The Face To Face Reference Check

The phone is all about expediency. Both people on the call have a job to do and each of them is looking to get through the call and move on to something else.
A cup of coffee is an opportunity to meet someone, talk about a few other things, make a friend or a business acquaintance. Done right, the face to face reference check is a lot more than a reference check. It’s a way to grow your network and your business. And it’s also the best way to find out exactly what you need to know about a person you want to hire, invest in, or otherwise go into business with.

The Face To Face Reference Check. Via Swissmiss.

iBags iPhone app.

iBags is an app by Mobile App Studio that allows you to browse over 20,000 handbags from You can browse through thousands of random handbags and purses, search for your favorite brands, or browse by a specific shape. When you see a bag you like, click on “retailer” and it will take you to retailer’s Website where you can find out details, pricing and make a purchase.
Now if there was an app. for laptop bags.
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Is the world finally ready for the mobile minitablet?

It’s become quite clear over the last several months that Apple is ready to bridge the mobile computing gap, with plans to develop a device that fits somewhere in between the iPhone and the MacBook. A recent Wall Street Journal article proclaimed that during his medical leave, CEO Steve Jobs has been working on that midsized mobile device, bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a MacBook.
And just this week, BusinessWeek reported that Apple is developing a “media pad” that would let users watch videos on a larger screen than an iPod Touch or Amazon Kindle, but on a device that’s more portable than notebooks and lacks a keyboard.

Apple plots course for middle of mobile

Shuky Leather Unibody MacBook Sleeve

Australian company Shuka has taken the manilla envelope concept, introduced with the MacBook Air, to a new level with it’s leather sleeve for the 15″ Unibody MacBook. Looks beautifully crafted and I love the contrast between the red latch and the leather body.

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Idea Collection Strategies

Ideas are the lifeblood of improvement in any area of our life. But we can’t always implement the ideas we get the minute we get them – and sometimes these strokes of genius get misplaced or lost in our minds.
Here are seven strategies to collect your ideas for use when you need them most.
Write them down! I carry note cards so I can jot down an idea anytime. I write ideas on a flip chart or a whiteboard. I know that ideas are fleeting, so I get them down.
Take action. The collection becomes valuable to the degree that you try some of your ideas out. Set a timeline, make a plan, and try something out! It is with this final step that your ideas truly become valuable to you.

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Online boundaries between work and play

Every social networking Web site works differently. On LinkedIn, where all information is business-related, users can choose which information to include in their public profiles. On Twitter, most posts, or “tweets,” are public.
“Most Facebook users don’t even know these features are options,” says Mr. O’Neill, who also owns a digital media company in Washington. “I can’t tell you how many people sign up and don’t ever think about privacy again.”

I don’t think the problem is just defining boundaries between connecting at work and online but more about shaping peoples perceptions of what it means to interact online. For many, websites in general, and social networking sites in particular, represent a sense of discovery and play. They don’t make the conceptual leap between real world rules for interaction with office mates and the type of interaction they desire online. Unlike in the office where you see those you are talking to, all those office mates you added as friends and gave permission to view your profile become forgotten months later when you post something meant only for your closest friends.
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Incase Skate Messenger Bag

An incredibly well thought out and constructed bag from Incase featuring a large interior storage area, outer waterproof stash pocket with earphone cord access, waterproof lining, anodized aluminum hardware, padded notebook storage compartment with plush faux-fur lining, and an across-the-body strap design. Whew, so many features. One caveat about all bags of this type is the large amount of surface area that is in contact with your body — in the heat of these parts it makes for a sticky sweaty mess.

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Tom Bihn’s Side Effect

Tom Bihn recently released their iteration on the venerable waist pack. It looks like a great bag to have on hand when you want to get out and do some field scouting. From Tom Bihn, “The Side Effect can be used three different ways: as a shoulder bag (included is a shoulder strap that fits neatly inside of the bag when not in use), a waist pack (the waist strap tucks away when not in use), or as an organizer bag for toiletries, computer cables, or other small items”.

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Buy your ticket now or later?

Will airlines go through another round of price cutting as summer nears, providing great deals for those who held off buying their tickets? Or are the relatively low summer fares being offered right now the best that travelers are going to see — especially as the stronger dollar has made Europe a more attractive option for many travelers, thus increasing the potential for fuller planes?

Prices seem to have risen on the routes I have checked recently.
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Sherpani Rolling Laptop Bag

Not everyone has shoulders made of steel, nor lightweight netbooks, so well designed bags like Sherpani’s Rolling Flite bag help ease the pain of those long hikes around expansive airport terminals. Very iconic design. I’m not a big fan of the green but I tend to be fairly conservative when it comes to such things. I do like the handles, wheels, and that they have made the effort to use recycled materials.
More information available at CareerBags

Meta: Design inspiration

A list of lists. How meta!
16 Best Web Design Galleries for Inspiration
In this article you’ll find 16 of the best and most popular web design galleries ranked in order by the number of votes they garnered on a poll that was published earlier this month. On instances where there was a tie, the site with the higher Alexa rank received a higher ranking.
400+ Creative Business Card Designs
So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 400 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page.
Use of White in Web Design: Tips and Trends
Not the best written article but a nice filter of sites that utilize empty space to their advantage.
50 great examples of infographics
Beautiful work from print and screen.

Games are not the most popular iPhone app.

The iPhone may make for a compelling gaming platform but when it comes to the type of applications iPhone owners use most weather apps trump all others.

According to an upcoming report on smartphone usage by online market research firm Compete, 39% of iPhone users cited weather-related apps as one of the three kinds of applications they use most frequently. (The Weather Channel app specifically was cited by 13%.)
A quarter of iPhone users said Facebook’s was one of three apps they accessed most often, followed by game apps, at 20%. More than 10% pointed to music-related apps. After that, the more than 100 individual apps or types of apps cited by users fell to single-digit percentages, with most less than 2%.

MediaPost Publications What iPhone Apps Are Used Most? Hint: Not Games 04/13/2009