Berlin Street Art

This image is from Saddo’s portfolio of street art on the Behance Network. Check out this related Flickr pool as well.
Gridskipper has a great piece on Berlin Street Art, the introduction of which I have quoted below. Visit their site for an actual map of viewing locations – which includes gallery locations.

Berlin is a beloved destination for avant-garde aficionados — especially admirers of graffiti, that illegal aesthetic practice that garnered its own task force in New York back in the 1990s under Rudolph Giuliani’s “broken window” theory of government. Thankfully, Berlin has yet to demonize its urban artists, and all forms of street art remain an integral staple of Berliner Kultur, as evidenced by both the continuing prevalence of graffiti on the city’s landscape as well as the recent publication of Benjamin Wolbergs’ impressive city guide/anthology, Urban Illustration Berlin.

I don’t have much experience on the European continent but when I make it to the part of the world again checking out Berlin’s burgeoning street scene will be on the top of my list (Top 5 Must Do’s in Berlin).
If you are going to stay awhile and need to work you might want to check out these co-working spaces in Berlin: Studio 70’s coworking space, BCN-Berlin: Kreuzberg, Betahaus, Hub Berlin

Black Diamond Bullet Pack

Another recent purchase for both day hiking around our house (we live in the hills) and a possible choice for upcoming day trips to Hong Kong. We haven’t received this one yet so I can’t personally attest to the quality but I have heard only great reviews for this small backpack from Black Diamond. The Black Diamond Bullet pack has a streamlined and simple design that I am often attracted to. It features an internal pocket for hydration reservoir, a zippered front pocket with key fob and an adjustable sternum strap and webbing waist belt. Further proof that good bags don’t always need to cost a bundle.
Black Diamond Bullet Pack

Cell Phone Disco

Cell Phone Disco is an art installation which visualizes the electromagnetic field of a mobile phone. Installation participants are able to see the ‘invisible body’ of their mobile.
It incorporates several thousand flashing cells which individually consist of one or more LEDs, battery and a sensor. When the sensor detects EM waves it sets off the LEDs to flash for a couple of seconds. It’s a wonderful result of using off-the-shelf technology to illustrate the invisible.
There are two variations to Cell Phone Disco. One, entitled Mobile AUra, allows a participant to walk around the installation and watch the ‘invisible body” follow. The other, Mobile Drawing, uses less sensitive cells to create a canvas for an inkless marker. Moving the phone close to the cells leaves a trace of light, an electromagnetic drawing.
Cell Phone Disco. Via textually.

12 Back-to-School Laptop Bags

If mobility to you means heading to campus then now might be a good time to get started thinking about new gear for the coming semester. Ellen Hart of Laptop Bag Lifeline talked to a few students about what they carry in their bags and what they look for in a laptop bag. A couple highlights:

What does a typical college student carry these days?
I’m not sure if I count as typical, but the necessary things to have in my bag are my wallet, blackberry, keys, iPod, flash drives, laptop, assorted utensils (pens, pencil, white-out, mini stapler etc…the mini stapler is definitely a necessity), a few folders and project packages, a book or some sort of reading material for the commute, a water bottle and some munchies. A few other odds and ends.
How do you get to school (walk, drive, bike, transit) and how does that affect your choice of bag?
I’ve been busing, usually over an hour each way, for my entire 7 years of post-secondary education. I have my bus commute down to an art form. I’d say it has a pretty major impact on my choice of bag: the bag needs to be big enough to hold everything, but with no extra bulk (to avoid smacking other passengers in the head). It needs to be easy and quick to swing on to my lap for that smooth seat obtaining action. It needs to have enough structure to keep everything safe inside, but not too rigid so that it’s uncomfortable to hug on my lap for an hour. It needs to have some level of weather protection. Also, I need to easily be able to quickly access my bus pass and my phone. It’s a tall order.

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REI Flash 18 Backpack

We recently ordered the REI Flash 18 pack and we couldn’t be happier. Quality construction, versatility, and its simple design are what attracted us to this very inexpensive bag.
We plan on using this as a simple stuff sack for traveling and a lightweight backpack for walks near our house. Turning the bag inside out and back again is all that is required. It’s small size means it can be shared with our daughter, as she prepares for weekly hiking trips in the fall. Some of the other features include a hydration-compatible design, lightweight shoulder straps supply comfortable load carrying, twin daisy on the front of the pack, and internal organizer slots. Its made with 140-denier ripstop nylon. Not all great bags need to be expensive.
REI Flash 18 Pack at

Baggu Produce Bag

This is a great dual purpose addition to your travel kit. Since I tend to frequent the same cities over and over again I try to forgo restaurants for the fresh produce section of the local grocery store. I keep my bar fridge stocked with fresh fruits, yogurts and fruit juice; basically I try to eat the healthy foods I would eat at home while still sampling local cuisine. This produce bag is a perfect way to hit the produce aisle while serving as a dirty laundry bag on the trip home. The small size (9″ by 12″) holds a bunch of green beans, 4 oranges or 6 lemons. Big size (12″ by 16″) is just right for a head of lettuce, a dozen apples, a bunch of bananas or some kale. 100% nylon mesh. Machine washable.

Glo Luggage Tags

Design Go’s luggage tags help you quickly identify your luggage as they come down the carousel. Replete with space for your ID. I’ve seen the Design Go display at many airports but Wejetset also carries them if you are looking to purchase prior to departure.
Design Go – Glo Bag Tags

Hacking your workspace

The Economist: Thinking Space
The Economist has launched an online campaign for Europe which showcases the spaces where their readers go to think. Where do you get your ideas?
Planning a Home Office in a Small Space
Not all teleworkers are lucky enough to have a large house. This means that designated office space will be limited. In fact, many teleworkers I know work from a partitioned corner of their kitchen or living room. If you’re in a similar situation, planning your home office can be a challenge. What can you do to have an efficient workspace in a small area?
10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy
A messy desk is a sign of creativity and imagination. This is the excuse I gave myself for the mountain of papers, knickknacks, and San Pellegrino bottles normally piled on my desk at work. Truth is, I’m just lazy. When I started wasting more and more time looking for lost items instead of being a brilliant creative person, I knew I had to do something. I got my desk organized, and have been miraculously keeping it clean for the past three months.
Organize Your Workspace for Maximum Productivity
As you pilot your way through the business day, your workspace is your cockpit. If you can’t see the gauges or reach the controls quickly and efficiently, you’re in trouble. Luckily some simple organizing techniques can make your desk, cubicle, or office more conducive to higher levels of productivity.

Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’

This music video was shot for Sour’s ‘Hibi no Neiro’ (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam.

Fun! Via.

Jonas Damon 2B Ltd. Edition Vacuum Tube Radio

Though a subject of some debate many people still prefer the sound that is produced by the distortion characteristics of tube-based amplifiers. Tube amplifiers, and in this case the amplifier in a radio, are often characterized as sounding warmer or fatter. I tend to agree but I think for most people it’s simply fun to own a piece of nostalgia. The Jonas Damon 2B marries the old with new through attractive design and the ability to hook up your more modern iPod through an input jack in the back. You can even watch the tubes at work (and warm your hands at the same time).
Jonas Damon 2B Ltd. Edition Vacuum Tube Radio

Help Remedies – friendlier medicine

Help remedies has created a line of products that hope to strip away the complexity and make medicine friendlier and more accessible. Their design ethos and ideas appeal to me. Even their website and copywriting is a refreshing departure from the norm. On their bandages:

In fact “skin tone” is not skin tone for most people. It is just some odd combination of pink and brown that doesn’t really have any relationship to the color of skin. Rather than take an arbitrary guess at what skin tone your skin tone might be, we’ve decided to leave our bandages white. “Help I’ve cut myself” is 6 large bandages and 6 small bandages. The soft white foam won’t blend in with your skin, but it will sit comfortably atop it.

Help Remedies

On8 Sukhumvit Hotel

I’m always on the look out for fresh, well designed hotels as I travel through out Asia. While luxury stays at 5 star properties are a sometimes welcome experience, my tastes tend towards the inexpensive and eclectic; places that can cater to a modern wanderers needs (wifi and good refreshments are a necessity for a short work stay). Self-described as a chic hotel offering hip and yet avant-garde designs for modern day travelers, the On8 Sukhumvit opened recently and first impressions are that it represents a welcome addition to my list of short stays in Bangkok. It’s a small cosy hotel with only 40 rooms all of which are nicely detailed and outfitted with faux leather accents, timber designed ceramic flooring and the latest in-room technology including wireless Internet access and 32” LCD TV. The whole property is non-smoking.

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DAMU Project Exhibition

An exhibition of work from a collaboration between a product designer, a researcher and an entrepreneur to develop local agricultural materials into value-added commercial products under the Development of Agricultural Material Utilization (“DAMU”) project. Examples of their collaboration include a skateboard ramp from Wood Elastomer Composite and wall tile from Molded Bio-composites.
This is held under the vestiges of the Thailand Creative and Design Center and serves as an example of the Thai Government’s concept of a Creative Economy.
If you are visiting Thailand, have an interest in seeing creative uses of agriculture waste then please pay a visit. Any opportunity to view Thai product design is worth the effort.
4 July – 16 August 2009 | 10:30-21:00
TCDC, 6th Fl., The Emporium
Tel. 02 664 8448
TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center)

How to avoid confusion on your travels in Europe

From website Fasten Seat Belts To The World which tries to help travellers break cultural and linguistic barriers, raise their curiosity towards new languages, and help you kill time intelligently.
Today, travelling has become necessary and accessible to more and more people. This increased mobility exposes millions of travellers every day to new cultures, customs and languages. Without education, dialogue can be difficult and misunderstandings can arise. You can get yourself in all sorts of trouble in other countries by not having an understanding of their cultural language. Much of our behaviour can mean other things in other countries, some of it amusing, some of it extremely offensive.
Fasten Seat Belts To The World. Via Swissmiss.