Birkenstock Birkies

Fuseproject re-envisions a line of wet-and-dry clogs from Birkenstock.
Fuseproject touts these as a new line of innovative products to promote ‘outdoor engagement as well as work environments’. With their similarity to the tired crocs brand, they may have a hard time positioning these as new and innovative vs. yet another ‘me too’ product. More accurately they are a welcome update to Birkenstock’s existing wet-dry clogs that have been popular with the food and restaurant industry for years. If Birkies are as durable as the originals, then these look like a great alternative for casual rain footwear.
Birkenstock Birkies.


Beautiful artwork, animation, and sound design. Love the concept.

Just like modular synthesizers, people connect with each other in order to achieve diverse objectives. In Voltage, robots, half-human and half-synthesizer, powered by a huge amount of energy, connect to each other in an electric and chaotic trance.

Singapore Sun Festival

sing sun
After two years of showcasing over 500 international and regional artists and over 180 events, the Singapore Sun Festival returns for its third year on October 3rd to 12th 2009 to celebrate the Art of Living Well. Featuring over 190 international artists and celebrities in more than 90 events, the Festival, is held at some of Singapore’s leading venues.
Highlights include:
The gala performance at the Esplanade Concert Hall features a world premiere ballet performance starring principal dancers of the renowned Bolshoi Theatre and Mariinsky Theatre. They will be sharing the stage for the first time under the artistic direction of Maxim Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko from the American Ballet Theatre.
Music highlights include concerts by the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. The Orchestra will perform with soloists Sir James Galway; 14 year-old prodigy, Conrad Tao and Russian Cellist, Nina Kotova; and Angela Gheorghiu with tenor Marius Manea. Also in concert are Elvis Costello and Al Jarreau.
With a full program of unique events celebrating music, visual arts, literature, film, cuisine and wellness it looks like a great time to visit Singapore.
Singapore Sun Festival, October 3rd – 12th.

FilzFelt Key Fob & Felt

felt fob
Fizfelt’s key fob features rounded corners and a nickel grommet and key ring.
Filzfelt has a great write up on felt:

Wool felt is an ecological, sustainable, and renewable material and due to its high quality has an innate durability and timelessness. FilzFelt sells 100% wool felt imported from Germany and aims to promote high quality design and permanence in its materials and products. Go sheep!
Even though the methods to produce wool felt have been refined over the centuries, the manufacturing principle and the basic raw material have remained unchanged. Sheep’s wool is cleaned, carded, and the fibers aligned into batts. It is then compacted and joined by moisture, heat, and agitation until a homogeneous fabric is formed – wool felt. The material is naturally moisture resistant, self-extinguishing, available in lightfast and saliva-resistant colors, and provides thermal and acoustic insulation.

If you have ambitions to create your own felt products filzfelt has you covered.
Key fob available at Fizfelt or Supermarket. Via swissmiss.

Felt in contemporary design and architecture

Architonic, an independent database for products and materials, presents Feeling Felt, an up-to-date and comprehensive review of new products that incorporate felt.

Felt is a material which is experiencing a renaissance. Not just in fashion but nowadays also in product design and architecture, more and more creative spirits are exploiting the potential of this material. In the area of tension between archaic material and norm product, between handicrafts and industrial production, its textile character requires very special handling.

Pictured above is the Capsule Light – “Made from two capsule-like felt shells -one in color to direct light and the other in white to diffuse it- our Capsule pendant lamp emits a soft and relaxing glow. Install it as a single unit for intimate lighting or group them in dynamic arrangements to liven up a room.”

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Hard Graft Sporting Phone Case

hard graft sporting case
Handmade with sustainable materials Hard graft’s handsome Sporting Phone Case is a perfect combination of old-world craftsmanship, style, and function. It looks almost too good to sully with a cheap plastic mass produced product. Made with premium new wool felt and hand selected Italian leather for a range of phones/devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, Palm Pre, Blackberry and Google G1.
I’ve previously featured their 2UNFOLD multi-use laptop bag and their iPhone Pouch and Laptop Wallet, when they were called Working Class Heroes.
Thanks Chris!

The Place Where We Were Born

When does experience end? When does reflection begin? Until a people can reflect on where they’ve come from, they will spend all of time searching for where they are.
This is the Hmong refugee experience, reflected and refracted in the scope of a lyric documentary by Kao Kalia Yang, writer, and John O’Brien, filmmaker. Funded by the MN State Arts Board and sponsored by the Center for Hmong Studies, this work is dedicated to the Hmong people who lived in the camp. Ban Vinai Refugee Camp, like camps the world over, was never meant to last. But in the memories of those who lived there, those who loved there, those who belonged there: the camps will always be.

Nokia Link Love

While the iPhone, Palm Pre and Android based handsets may garner most of our attention, Nokia with revenue last year of $70 billion from the sale of 472 million phones (via @NokiaDNA) is still the dominant handset maker. With that in mind, here is a little link love for Nokia.
Nokia E72 Review – Should you Buy it?
the Nokia E72 will probably be launched late August or sometime before the second week of September.
What’s the most important feature in a mobile gaming device?
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition with lifetime guidance (Youtube)
Nokia N86 8MP Review
LocaNote Lite – Note taking for S60 touch
LocaNote Lite is a simple note taking application for your S60 touch devices. The whole design has been centered around making it absolutely easy for the user to start taking notes with a single tap.
First look at Nokia N900
This article is nothing but our first impressions of the device and some musings about what’s going to happen. The N900 itself has reached the stage when most of its elements are operable, so we decided we could publish this lowdown. Just one more remark, had it not been for so many leaks regarding the N900 you wouldn’t have seen this write-up in the first place. But alas, Nokia have failed to keep their main 2009 announcement in secret, so here we go.

Brionvega ts522


Once upon a time there was a grey and square world, all in black and white, and then the revolution of forms, the invention of colour arrived. Brionvega.
It is an important heritage that requires on the one hand respect for the past, and on the other a vision propelled towards the future, as required by a world which is more and more technological.
Since the sixties, Brionvega is synonymous with stylistic innovation, technology, and aesthetic sense.

Brionvega recently reissued Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper’s ts502 radio as the ts522 with up-to-date technology and a return to its original interface panel. This is a simple, beautiful piece of design. I don’t listen to local radio anymore but with a device a beautiful as this it wouldn’t matter.
Brionvega ts522

Tekkonkinkreet art

Tekkonkinkreet is a 2006 feature-length Japanese anime film, directed by Michael Arias and animated by Studio 4°C, adapted from the three-volume seinen manga series of the same name by Taiyō Matsumoto.
The story takes place in the fictional Treasure Town and centers on a pair of orphaned street kids: the tough, canny Black and the childish, innocent White, together known as the Cats, as they deal with yakuza attempting to take over the city of Treasure Town.

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Byrd & Belle 13 inch Laptop Sleeve

A simple and clean sleeve with a modern looking twist on more traditional materials. Byrd & Belle represents the kind of work I appreciate – unique form, focused function, and great materials. This sleeve for the 13″ unibody Macbook Pro features a snug fit, a closure with a heavy duty graphite snap, and a body made from thick grey felted wool. Though not always practical, felted materials are by far my favourite for use in any bag.

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13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

There is still time to view the entrants for this years Thai Short Film and Video Festival. The Festival started on the 13th, and runs until August 23 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.
The Thai Short Film and Video Festival is an annual film festival held in Bangkok, Thailand, devoted to short film, student film, animation, experimental film and documentary films.
The festival’s main scope is competition of Thai short films, mainly by independent Thai filmmakers. There are additional special programmes, based on various themes. Films from overseas are also exhibited, in an international competition section, and in specially packaged programmes.
Established in 1997, the festival is organised by the Thai Film Foundation.
Check out Wise Kwai’s excellent Thai Film Journal for more information on this festival and on Thai cinema in general.
Thai Short Film & Video Festival

The Road Less Traveled postcards

From Matt Owens at Volumeone. $10US for a set of 9.
In 1997 Matt Owens through his Volumeone site started publishing his seminal seasons series. Published 4 times a year it featured different design experiments which influenced a generation of designers to follow. You can still see direct references to his work today in flash interstitials all over the web.
He and a handful of others were a motivating factor in my own self-publishing habits. A habit which has stayed with me since.

Sore Eyes

“For Sore Eyes” is another exploration of the ambivalence of the male gaze and gendered (dis)order. It is a suggestive reflection of life in the pyrotechnic in sanatorium of consumerism freedom. But what is really freedom?

Video/Sound by Anders Weberg

Jonathan Taylor Photography School

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Taylor’s work for a few years and appreciate how he takes you on a visual tour of another side of local culture which you would not normally experience as a tourist or expat in Thailand and region. I find his work raw and emotional.

Well known for his gritty, black-and-white images of cops, hit men, drug addicts and crime scenes, eyevine photographer Jonathan Taylor has traveled all over Asia to report on everything from Agent Orange victims in Vietnam to a special police unit in Bangkok that helps pregnant women, stuck in traffic, give birth.

Very powerful work.
He’s based in Bangkok and runs a photography school which would be an amazing break from work or a worthy addition to any Thailand travel itinerary.
His school offers courses, classes, tours and photography workshops in Bangkok, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. These range from a private one day session to a ten day tour around the region. A terrific way to hone your skills and open your eyes to parts of Asia you might have not known had existed.
His photos on Flickr
The Agent Orange series
The Jonathan Taylor Website and the photography school.