Future of Mobile User Experience

Luke Wroblewski shares some interesting points from Jonathan Brill’s opening keynote at the Design for Mobile conference in Chicago. Context of use seems to be a common thread.

  • The future of mobile isn’t on the phone. It requires being aware of environments. People are more than an eyeball and a finger.
  • We need to design for where users are. The reality is phones are mostly inappropriate devices in many contexts. Be aware of environment. There are massive blocks of time where phones are unsafe for people to use. In the future, most mobile devices won’t be phones.
  • Tasks need to occur across multiple devices. The environment is as important as what’s on the display. Computers need to filter, process and deliver relevant content and feedback.

The full bullet list is on Luke Wroblewski’s site.

COTEetCIEL Black iPhone Pouch

COTEetCIEL Black iPhone pouch
I like to have quick access to the iPhones touch screen, so that I can share exactly what is important at that very moment on twitter, so cases and pouches haven’t met with much popularity around our office. But with my recent technology detox and the unmistakable elegance of cases like COTEetCIEL Black Pouch I think I may come around.
COTEetCIEL Black iPhone Pouch features two layers of suede microfibre reinforced by a light PVC structure in a minimalist design. The microfibre might do double duty as a finger print remover. The credit card slot seems like an unnecessary complication. Nice.

Mission Workshop Vandal

Mission Workshop Vandal
Carryology, the experts in all things carry, road test the Mission Workshop Vandle. You really should read the review in it’s entirety but here is their conclusion (hint: they love the bag):

Yeah, I’m still a sucker for a good looking pack. Roll-tops just look more grown-up and more betterer, and the Vandal is probably the most evolved roll-top of any. The fabric was a little techie for my initial taste, but it has really grown on me when I see the upsides to its water-resistance and reflectiveness (visibility at night is pretty important).
This really is a great pack – one that innovates in a bunch of ways. While it’s been built with a cyclist in mind, it will still work great for climbers, surfers, dungeon masters and any number of adventure seekers as their go to backpack.
Expansion and versatility are perhaps its biggest trump cards, but water-resistance, comfort and great looks all help.

Road Tested: Mission Workshop Vandal

5 Easy Steps to Breaking Your Cell Phone Addiction

I spent the better part of my summer vacation unplugged and experienced much of what Margaret Hyde describes as her ‘technology detox’. Constantly checking twitter, feeds, email, apps and sharing the minutiae of my boring life takes away from focusing on the things that truly matter. Activities that add real value, which during my vacation involved running around with my kids and relaxing on the beach. After a time I didn’t miss my phone much at all.
Now that I am back from vacation I continue to treat my cell phone (and other computers) more as tool than appendage.
It’s a bit simplistic, but here are her suggestions for detaching yourself from your phone:

  • Turn off your cell phone while you are driving.
  • Pick one evening a week that the cell phone goes off at dinner time and stays off until the next morning. Gradually increase the number of nights a week. (If you are worried about work calls, start with a weekend.)
  • Once a month participate in something outside where you will be surrounded by nature and you have to unplug from technology and the cell phone. For example, take a walk, hike or bike ride on a trail, beach or natural space near you.
  • Turn off your cell phone when you are in a meeting or having a meal with someone.
  • Keep a journal where you write down your feelings and reactions to turning off the cell phone. Reread your earlier entries after you have been trying the steps for a month.

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QR Code Hotel

QR code hotel
Code unique is Söhne & Parters concept for a QR Code hotel which was to be built in Dubai’s Studio City. Their concept which is a bit hard to decipher centres around futurism, creativity and inspiration. If executed properly the code could allow for all kinds of macro and micro exploration with your mobile device. The facade looks unique too.

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The iPad Orchestra

The iPad Orchestra
The iPad Orchestra consists of four artists playing cello, flute, violin and clarinet, via an app for the iPad called Seline HD. It’s remarkable that we are now seeing more and more mobile devices effectively reducing the barriers to entry that traditional musical instruments present. My first reaction though was not one of wonder over what I have read is a wonderful piece of software, but criticism of the music being performed. Which I guess is an indication of just how common these groups are becoming and no matter how easy the tools of self expression become, we still need to make music.

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Thai 3G adoption delayed again

The iPhone 4 may be launching this month but Thai smart phone users are going to have to wait to be able to use it on a 3G network. Thailand, one of the last remaining countries in the region to fully deploy 3G, has halted yet again the telecommunications auction for 3G licenses. The development of high speed networks has always been slow in Thailand, with services and capabilities far behind other countries in the region. For wireless this can be partially blamed on the absence of an independent body to regulate broadcasting frequencies, as well as “changes” in state administrations.
From behind the Wall Street Journal Pay wall:

Thailand’s Central Administration Court issued an injunction against the auction of licenses for third-generation mobile services, slated to begin Monday, an official at the National Telecommunications Commission said Thursday.
Former regulators, CAT and another state-owned company TOT PCL, stand to lose enormous concession revenue should private companies acquire the new 3G licenses and migrate their customers to the new technology.
At present, private mobile-phone companies in Thailand operate second-generation mobile phone services under concessions granted by either TOT or CAT Telecom that require revenue-sharing of about 20% to 30% with the state firms. The new 3G license will require an annual fee of only 6% of their revenue.

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Link Love: trends, behaviour and design

Jatujak Weekend Market in Bangkok
Musicians at Jatujak Weekend Market in Bangkok
Small pieces loosely joined. A curated selection of relevant and noteworthy links worthy of your attention.

From the archives.

STD testing meets Foursquare

Salon writes about MTV’s campaign that encourages young people to get tested for STD’s and check in on Foursquare while they’re at it. In an effort to remove the stigma around testing, the campaign is pushing the boundries of how much people are willing to share and know.

Foursquare lets you check in at the grocery store, the coffee shop, the local dive bar — why not the local STD-testing clinic? That is exactly the idea behind the latest installment of MTV’s Get Yourself Tested campaign, which encourages youngsters to get tested and, while they’re at it, check in on foursquare to tell the whole world all about it. Their reward: A “GYT” badge.
The campaign also gives teens a testing incentive that isn’t health related: “Anyone who unlocks the badge is automatically entered into the GYT foursquare sweepstakes where they could win a roundtrip excursion for two to New York City with airfare, accommodations and backstage passes to MTV’s ’10 on Top,’ a weekly countdown of the hottest pop culture power players,” according to a press release.

Read the article on Salon.

Moncler Transformable Messenger Bag

Moncler Transformable Messenger Bag
You have the best of both worlds but the material feels dated and best left to jackets. Since the size of this bag lends itself well to being a purse perhaps the Clotilde would be a better choice. It maintains the pattern but without the “puff” (i can’t link to their catalogue as it’s buried in a hideous flash site).
Via @highsnobiety: “From the Moncler presents an interesting new mens messenger bag as part of their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. The bag is constructed of the same material as their iconic jackets and comes in a dark brown colorway. It can be transformed into a large size tote bag, making it a practical accessory for the season”.

Pod à porter neckband for iPod shuffle

Pod à porter neckband for iPod shuffle
When simplistic mobile devices get smaller, it can result in more interesting, fashionable ways in which to wear, carry and use them. Pod à Porter by Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp is a jewelry-like accessory for last years iPod shuffle. The accessory removes the frustration usually experienced when using devices with headphones by avoiding wire-tangle and reducing accidental headphone drops.
Usability aside, if the current generation of the iPod nano lends itself to brash timepieces last years shuffle seems to lend itself well to subtle hidden accessories. It’s perhaps one of the few advantages of this interface-less design.
Pod à porter

James Laver ‘s Law of Fashion

James Laver was a museum curator for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London from the ’30s through the ’50s. He was also a fashion theorist and historian who conceived Laver’s Law — an attempt to make sense of the fashion trend lifecycle.

Indecent 10 years before its time
Shameless 5 years before its time
Outré (Daring) 1 year before its time
Smart Current Fashion
Dowdy 1 year after its time
Hideous 10 years after its time
Ridiculous 20 years after its time
Amusing 30 years after its time
Quaint 50 years after its time
Charming 70 years after its time
Romantic 100 years after its time
Beautiful 150 years after its time

The brilliance of this timeline is that it can be applied to nearly all creative mediums — not just fashion but also art, design, architecture, and even music. Smart, or Current Fashion, doesn’t have a particular time frame attached to it. Something can be smart for 1 year or a even few years.

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