Laptop Bag Roundup

With so many laptop bags featuring interesting forms, flamboyance and color, it’s refreshing to see a collection of bags which are more traditional and understated in their design. The following ten laptop bags are for those who prefer more traditional styling, appreciate quality and want a bag that will last.

Chelsea Cargo Sling

Chelsea Cargo Sling
The nicest bag I will likely never own. The chelsea cargo sling is reminiscent of the custom leather bags that were so popular with many of my friends in the 80s. Reminiscent in terms of craftmanship and quality but certainly not in style and price. If you look at it as a long term investment the $770.00US price might gain a new perspective.

Handcrafted from genuine Italian leather. Metal zip closure, antiqued hardware and adjustable buckle strap. Interior features include zip compartment, multi-functional slip pockets, pen loop and key clip. Lined with our vibrant Japanese-motif cotton print. Protective cotton dustcover for storage.

You can purchase this beautiful bag direct from Begeren for $770.00US.

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Staying Connected

People treat their phones as disposable. How can we make people have a more emotional connection with their phone so that they value it more, and therefore make a brand more desirable and less throw-away or disposable.

Industry Project Nokia

Nanda Lapsac

Nanda Lapsac Tote Bag
These innovative bags from Nanda, the makers of clocky, feature a padded front pouch to carry your laptop; a delightful departure from the norm. The Nanda Lapsac comes in a number of different colours and patterns, ending the boring corporate look, and is big enough to carry all that you might need throughout the day. The lapsac is replete with 4 inner pockets, is made from cotton canvas and a waterproof nylon interior. I think it looks amazing.
Nanda Lapsac

Vers iPhone Case

vers case for iPhone and iPod
Vers has brought their high level of craftsmanship found in their wooden Vers 2x iPod sound systems to a line of handcrafted cases for the iPhone and iPod. Made from select sources of hardwoods and bamboo these beautiful cases feature steel pin reinforced corners, a scratch-resistant lining, UV and moisture-resistant clear coat, an opening on the iPhone case which allows you to view the time, and the much appreciated ability to ‘Quick-eject’ your device through a rear opening in the back.
Vers iPhone Case

Cipolla iPod sleeve

Cipolla’s iPod sleeve has all the essentials; simple design, nice attractive materials and enough protection for all but the most serious of spills. It features a three layer construction, back pocket for headphones or cards and foam cushioning. It’s not the recession case but this sleeve is exceptionally priced. Fits an iPod touch or classic.
Available at cipolla’s shop.

The Eugenia

With their seemingly endless supply of rooms in mile high towers I have, with the exception of a couple of properties, avoided most of the high end luxury hotels in Bangkok. I always prefer smaller intimate experiences with my tastes veering toward the newer boutique hotels that have emerged lately. The Eugenia, a restored 19th-century colonial house with only twelve suites, is just the kind luxury experience I would enjoy most. I haven’t stayed there yet but it’s on my short list for the very near future.

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Inspiration: Garance Doré


American photographer Scott Schuman and French illustrator Garance Doré are the best thing to happen to style since Grace Coddington. They’ve become so influential as bloggers that his photos and her illustrations have been commissioned by Celine, DKNY, Gap and Burberry, and their names have appeared on power lists in publications as diverse as Time magazine and Teen Vogue. Karl Lagerfeld met them in Paris to tell them how much he loved their work. But there’s no doubt that they’re each other’s biggest fans.
Doré’s blog is the polar opposite: personal girlie froth illustrated by photos of beautiful women and ultra-feminine line drawings. “There’s a new trend: LEGS,” enthused Doré from New York Fashion Week a fortnight ago. “How AWESOME is that?”
Between them they cover street-style photography – the Holy Grail of fashion, which shows how real people embrace trends. They offer detailed style analysis and, in Doré’s case, an insight into the in-crowd’s loves and hates. Both have been careful about promoting products, scrupulously maintaining reputations for disinterested integrity.

I am a fashion interloper but I do love Garance Doré’s street-style photography; absolutely inspiring, an education for the couture challenged and those looking for the latest trends.
Style bloggers the Sartorialist and Garance Doré on fashion and falling in love
Adore Doré
Garance Doré

Bergmönch backpack bike


Going uphill you can climb unrestricted, with hands and senses free, then swoosh back down to valley level either standing or kneeling according to the terrain!

The Bergmönch backpack bike combines a number of my passions in a single product; great design, bags and cycling all in one. The bike is designed to be light and compact for carrying up hills for long distances. When you reach the top you unfold the bike, get on, and using the downward momentum of the hill you are quickly propelled to the bottom. It would be a great way to hit the ski slopes in summer. The backpack itself has room for a helmut and food for when you reach the top. The bike has no pedals or seat making other uses impractical for most but it’s an interesting design nonetheless.

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Tatonka Alpine Junior

I recently purchased Tatonka’s Alpine Junior daypack for my daughter who has a hiking class once a week at her elementary school. It’s a beautifully made bag and is just the right size to allow her to carry all that she will need for a day of hiking in the hills near her school.
This daypack, designed for children aged 4-7, features a padded back with s-shaped, padded shoulder straps; attachment for hiking sticks; two side pockets with lids, just large enough for 600ml water bottles; a large main compartment divided in two; and reflective stripes. The reflective stripes on the bellow pocket pleats are integrated incredibly well; you don’t even notice they are there until you point light on them. My daughter thinks the included Tatonki toy is a nice addition.
It’s going to be perfect for our urban travels as well.
Available at OutdoorGB. Tatonka.

What is Design? [exhibition]

“What is Design?”, a permanent exhibition at the Thailand Creative & Design Center, runs until November 30th and features classic designs from United Kingdom, France, Italy, United States and Japan. The exhibition focuses on how design draws upon cultural assets to inspire and create something new and unique.
Admission is free.
Thailand Creative & Design Center,
6th Fl. ( Opposite SFX cinema),
The Emporium Shopping Complex,
10.30 – 21.00 (Closed Mondays).

50+ Tools for Web Based Collaboration

The following is a highlight of a competitive analysis I did earlier this year when I was involved in designing software that would allow remote research teams to work together. While software is still a long way from replacing all in-person collaboration it’s becoming easier for remote or mobile workers to stay productive and communicative with their team. Certainly the tools we have available today are a vast improvement over what I used when I first tried telecommuting 12 years ago!
There are many articles out there covering similar if not exactly the same ground. Hopefully you will find some gems in mine.

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