Confederate Motorcycles

Confederate Motorcycles
Confederate Motor Company set out to create machines utilizing a holistic, avant-garde process for celebrating the art of rebellion. The result are a wild series of bikes with an apocalyptic aesthetic that makes them look more like they belong on the set of terminator, mad max or tron than on the open road. The closest I ever get to a bike like this is a 150cc Vespa but you don’t have to a motorcycle aficionado to appreciate the quality of craftsmanship that have gone into these bikes. One of a kind.

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Link Love: Mobile Behaviour

Small pieces, loosely joined.

… being physically mobile has become a way of life across the globe … an entirely new breed of people, a transcontinental tribe of wanderers … the transit loungers forever heading to the departure gate. -Pico Iyer

From the archives

MoneyBook for iPhone

Finance apps. don’t get much more attractive than this. Moneybook for iPhone is a simple and intuitive way to track your finances. It features recurring monthly expenses, progress over the previous months, beautiful graphics and the ability to add notes for your expenses. It’s simplicity comes at the expense of some critical details, like multiple currency support and custom categories, which make it a no go for me. It you can live with it’s limited capabilities, it’s beautiful UI just might make managing your finances on the go fun.

Google Portrait Series

google portraits
QR codes as art? Why not. Aram Bartholl’s Google Portrait Series was commissioned by Microwave Festival, Hong Kong in 2009. Each code represents a search on ‘Aram Bartholl’ in a specific language on Google. From the artist’s statement:

A large number of people can be found by name on Google today. Everyone who is working on a computer and uses the internet regularly can be found on Google. Even people who don’t use computers can be found sometimes because their names appear in ‘old’ media (i.e. books) on the net.
‘Egosurfing’ is a popular way for a user to find out what websites and information Google returns on his/her name search.
How many hits does Google show on my name? Am I popular? Do I want to be found at all? Who writes about me? What do people find out about me when they google my name? Am I in concurrence to other persons with the same name? Do I rely on the results Google shows me on a person’s name? In which way do I relate to someone which I only known by Google results?

Google Portrait Series
Drawings 2007-2009
Via Rhizome.

A Simple Weather app.

simple weather for iPhone
Between the Central Weather Bureau, the New York Times, and’s great iPhone app, I get just about all the weather coverage I could possible need. But I’m a sucker for elegant text based interfaces and slight attempts at humor which is why Simple weather is now my favorite means of finding out how it’s going to feel when I step outside in the morning. The main screen displays the current local weather conditions while sliding the screen to the left reveals a 3 day forecast 1 day at a time. Fun.
Simple Weather for iPhone (links to web but will open iTunes).

Berlin Weekend Bag

Knomo Berlin Weekend Bag
The Berlin Weekend Bag by Knomo London is a large, lightweight duffle bag made from a water resistant coated canvas and full hide leather trim. It features 2 external waterproof zippered pockets for your travel documents and other on-the-go essentials, a lockable zipper closure, soft fabric lining and a waterproof shoe pocket at the bottom. A stylish bag for your travels. Knomo have some beautiful iPhone pouches as well.
Knomo Berlin Weekend Bag

Papier Collection

Papier Collection
There is an element of surprise in the “Papier” series, a collaborative project between Saskia and Stefan Diez. One expects a rigid and fragile container but the bag is actually quite durable, water and tear proof. It looks like an art piece but it’s actually practical for frequent use. From their description:

… the “Papier” series is an experiment in revising the classical typology: the two designers have pointed out the basic requirements to a travel bag – durability, protection and light weight – and sought for an appropriate material other than the traditional choices of leather and reinforced textiles. The “Papier” bags are made of Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely lightweight – 135g for the bigger and 115g for the smaller bag. Apart from that, one will appreciate the high-end finishes applied to such seemingly banal material as paper. Silkscreen printing techniques gives it a particularly attractive look.

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Suffering By Amrit Chusuwan

Suffering By Amrit Chusuwan
Opening this week at DOB Hualamphong Gallery is Suffering the latest exhibition by Amrit Chusuwan. From the release:

The Lord Buddha’s teaching that “Suffering is one of the Four Noble Truths” is the inspiration of Amrit Chusuwan’s latest art exhibition “Suffering”. Amrit; well-known in both Thai and International art society, applies the variety of medium as well as materials such as found object, ready-made object, light box, letters, photos, motion pictures and so on to impart the profound ideas of Buddhism about suffering and its origin, misery, impurities, etc. These religious teachings are surprisingly and finely blended with the contemporary art and its various ways of presentation which the artist succeeds to pass on his ideas and mesmerized the audience by his constructive process of thinking.

February 25th to March 28th, 2010
DOB Hualamphong Gallery
DOB Building 4F, 318 Rama 4 Rd.,

Chiara Daniele’s Business Bag

scooter bag
Chiara Daniele worked in collaboration with Piquadro to design a business bag which could satisfy the needs of those people who work in big cities and use a scooter as their main means of transportation. A natural fit for many Taipei.

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It’s Your Ride

This short film features Alfred Bobe Jr. and Fatimah Durkee. The film spins a visual ballad between the two cyclists experiencing the city in their own unique ways. Both cyclists are city dwellers who amidst the chaos of the concrete jungle have created a private and peaceful psychological space as they traverse the streets. They are both alone and yet they are both very much aware of each others presence. The film speaks to the harmony with one’s environment that can be found while riding a bicycle in a city and the synchronistic connection we can have with those we have not even met. The short was commissioned by Hutchinson tires.


Popweekly: Digest for 02.22.10

Olympic Torch in Toronto
The Olympic torch arrives in Toronto by Roozbeh Rokni.

Fashion on Display at the Olympics

Yes, it would have been a bit cooler if the Gore-Tex trousers had been left looking like dark and not pre-faded denim. But the fake madras-cloth hoodies hark back to a classic era in American prep-school dressing, one that men’s wear designers like Thom Browne and Michael Bastian evoke all the time.
Heightened style savvy was apparent in all kinds of ways, particularly among athletes with potential cosmetics endorsements in the works. The days of goggle-tan are over. These were surely the first Games in which a gold-medal-winning skier rocketed down the slopes and arrived at the bottom in what looked like full makeup, camera-ready. As astonishing as the thrilling performance by Lindsey Vonn in downhill skiing was, it seemed even more remarkable when you consider how lavish her eyelashes looked.

Who needs banks if you have a mobile phone?

A similar service has been in use in Thailand for some time where it’s surprisingly easy to send money via sms.
Using the text-messaging capability built into the GSM system used by most cellphone networks, these services allow people without a bank account or credit card to use their phone as an electronic wallet that can be used to store, send or receive cash.
Around the world, some 2.5 billion people lack access to banking services, according to the New York-based Financial Access Initiative, a consortium of university economics researchers. But a million of these people have a cellphone, and for them mobile money is an attractive option.
It works like this: you pay cash to your local agent – often at the nearest corner shop, if you live in a city – who then tops up your mobile money account using a secure form of SMS text messaging. That money can be transferred to another person by sending an SMS to their cellphone account. People without mobile money accounts can receive payments in the form of a text code which can be forwarded to their local agent, who exchanges it for cash.

Bixi’s Multi-city Bike Sharing

The systems is based on a network of solar powered bike rental nodes that can be easily installed and moved depending on usage. The nodes also update bike availability info in realtime allowing users to check bike availability online from home, iPhones, or other mobile devices. This combination of easy installation and internet integration made Bixi instantly popular.

Denmark Leads Europe’s Electric-Car Race

An electric-car race is under way in Europe and countries are rushing out their plans for the future — each one more ambitious than the last — in an effort to prove who’s the greenest of them all. Spain aims to have 1 million electric or hybrid cars on the road by 2014 (though it hasn’t specified how many of each). Britain is trying to persuade Japanese automaker Nissan to make its Sunderland plant the European base for its little electric car the Leaf, and London plans to have 25,000 charging stations hooked up to the grid by 2015. France has put big money into building a countrywide network of charging stations, as well as a plant to produce electric-car batteries. Not to be left out, Portugal is gearing up to be one of the first markets for Renault-Nissan’s electric cars in 2011.
Are all these plans feasible?

The Surreal World of Chatroulette

The social Web site, created just three months ago by a 17-year-old Russian named Andrey Ternovskiy, drops you into an unnerving world where you are connected through webcams to a random, fathomless succession of strangers from across the globe. You see them, they see you. You talk to them, they talk to you. Or not. The site, which is gaining thousands of users a day and lately some news coverage, has a faddish feel, but those who study online vagaries see a glimpse into a surreal future, a turn in the direction of the Internet.
Before you rush off to your computer to try Chatroulette, it is only fair to let you know what you’re getting into. Entering Chatroulette is akin to speed-dating tens of thousands of perfect strangers — some clothed, some not.