Dokodemo Bag in Bag

Dokodemo Bag in Bag
Dokodemo Bag-In-Bag is a small pouch that holds all the extras that you carry with your laptop or other small everyday items that seemingly get lost in your bag. Features 3 interior pockets and interior handles for a nice clean look. Made with an upholstery grade cotton/rayon blend and a cotton twill liner. Beautiful.

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Ipod Nano Wool Felt Case

Ipod Nano Wool Felt Case
It’s nice to see some case love given to one of my favorite devices the iPod Nano. This beauty is made from thick wool felt by Byrd & Belle; a variation on their iPone and iPod classic cases.
Felted material is 100% Merino wool felt and is 1/8″ thick and soft to the touch. The leather strap is hand-dyed.
Byrd & Belle will be one of the first bag makers I turn to when I start looking for an iPad case.
Ipod Nano Wool Felt Case

Social Vibration

social vibration hoodie
Dana Gordon’s mobile physical computing prototype:

A garment that bridges between our life in the real physical world and our web 2.0 increasing social activity. The hoodie can recognise other hoodies from same or related “social network”. In case a member of the same online community is present in the same physical space (around 10 meters), the hoodie activates a subtle vibration, announcing this presence to the wearer in a discreet manner.
The hoodies are wirelessly connected via radio, themselves hooked to small vibration motor inserted into the fabrics.

Dana Gordon is a graduate of the Interaction Design Institute Ivre, develops new tangible design projects and consults for artistic interactive installations. She is currently based in Cambridge.
Social Vibration. Via Rhizome.

Link Love: China and Taiwan

Small pieces, loosely joined.

From the archives:

Ristretto: Vertical Messenger for iPad

Ristretto Vertical Messenger for iPad
Accessory makers aren’t wasting anytime in annoucing products to carry and protect Apples forth coming iPad. Tom Bihn, long one of my favourite bag makers, wrote yesterday that their Cache sleeve was available for pre-order. The Cache is a sleeve made of thick foam and is designed to protect against common scratches and bumps.
The iPad will also fit in their handsome Ristretto, pictured above, on its own or encased in the Apple iPad Case. The Ristretto is a vertical messenger bag with an interior padded compartment that will protect your iPad on all sides. The Ristretto is designed to allow you to carry the essentials: iPad (Netbook or Kindle), wallet, keys, iPhone, compact camera, notebook, pens, business cards, and a small water bottle. These are excellent bags to use when exploring an urban locale. They are available now in a range of colors.
Ristretto: Vertical Messenger for iPad


wisdom book

Inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can pass to another is the wisdom it has gained from experience, the Wisdom project, produced with cooperation from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, seeks to create a record of a multicultural group of people who have all made their mark in the world.

Reintroduced to me by monoscope. The trailer is inspiring and worth your time.
The website (with trailer) and book.

iPad for Information Management

apple ipad

Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it. – wsj

Even if you tried you probably couldn’t escape the din of prophesying over what would comprise yesterdays launch of Apple’s iPad. Like with many well executed product launches there are strong feelings for and against what has been revealed. I’m more interested in what it can and could do than can’t or won’t.
Without actually trying one, here are a couple uses, beyond what could be the best vessel for a web browser and mail client I have ever seen, which I am most excited about seeing develop.
This device is going to be amazing as a device to use with families with kids.
Apple seems to be the only one creating interfaces for mobile devices that anyone can use and enjoy using. And no file systems to deal with — all files are contained within the apps themselves. I can’t wait for more rich reading experiences and art/paint apps.
It looks like an amazing device for reading, editing and curating content (information management).
I read, edit, and share content for hours every day and having a bit of freedom as to where I can perform this function will be liberating. Not to mention the fact that the iPhone OS UI brings with it all kinds of innovations — there is a physicality to manipulating data views on screen; an immediacy. The iPad will be a much more intimate experience. Yes it’s very much like an iPhone but with the increase in resolution of the display comes longer or richer usage.
Some people have pointed out that netbooks do more for less. I love netbooks for their portability (and price point) but no one buys a netbook for their usability. The software sucks and the hardware is slow.
I could see myself using the iPad for half of what I do everyday.
One of the most fascinating aspects of this product launch has been the chorus of negative commentary. David Pogue sums up this phenomenon well:

Now Phase 2 can begin: the bashing by the bloggers who’ve never even tried it: “No physical keyboard!” “No removable battery!” “Way too expensive!” “Doesn’t multitask!” “No memory-card slot!”
That will last until the iPad actually goes on sale in April. Then, if history is any guide, Phase 3 will begin: positive reviews, people lining up to buy the thing, and the mysterious disappearance of the basher-bloggers.

As does @Cabel:

Internet Commenters are great at pointing out the 2 or 3 things a device doesn’t do, but very bad at recognizing what it _does_ do.

My experience tells me that a device/product that attempts to appeal to everyone ends up being a failure to many and a success to few (hello Nokia Nseries).
I can’t wait to see what people design for this device and like the iPod before it, the changes it might bring forth culturally.
Worth reading elsewhere:
The iPad Big Picture
The Apple iPad: First Impressions
Apple’s iPad Will Revolutionize The Way We Travel
I don’t see myself using the iPad for travel, at least not in the same manner I use an iPhone, it’s too large and conspicuous to use on the street.

Incase Maple Leaf Slider

Incase Maple Leaf Slider
I want to wear my national pride on my iPhone, so I’m hoping to find someone from home to send me one of these Maple leaf themed version of InCases’ hard shell sliders. Like their other cases these feature interior rubber guardrails for shock absorption and direct access to all device controls. Available only at Canadian Apple stores.
Incase Maple Leaf Slider. Via Acquire.

iPhone app: Reeder

reeder for iPhone
I’m absolutely in love with the clean UI of this native google reader application for the iPhone. I dig the color scheme, the favicon’s for feeds, visual feedback but most importantly is the social network integration. You can quickly scan the headlines in your feeds and either mark to read later with instapaper, or instantly share on twitter. Very useful.
Reeder for iPhone


A simple clean handcrafted leather case in which to carry your laptop. Bythread’s Journalcase is available in 2 sizes to fit your 13 or 15 inch, 3 colors, and features a foamed inner layer for protection. Space is tight in this bag so while perfect for a trip to the café, dedicated road warriors might look elsewhere.
Their Shouldercase has received allot of attention lately but I prefer the look of this one except the green — never could I imagine recommending green leather.

Folding Bag

folding backpack
This folding backpack is a concept of independent design firm Leeuw & Vormgeving. Made from an aluminium polypropylene composite, it takes its’ inspiration from the armadillo, a mammal that has inspired other work recently.

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5 Passport Wallets

A small collection of some the finest leather passport wallets I have comes across recently.

Patti Passport Wallet

Patti Passport Wallet by Rowallan of Scotland
The Patti Passport Wallet by Rowallan of Scotland features 4 credit card slots, passport compartment and an exterior of grain-bonded leather. Handmade and designed in Glasgow, Rawallan products are imbued with a quiet sense of chic while helping to make our modern lifestyle a little bit easier.
Patti Passport Wallet

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Hanging Out in the Museum

Cai Guo Qiang
It’s not too late to view Cai Guo Qiang’s retrospective exhibition “Hanging Out in the Museum” currently showing at the Taipei Fine Arts museum.
Hanging out in the Museum brings an impressive 35 pieces of work drawn from internationally renowned museums and private collections, and includes the specially created new works Day and Night, Toroko Gorge and Strait. Large-scale installations, gunpowder drawings, as well as video documentation of his explosion projects are represented.
Cai Guo-Qiang is known for his gunpowder-based works and large-scale installations.
From the release:

As a contemporary artist, Cai Guo-Qiang not only dreams audaciously, he is effective doer in realizing his artistic vision. His explosive energy does not stem from gunpowder, but from an unrestrained flow of creative energy, an ability to create social dialogue, and a dogmatic romanticism. This exhibition highlights the artist’s background and development, his creative process, and his insistence on and methods of making art more accessible to the general public. To fully embrace the theme of “Hanging Out in the Museum” and to create opportunities where the public can interact with art, a series of activities and programs, such as the public viewing and volunteer training for the creation of several gunpowder drawings in the exhibition, and related education programs have been initiated. The exhibition also seeks to examine Cai Guo-Qiang’s creations and the zeitgeist in his art, through contemplating the practice of contemporary art, critiquing socio- and geopolitics, and reflecting on Eastern aesthetics and philosophy.

Showing until February 21st, 2010
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
181, ZhongShan N. Road, Sec. 3
Taipei 104, Taiwan