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Flying by albertopveiga
I’m off to Toronto this evening flying with EVA on their new direct flight. From Toronto is a short flight via Air Canada to Halifax. I’m excited to try this route as it limits my exposure to the rude uncomfortable inflight experience usually experienced on most Canadian carriers.
I travel enough that I don’t really give it much thought, nor do I write much about it, but this trip is a first for me. This is the first time I will be traveling with both my children alone on such a long flight. My prep. time has been stretched and for some reason I feel nervous for the first time in ages.
Things have been slow at Popwuping for the past two weeks as I traveled around the area and I will be disconnected for the next few days as I recover from the 21+ hr trek to our cottage on Prince Edward Island.

Juliet Elliott in Ireland

Team rider Juliet Elliott met up with mountain bike film maker / medical student Callum Swift on a recent trip to the emerald isle. Juliet’s took her fixed gear Charge Scissor to the cities, coutryside and pubs, this is the story in video form!

Nice film. I love going to the shops and neighbourhoods that cater to the fixed gear urban wear crowd but I always come away feeling like an old man. Most men my age in Taiwan don’t show much interest in this culture. At what age do I ditch my converse, demin, tshirt and messenger bag look for the standard uniform of a middle aged engineer?

Kawamura-Ganjavian’s Earshell

Kawamura-Ganjavian's Earshell
Kawamura-Ganjavian’s Earshell attempt’s to create earings with a more useful purpose.

We use earrings as symbols of distinction since time immemorial, however they are not particularly useful items. The EARSHELL is a simple, efficient and elegant sound enhancing device. It can be used to improve our listening of music or opera. Its refined and sleek profile gives it a jewellery feel.

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Airport as barometer of the city

madrid airport
Photo by S Migol
A cities airport is an expression of what that city is and wants to be:

The aerial view may be a traveler’s first glimpse at what the immediate future holds. But it’s probably the airport experience on the ground that cements a traveler’s first substantial impression of a city and its merits, whether premature or otherwise. That experience — the flow, sense of efficiency, and all the small details enabled by the airport’s architecture — can be viewed as an expression of what the city stands for, or what it aspires to be.
For those investigating emerging cities and the development of ecosystems to support the cities’ entrepreneurial ambitions, the experience at the airport is almost an initial barometer for things to come.

Most of my negative opinions of many destinations start at the airport.
For me it’s not about brilliant architecture, shopping and dining experiences as much as the systems to get me to my destination. Your first experience when arriving in Taipei is a gaggle of sale people trying to sell you duty free – then you are swiftly through immigration to the taxi curb. In Vancouver upon arrival you are greeted by jack booted security who take aside those who fit a profile. As described in the article Hong Kong is by far my favorite.
The Airport as an Expression of a City’s Aspirations

Toaster Phone

Toaster Phone
Designer Renata Quintela takes the computing device as appliance idea in an interesting direction with her Toaster Phone. In this concept the toaster is a phone base where the handsets get charged. The toast or phone sits in the base until upon receiving an incoming call they jump out ready to be answered. A cute idea.
Toaster Phone by Renata Quintela.

Wolverine 1000 Mile & Horween

Interesting, yet way too short, look into the Horween’s leather making process. Horween have been producing their highly coveted Cordovan in the same Chicago location since 1920.
Part of a series by Wolverine for the release of their heritage 721LTD boot. Via Acquire.

Gorilla Case for iPhone 4

Gorilla Case for iPhone 4
Berlin’s Gorilla Cases have redesigned their carbon fiber cases for the iPhone 4. Aesthetically this is a better match as the straight lines of this case seemed slightly out of place with the curves of the iPhone 3g.
The choice of materials and beautiful design are the main features for this case. Carbon Fiber is an incredibly strong and light weight material making this a great choice for those like me who tend to unintentionally abuse their phone on a regular basis.
I used ours as an extra measure of protection while in the tight confines of my small messenger. The new cases should be available at the end of August.
Gorilla Case for iPhone 4

InCase Shanghai Slider

InCase Shanghai Slider
To celebrate the opening of Apple’s new store in Shanghai Incase created this limited-edition Slider Case for the iPhone 3GS/3G. Available exclusively at the Apple Store, Shanghai, this case features a pop art interpretation of the city’s landmark Oriental Pearl Tower. Also included in this collection is their signature 13″ and 15″ MacBook Sleeves.
The iPhone 4 hasn’t been released in China, which may explain the release of a new case for last years phone.
InCase Shanghai Slider

Link Love: Mobile Culture

tokyo cafe snack
Photo by twinleaves
Posting will be regular but light as I travel with my kids over the next five weeks.

From the archives.

Digits Calculator for iPad

Digits Calculator for iPad
Digits Calculator for iPad was designed and programmed by Joshua Distler. I love this app. simply for the fact that it has a great UI without succumbing to the use ‘skeuomorphic’ design cues like many of Apples own software. I find the trend visually tiring and at times distasteful. Digits Calculator is set in Helvetica, features changeable background colors, a scrolling history tape, undo/scrollback, autosave and aspect ratios from landscape to portrait.
Digits Calculator for iPad. Via

The Necessity of a Smartphone

The Necessity of a Smartphone
Photo by by iulian nistea
A New York Times article from last year looks at how the adoption of new technology, in particular smartphones, is as much about consumer sociology and psychology as it is about chips, bytes and bandwidth. Android commentators being the exception.

For a growing swath of the population, the social expectation is that one is nearly always connected and reachable almost instantly via e-mail. The smartphone, analysts say, is the instrument of that connectedness — and thus worth the cost, both as a communications tool and as a status symbol.

The downside to this need for constant connection.

Such a digital connection can have its downside. The perils of obsessive smartphone use have been well documented, including distracted driving and the stress of multitasking. CrackBerry, a term coined years ago, is telling.
The smartphone, said Mr. Meyer, a cognitive psychologist, can be seen as a digital “Skinner box,” a reference to the experiments of the behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner in which rats were conditioned to press a lever repeatedly to get food pellets.
With the smartphone, he said, the stimuli are information feeds. “It can be powerfully reinforcing behavior,” he said. “But the key is to make sure this technology helps you carry out the tasks of daily life instead of interfering with them. It’s about balance and managing things.”

Smartphone Rises Fast From Gadget to Necessity