X-TRA BAG Costes + Sequoia

Costes teamed with Sequoia for the creation of its line of luggage: the X-TRA BAG. The design is sleek with inspiration taken taken from both Hotel Costes, the brown color, and classic travel luggage. The collection consists of 3 sizes of bags mounted on wheels, with removable internal storage and travel kits. The X-TRA BAG will be available in the fall via Hotel Costes and in Sequoia shops all around the world. Via viacomit.

Leather Porteur Bike

Superb concept for the Porteur bike at Ateliers d’Embellie. His influences include street life, fashion icons and vintage style. His work mixes the past with the modern. Great results (check out his bag work too).

This is a “Porteur bike”, which mix my passions : leather craft, urban style, fashion and luxury… Entirely handmade with rare, vintage and NOS parts, this bike is unique.
In the streets, this bike mixes the agility & the reactivity of the track frame, to the comfort from the big tires or the large front rack. Powerful as much as elegant with the chrome, the copper touches and the color scheme, which is a classic vintage grey with brown leather hand made detailing.

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Last Day Dream

Though touching, this short film by director Chris Milk, left me wanting more. Last Day Dream was produced for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival in Beijing, China.

Malcolm Fontier Messenger bags


It’s a big world out there, and you can’t see it sitting still. Our line of carryalls is meant to compliment those that live by the same belief. -Malcom Fontier

I received a Malcolm Fontier bag a couple weeks back and it’s a beautiful piece of work. All their products are 100% vegetarian and from what I can see, the materials and construction are top notch. I haven’t had the opportunity to give it some real use, it’s been so hot I’ve avoided trekking to anywhere that requires me to carry my gear, but I have some activities planned this week that will fit put this great bag to use. I know it’s going to impress.

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Marimekko Arkkitehti Messenger Bag

The Marimekko Arkkitehti is a traditional messenger bag big enough to easily carry sketchbooks, folders, books, and a small laptop. It’s classic styling is reinforced with quality construction and wear-resistant, high-quality 100% cotton canvas materials. The bag has two outside pockets – a zippered pocket on the flap and an open pocket on the back. Inside you find five small pockets ideal for sharpies, gadgets, and the like. The inside of the bag also features two large areas for your other stuff – like the pictured MacBook.
The design of the Marimekko Arkkitehti features a casual elegance and fine attention to detail. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so striking. It’s certainly worth scouting for.
Marimekko is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company based in Helsinki. Established in 1951, the company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad. Purchasing can be made online or if you are fortunate enough at one of their concepts stores in New York, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Oxford, Mississippi; Miami Beach, Florida; or Vancouver, British Columbia.

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How to pack for travel

Some bag-packing travel advice for men from The Art of Manliness. The article includes folding tips for avoiding wrinkles and comes replete with a helpful printable version. A couple tips from the article which I have similarly done for some time:

Finally, pack an empty garbage bag in your suitcase. That way you can keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones while on your trip.
If you plan on bringing a ton of stuff home, pack a collapsible bag inside of your bigger bag, and you can fill it with your booty.

If you are having trouble deciding what to bring or need help getting organized, I created a simple travel todo and packing list to help get you started. Print it off before your next trip.
How to Pack a Bag for Travel. Via Hivelogic.

Chinese calligraphy on a pawn ticket

Beautiful Chinese calligraphy, even on a pawn ticket for a pocket watch. In the 1950s most small Hong Kong shopkeepers still used an abacus for calculations, and a brush rather than a pen for their accounts and receipts.

Crumpler Freestanding Edwardian

Big enough to carry a small child, the Freestanding Edwardian is Crumpler’s largest bag for the wheelie lovers of the world. This versitile bag features a water resistant 900D polyester outer shell, ultra glide wheels, plenty of internal and external pockets, a utility backpack and laundry bag, side-loading laptop pocket, and three different color combinations. It’s the Swiss army knife of large luggage. Like all Crumpler products the Freestanding Edwardian is well made and attractive.

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Notes & Links: iPhone, Uganda, fake Chinese phones, & social media

Twitter is becoming my new discovery tool. Here’s a list of some of the interesting reading I have found via Twitter (@PopWuping).

Gravis Jetway Carry On

If non-black wheelie luggage is your thing than the Jetway from Gravis has you covered. The Gravis Jetway bag features durable Nylon with PU2 backing, a book-like opening for easy packing and unpacking, skateboard wheels, a telescoping handle with a comfort grip, 2 top handles for easy loading and unloading, and an easy access exterior pocket. It also comes it comes with a toiletry bag and a separate large laundry bag. This is a nice departure from the bland without being too loud and garish.
Gravis Jetway Carry On Luggage

Trans-Canada Airlines

The romance of air-travel has been lost since this decal was designed.
TCA was created by the Crown corporation Canadian National Railways (CNR), and launched its first flight on September 1, 1937 on a flight between Vancouver and Seattle.
In 1964, an act of Parliament proposed by Jean Chrétien changed the name of Trans-Canada Air Lines to “Air Canada”, which was already in use as the airline’s French-language name, effective January 1, 1965. By the late 1970s, Air Canada was divested by parent CN, and the airline became a separate Crown corporation and was privatized in 1989 [Source wikipedia]. Image source unknown.

Art of the Luggage Label

A fascinating collection of travel ephemera by Tom Schifanella.

Luggage labels are fascinating bits of hotel history from the golden age of travel, roughly the 1900’s to 1960’s. During this time these labels were used by hotels as advertising and eagerly applied to steamer trunks, suitcases and all sorts of luggage by hotel staff, mainly bellhops.
Today, these same labels are highly desirable and sought after by collectors all over the world. Many of the designs were produced by some of the best poster designers from the golden age of travel like Roger Broders, Jan Lavies and Mario Borgoni. Enjoy viewing the labels and also the information and descriptions about them.

Art of the Luggage Label

Taiwanese Funeral Band

Last week this was one morning’s early entertainment. Prior to hearing my alarm which was set for 6am I was awoken to the sweet serenade of 3 marching bands and assorted other local drums and noise makers. When I die I want a marching band and parade to announce my passing. A New Orleans style would be more to my liking though. Taiwanese death rites regularly feature processions of elaborate floats displaying folklore figures in vividly colorful costumes, bands of drummers and trumpet players and even strippers and scantily clad singing women. But why before 6 am?
Photos and text from 2005 when I was living in the city. It happens in the countryside where I Iive now but I’m somewhat sheltered from the noise by the trees.

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Bill Tikos – Mobile and commitment free

Even though my blog informs the latest trends around the world, “hot” doesn’t influence how I live personally. Essentially I’m a jeans, T-shirt and thongs [flip-flops] kind of guy and I own very little. What I have fits easily into a 32kg suitcase, a smaller case for the plane and a carry bag. I also have a basic bicycle that I take with me, so I can easily get around without having a car.
My mobile lifestyle is only possible because I don’t have any commitments. I have no mortgage, no kids, no pets, no relationship and no special objects that tie me to any one place.

Mobile and commitment free. Thanks Michael.

Marco Zamora at DWP


… created by Marco Zamora who’s a fellow Los Angeles resident, and a rather nice guy to boot. I posted about one of his prints a little while back and was fortunate to meet him at an art show as well. His use of black and white is really nice and his line work is very interesting as well.

Download art at The Desktop Wallpaper Project. Thre is no perma-link to this particular piece so you have to scroll down to find it (here’s a link to the 1280*1024)