Poketo Backpack

Poketo Backpack
Perhaps the styling and form are a bit too familiar but I do love the materials and personality in these backpacks found on Poketo. They say that what you wear, or by extension what you carry, is an expression of your personality. Which is why I would never choose a that wonderful bright bag pictured in front.
This backpack is made of durable canvas, has a front pocket, an additional inside pocket and should be roomy enough to fit a 15″ laptop, notebook, magazines, and all your daily necessities. Great colors.
Poketo Backpack

The iPhone, NFC, and the future of mobile commerce

It appears I was wrong partially yesterday in stating that Nokia was the only mobile manufacturer known to be actively pursuing Near Field Communication (NFC) in their devices. From the AppleBlog:

The next iPhone could take advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow you to take your preferences, files and even applications from your home Mac and use them on other Apple computers. The inclusion of NFC tech could make having Macs on premises a priority for hotels and other businesses.
The rumor about NFC in the next iPhone revision comes courtesy of a source talking to Cult of Mac, who wished to remain anonymous. Initially, according to the report, the iPhone 5 would work sort of like an electronic wallet that carries around your personal information and allows you to use it on other Macs. That could include address book information, logins and more. Later, it could fully transform any Mac into a mirror image of your own.

The iPhone as lynchpin in a mobile commerce future.

The latest buzz about the iPhone as a mobile payment device comes from reports that Apple is in negotiations to buy Boku, a mobile payments startup. […]
Boku allows users to pay for digital goods and services using their mobile phones. Essentially, it allows iTunes Store-style purchasing to things beyond Apple’s own offerings. […]
Combined with expanded Apple ID purchasing power online, NFC-based payments would make the iPhone a mobile wallet capable of paying for virtually anything, so long as Apple can secure interest from retail partners, which probably won’t be a problem, given the iPhone’s reach and mass market appeal.

iPhone 5 Could Use NFC to Turn Any Mac Into Your Mac
Apple’s Next iPhone and the Evolution of Mobile Commerce

Poolga Collection #1 App.

Poolga Collection #1 App.
Looking for something tasteful to serve as my icon backdrop I found this all too brief but delightful app from Poolga. Poolga, the website, curates a great collection of art and wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. Poolga, the app, presents a selection of illustrations by 15 of their favorite artists, adapted for the iPhone screen and presented in a beautiful and engaging way. A great diversion while you wait for your latte.
If I had one criticism it would be that there are far too few illustrations to view.

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Mobile film: Kreuzberg by Aaron Rose

Kreuzberg is a short film by Aaron Rose shot on location in Berlin using his iPhone 4. Since the 1980s, the historically Turkish neighborhood of Kreuzberg has also been home to a population of artists, musicians and anarchists. According to Rose, the film is a tribute to Brian Eno and David Bowie, both of whom recorded in Kreuzberg in the 1970s.
The film’s main characters are Fiona Geuss, an art historian who reads excerpts from Boris Groys’ essay on “light luggage,” and Nathan Harrington, a musician who created the film’s original score. In the film, Harrington recites a poem written by Rose.
Incase has a short Q&A with Aaron Rose about the making of this short film.

Swedish hotel replaces room keys with mobile phone

Visitors to a Stockholm hotel will be able to use mobile phones instead of keys to unlock the doors to their rooms. Unlike the trial in the US I mentioned in September, this requires NFC which few phone manufacturers other than Nokia have public plans to implement.

Assa Abloy AB, the world’s largest maker of door locks, has launched a pilot in which Clarion Hotel Stockholm will lend customers mobile phones with close-range radio chips, much like devices used for contact-less payments at gas stations.
Repeat visitors during a four-month trial will be able to check in through their phones before arrival and have their phones activated as “keys.” They will then be able to skip the registration desk and unlock the door by holding the phone next to it.

From AP News.
See also: NFC will be in all Nokia smartphones from 2011 and Phones Begin to Replace Hotel Keycards.

Staying up late texting makes you tired

Staying up late to play video games, surf the Internet and send phone text messages may lead to learning problems, mood swings, anxiety and depression in children, a pilot study suggests, reports Health US News.

The research, conducted at the Sleep Disorders Center at JFK Medical Center in Edison, N.J., found that children who snuck time on their cell phones, computers and other electronic devices after supposedly going to sleep had a greater chance of sleep disorders that cause other difficulties.
“These activities are not sleep-promoting, like reading a novel or listening to music. They stimulate the brain and depress normal sleep cycles,” said study author Dr. Peter G. Polos.
The research found correlations between late-night electronic media use and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mood swings, anxiety, depression and poor cognitive functioning (thinking skills) during the day.
About half of the parents of study participants didn’t know what the kids were up to, said Polos. The others knew, but had a fatalistic attitude.
“They [parents] thought, ‘This is the world we live in, what can you do?'” said Polos. But parents need to monitor electronic media use, he said, because “at the end of the day, the parent is still the parent, the child is still the child.”

This is more an indictment of lazy parenting than the evils of technology that it is widely being reported as. Of course if anyone repeatedly stays up late, suffers from extreme lack of sleep, they are going to have decreased cognitive function and mood swings. Try talking to me on a Friday morning about anything for proof.
Study Finds Teens’ Late Night Media Use Comes at a Price. Via Textually.

Vuelo Velo

Sexy. The Vuelo Velo “1” ridden on the Sydney Olympic Velodrome and inner city streets. I had no idea Sydney looked so great. I love videos like this not just for the voyeuristic view to culture but the opportunity to view a place in a way I don’t often experience. Other than great bag makers, retailers and a vibrant design community Australia is largely unknown to me. I have to visit.

Arc’teryx Blade 24 Backpack

Arc'teryx Blade 24 Backpack
Though I wear (abuse) their outdoor apparel, I don’t have much experience with their bags but the Arc’teryx Blade 24 Backpack shows some promise as a great laptop backpack for a variety of situations. The Blade 24 holds a 15″ laptop in it’s main compartment while another compartment fits paper, magazines (if you still use them), or iPad. A couple other pockets keep your phone and other peripherals handy while an external pocket under the back shell keeps your travel documents safe and out of sight. A clean looking bag with generous straps.
Arc’teryx Blade 24 Backpack