s in everything these days but most don’t look this good nor have such an intuitive interface.

Milk Glass LED lamp, designed to look like a glass filled with milk, lights up when placed upright and turns off when tilted or placed upside down. Nice as a nightlight in a kid’s room…

Link. Via IDAsia.

8 Tips For Managing Long-Haul Travel with Young Children

I am starting to (early) to think of how to ‘manage’ traveling with my kids when we go home alone next summer. No mom on this trip to help keep them entertained. All in all it could be over 18 hours in a plane plus car travel, extended airport transfers, and stressful security and immigration checks. It may take the whole trip to recover.

Start the flight by thinking “only nine hours to go” (or whatever the duration) and count down from there. Focus on the fact that even if your child is not doing well it will be over soon. If this is your first flight, don’t expect it to be anything like what flying used to be like before children. You will probably walk up and down the aisles many times; read the same book over and over; change multiple nappies in a tiny bathroom; and get food or drink spilled (or vomited) on you at least once.

The friendly way to get a job

Realising that the way employers liked to hire people was through recommendation, they came up with a pretty innovative way to take what was essentially a real world social phenomenon and take it online. was created as a social network, with a heavy emphasis on mobile access (but a strong online element as well) where users are encouraged, much like Facebook, to build out their network of friends and acquaintances. Using this as a backbone, the team then created Babajob, where people could use their social connections on to introduce employers to employees.

Nokia Conversations

Netbook sleeves from Wrappers

Netbooks need love too. Wrappers has new luxury ultrasuede, polyurethane and Alcantara sleeves for netbooks from £28.00. I haven’t seen many cases of this class for these type of devices so these are worth considering as a means of protecting your netbook investment. Of course they look amazing too.
Wrappers also has new no logo products for aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro from £15.00 and a limited number of black ultrasuede iPhone sleeves lined with Paul Smith of London multistripe for £19.00. Great stuff.
All of Wrappers sleeves are made ‘ethically’ in Oxford, England and because they aren’t mass produced you can ask for some customizations like embroidery, tag, or logo. More background here.

Forward sms to email

txtForward is software for Blackberry and Windows Mobiles that automatically forwards incoming text messages to an email address. This could be useful in a number of different ways:

Some people want to backup all their text messages, so they have them safely stored away for future use. You can use txtForward to have emails sent to a gmail account, for example, where your messages will be archived forever.
Other people are more focussed on email as they work through the day. Maybe they even leave their phone in their bag while they work at their desks. txtForward makes sure they don’t miss an incoming SMS message, as they can have sent to their email inbox – so it shows up on their desktop PC, in Outlook for example. …

txtForward: Automatically Forward SMS text messages from BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to email

What makes something beautiful?


Is it exquisite colors? Elegant form or striking style? Or can something be beautiful simply for the ideas it contains?
The answer to that last question is a resounding “yes,” according Dan Lewis, Dibner senior curator of the History of Science and Technology at the Huntington Library in San Marino, Calif. He’s the man responsible for a new exhibition at the library called “Beautiful Science: Ideas That Changed the World.”
“We’re trying to illustrate what is sometimes a slippery notion, and one that is often unexpected,” says Lewis, “to think of science and beauty, hand in hand.”

Listen to a great story by Joe Palca: Paging Through History’s Beautiful Science.

Nokia’s Email Accounts via Mobile

Niki Bhan writes about Nokia’s new 1202 mobile and the worthy effort on Nokia’s part to introduce emerging markets to email and the web. Niki also talks at length about the concept of “presence” versus “identity”. Interesting.

… the new devices will allow users to set up an e-mail account on Nokia’s Ovi Web portal without ever going near a PC. That’s an important distinction for the millions of mobile-phone users who live in regions without reliable electricity, much less computers and Internet connections. “It gives those millions of users their first identity on the Internet,” says Alex Lambeek, Nokia vice-president in charge of handsets aimed at low-income users.

I haven’t checked out Nokia’s efforts with OVI yet but I think I will later this week.
From Perspective 2.0: The biggest picture perspective I’ve seen, as of yet btw

Pilen concept bike


Pilen concept is a race bike inspired by early Le Mans style, the concept is supposed to create a sentimental bond with the user and also give them the same feeling as if they were driving a sports car. This concept is developed for the Swedish bike brand Pilen cykel in Målilla.

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Enamel Mugs

When browsing the Three Potato Four catalogue (I love so much of what they carry) I found these classic enamel mugs. I swear they are the same as what we had on the farm when I was a kid.
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Letterpress Wood Type

More great type gifts.

Whether used as a sophisticated modern accent on your bookshelf or mantle, part of an elegant vignette on your shelf or desktop or even mounted on your wall, these vintage original large wood letterpress blocks seem to complement any interior environment (and of course make a great gift!). Each letter block measures approximately 6.75″h (widths vary dependent upon letter type) and is in used vintage condition with beautiful patina.

@ Three Potato Four. Via bblinks.

Bosses ‘should embrace Facebook’

A study that argues for open-minded views toward the use of social media in the workplace. Unfortunately finding a company with an open mind is difficult, one of the reasons so many chose to work for themselves.

In today’s difficult business environment, the instinctive reaction can be to batten down the hatches and return to the traditional command-and-control techniques that enable managers to closely monitor and measure productivity.
Allowing workers to have more freedom and flexibility might seem counter-intuitive, but it appears to create businesses more capable of maintaining stability.

I’m not big on facebook in particular but I have been using social media for years to help find answers and solve problems.