Rapha + Apolis Activism: Transit Elite

Beautiful homage to the art of handmade products.

In December 2009 shea parton, cole maness, and myself went to kathmandu, nepal to finalize and meet the people manufacturing the handmade rapha+apolis activism 70% merino wool/30% cashmere transit elite sweater…in true rapha style we also did a fair bit of cycling as well…this is a short film from our trip…

Billykirk Laptop Flight Bag

Billykirk Laptop Flight Bag
The stylish Billykirk Laptop Flight Bag is made of waxed canvas and leather, features padding for your laptop, an interior pocket for stashing your gadgets or chargers, and adjustable shoulder straps. Handmade by Amish leather makers, this and all of Billykirks work are the epitome of quality craftsmanship. It doesn’t get much better at this or any price.
Billykirk Laptop Flight Bag

Rocket Bag by Bill Amberg

Rocket Bag by Bill Amberg
I love the contrast between the aluminum handle with the vegetable tanned leather in this briefcase by Bill Amberg. The Rocket Bag is large enough to hold your laptop and other daily office essentials, has internal pocketing for a mobile phone and wallet, and a padded base to help protect the internals from accidental drops. It’s gorgeous now but the leather is only going to look better as it develops its own patina and character over time.
Rocket Bag by Bill Amberg

Centenary suitcase

Centenary  suitcase
Perfect for a trip to the colonies, the Centenary Suitcase is handmade in England with a Vulcan Fibre shell, leather trimming and straps, and a beautiful silk lining. Nothing much has changed with this durable classic since they started making them in 1897. Made by Globe-Trotter.
Centenary suitcase.

X2 Kui Buri Resort

X2 Kui Buri Resort
The X2 Kui Buri is an upscale resort located on 4 plus acres of beachfront just outside the popular resort towns of Hua Hin and Pranburi. If you are looking to escape the noise and excitement of Bangkok this is an ideal location — especially since the surge in popularity of Hua Hin has reduced some of it’s charm.
The area surrounding Kuri Buri is quiet and underdeveloped, with the only communities being local fishing villages. The resort has 23 semi private villas each with their own terrace, garden and pool with most having uninterrupted views of the beachfront. It’s design is remarkable for it’s careful attention to the surrounding environment, with the preservation of large, old growth trees, and undisturbed open green spaces. I love the use of locally-quarried rock and stone in the Villa walls — beautiful.

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E-inv at Tang Contemporary Art

E-inv by Tang Contemporary Art
Conference Room 1. Trial 180 x 160 cm oil on canvas 2009
Appearing only until April 3rd at the Tang Contemporary Art Center in Bangkok, E-inv features the work of Huang Yishan, Li Jianfeng, Li Wei, Qin Qi, UNMASK, Yang Na and Zhang Shuang. Curation is by Zhang Yizhou.

“This world is ordinary: everyone lives in silent; while another world is wonderful: all dreaming for it.”
“Another World” or “Another Boundary” signifies the world or boundary beyond this world we live in or boundary upon where we live. In this exhibition, anotherworldanotherboundary is a parallel world which exists in imagination, it could be the “Other World” in Buddhism such as heaven or hell; or could be “Delightful Plain” in European mythology such as the realm of the dead or the home of the deities. It could be a surreal world as in fairy tales or legends; or in movies or books; or in computer games or internets, or an utopia-like kind of world, or just the world hidden in brains or minds.
Broadly speaking, each person’s world for other person is also an “other world”. All kinds of seemingly ordinary things which people turn a blind eye to, but from another angle of view, might be very different, and might contain some existences which never been found and cognitive, or another metaphor which never been really understood.
All these “another world another boundary”, ridden by artists’ untrammeled imagination, expressed the seeking to the unknown and potential world. Or could be a kind of restoration to the world: a re-combination of some occasional and scattered information, and restore another possibility of another world.
Once entering “another world another boundary”, the imaginary world which couldn’t be defined, the world which is intangible and hard to clarify, will unfold in front of your eyes, slowly

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Popweekly: Digest for 03.29.10

Shanghai Street
Shanghai street scenes 7

Major United States hotel chains are aggressively expanding into Asia, creating new options for travelers looking for familiar brands abroad

Lets make staying in Shanghai as boring as Wichita.
“Americans are not as comfortable in Asia yet,” said Joe Brancatelli, publisher of Joesentme.com, a subscription travel site focused on business travel. Unless booking at the high end with an Asian luxury brand like Taj or Oberoi, he added, Americans “don’t know what they’re getting.”
Indeed, though the Internet has made it easier for travelers to research just about any place online, it can be difficult to tell whether the advertised bathroom with tub and shower really includes a standing shower or just a tub with a hand-held showerhead hose. The American chains, with their cookie-cutter rooms, standard showers and English speakers, offer something of peace of mind in this sense — a familiar place to return to after the culture shock that can set in when exploring a foreign city.

A Face-Off Between Rivals in Thailand

It’s nice that they could sit at the same table without killing one another but how about locking the doors and not allowing them to exit until both sides reach compromise.
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva of Thailand met Sunday with leaders of the antigovernment protest movement here, the first significant effort to defuse two weeks of street protests.
The meeting, an unscripted and unusual face-off among hardened political rivals that was carried live on Thailand’s main television channels, failed to make progress on the primary demand of protesters, that new elections be called. Both sides agreed to meet again on Monday.
“All of us now have only one question,” Jatuporn Prompan, a protest leader at the meeting, asked the prime minister. “Will you dissolve Parliament or not?”

Four In Five Consider Web Access A Fundamental Right

Four in five adults believe access to the Internet is a fundamental right — with those feelings particularly strong in South Korea and China — and half believe it should never be regulated, according to a global survey.
A poll of 27,000 adults in 26 countries for the BBC World Service showed 78 percent of internet users believed the Web gave them greater freedom, while nine in 10 said it was a good place to learn. Respondents in the United States were above the average in believing the internet was a source for greater freedom and they were also more confident than most in expressing their opinions online.
“Despite worries about privacy and fraud, people around the world see access to the Internet as their fundamental right,” said Doug Miller, the chairman of GlobeScan which conducted the survey. “They think the Web is a force for good, and most don’t want governments to regulate it.”

The cult of busy

I’m busy being very busy.
People who are always busy are time poor. They have a time shortage. They have time debt. They are either trying to do too much, or they aren’t doing what they’re doing very well. They are failing to either a) be effective with their time b) don’t know what they’re trying to effect, so they scramble away at trying to optimize for everything, which leads to optimizing nothing.
Contrary to what we might think:
Some of the best thinkers throughout history had some of their best thoughts while going for walks, playing cards with friends, little things things that generally would not be considered the hallmarks of busy people. It’s the ability to pause, to reflect, and relax, to let the mind wander, that’s perhaps the true sign of time mastery, for when the mind returns it’s often sharper and more efficient, but most important perhaps, happier than it was before.

Taiwan designs make big splash at red dot

Taiwan came away with the second highest number of prizes March 23 at the 2010 red dot design award, one of the three major international design awards.
Garnering 67 awards, Taiwan followed only Germany, the host country, in an unprecedented RDD showing for the island.
In addition to bicycle accessories, the awarded design products from Taiwan are mostly related to computer technology. “This results from collaborations with international design teams, whose alternative views helped make these design products better,” noted a specialist at the Taiwan Design Center.

Capturing the offensive in Marjah with an iPhone

Captures the offensive in Marjah with an iPhone
Image © David Guttenfelder/Associated Press.
David Guttenfelder, an Associated Press photographer, captures the offensive in Marjah, Afghanistan, using a unique lens – his iPhone camera coupled with a Polaroid film filter app.
David Guttenfelder: “These photographs, shot with an iPhone I carried in my flak jacket pocket, are not about the fight for Marjah. Instead, they are an attempt, during my downtime, to show something of the daily lives of Marines and Afghan soldiers as they moved through the city and set down their packs each evening in a harsh, isolated place.” (From An up close look at the military life in Marjah)
The slideshow of this work is viewable on the Associated Press website. Via 1854.

Hong Kong 68

Often times a scheduled field trip was replaced by an in class film due to a bus driver strike or sudden ice storm. Roughly spliced and discolored film from an unknown land and culture would be exhibited. These educational films, though thorough, never felt connected to their subject matter. Perhaps it was because their sources were preexisting and originally captured events totally unrelated to the particular topic.

Part of the Field Trip Series of motion and audio work.

Link Love: Mobile Culture

Small pieces, loosely joined.

From the archives.

Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers

Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers
LaCie’s Sound2 USB self-powered speakers are a worthy update to their much loved Pompidou Center inspired firewire version introduced in 2007. With design by Neil Poulton, they are a collaboration between LaCie and Cabasse and feature a built-in USB cable, plug & play operation for Mac & PC and 30w power output. Lovely.
Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers. Via BLTD.

i24R3 Portable Speakers

i24R3 Portable Speakers
i24R3 Portable Speakers
i24R3 Portable Speakers
Beautiful portable waterproof speaker perfect for indoor and outdoor use – too large for travel but great for ad-hoc parties and the patio. Designed by Michael Young for EOps the i24R3 Portable allows for wireless streaming from Bluetooth equipped devices, is powered by built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery or an ac adapter and comes with a removable tube stand for easier portability.
i24R3 Portable Speakers

Bon Voyage Riveted Suitcase

Bon Voyage Riveted Suitcase
Designed by Vadim Kibardin the Bon Voyage suitcase is a contemporary take on traditional luggage with reinforcing ribs. Manufactured in a Czech factory that has been producing suitcases for over a century, these suitcases protect your belongings from the rigors of the overhead bin while maintaining a distinct stylish look. Available in three sizes and colors.
Bon Voyage Riveted Suitcase