Wood Wood x Eastpak Reni Weekend Bag

Wood Wood x Eastpak Reni Weekend Bag

Inspired by the detachable pouches found on military equipment and made using 400D bonded nylon, the second round of collaboration between Wood Wood and Eastpak features numerous high quality and highly functional products. The Reni Weekend Bag can be carried from either its leather handled canvas straps or from a detachable padded shoulder strap and is incredibly versatile. Its large main compartment holds two press stud secured pockets, as well as numerous additional pockets and a stash pouch which can be attached to either the internal or external ‘fixation’ straps.

Red Tote Backpack

red tote backpack

From the Hypebeast store comes this beautiful multipurpose carry: The Buddy Red Tote Backpack is a unique backpack that also features two carrying handles at the top of the bag for when you want to carry it as a tote. Featuring a padded back panel and leather detailing, the Tote Backpack is a great carrying option for lighter excursions. Established in 2012, Buddy focuses on manufacturing its Japan-made goods to the highest standards and leaving the wearer to impart his own unique imprint on the product.

We now live in a world where more people have mobile phones than clean toilets

An Indian daily wage laborer talks on a mobile phone, at a construction site in Bhubaneshwar, India. (AP Photo/Biswaranjan Rout)

An Indian daily wage laborer talks on a mobile phone, at a construction site in Bhubaneshwar, India. (AP Photo/Biswaranjan Rout)

Quartz reports on a surprising statistic revealed in a UN Report:

… the UN reports there are now more people with mobile phones (six billion for world population of seven billion) on earth than there are with access to clean toilets (4.5 billion).

That phenomenon is easily visible in Indonesia, for example, where it is common to see people who live in metal roofed shacks without bathrooms surfing Facebook on their smartphones or feature phones. And it shows how, in the developing world, multinationals are often better at responding to peoples’ needs than governments are.

Open defacation, while not widely discussed, causes illnesses such as diarrhea that kill 4,500 children daily. Poor sanitation also hobbles emerging markets economically. According to the UN, the problem costs India $53.8 billion a year, while Nigeria loses $3 billion annually.

Tunetrace, photograph drawings to make music

Make drawings on paper, photograph them with Tunetrace and then hear them transformed into music.

When you photograph a real drawing, the image becomes a computer program that generates live music. Watch as Tunetrace gradually translates your photograph into a skeleton of line endings and crossings. Then the real magic begins. Twinkling lights obey a few very simple rules to navigate your drawing, making music as they go.

GNTLMN x Strawfoot Handmade Tote Bag

Beautiful looking bags. A bag designed to last by someone who cares for his craft. Love it.

Strong, durable and water resistant.

Perfect as your carry-all, weekender, school bag, or market bag. Made from premium waxed cotton canvas with a double bottom layer. Sewn with military grade thread. 11oz Hermann Oak natural leather straps that will darken with use. Hand hammered solid copper rivets backed with leather washers. Two interior duck canvas pockets, one that fits an iPad vertically and another for small items; iPhone, wallet, keys, etc. All materials are of US origin, and the tote is created in Santa Cruz, CA. Limited to 25 bags and available only on GNTLMN.com.

For Expectant and New Mothers, Mobile Fosters Confidence and a Healthier Future

Save the Children has just issued its 14th annual State of the World’s Mothers report, an overview of maternal and newborn survival in 186 countries, a summary of progress and challenges. The report confirms that the birth day is the riskiest day for newborns and mothers everywhere. Many factors impact maternal and newborn mortality, and a wide range of interventions are being successfully implemented in areas of great need.

Empowering expectant and new mothers with critical health information is one solution and through the ubiquitous mobile phone, information can reach girls and women in even the most remote settings. Easily understood messages about health, hygiene, early warning signs throughout the stages of pregnancy, and the care and feeding of newborns empower a mother with knowledge to make healthy decisions for herself and her baby.

In December 2011, the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) announced its first shareable resource: a set of adaptable mobile messages. These messages provide basic, stage-based health information in text or voice format, localized to meet country needs. These free, adaptable messages have been downloaded by over 150 organizations working in 50 countries, and have been translated into 10 languages.

The full article here.

Mobile Phones for Women’s Empowerment

The proliferation of mobile phones in low- and middle-income countries over the past decade has been rapid and remarkable. This boom in mobile technology offers an incredible opportunity to provide historically marginalized groups, such as girls and women, with increased access to information and education to improve their health and wellbeing. Forbes:

… 39% of women interviewed expressed an interest in receiving health information through their mobile phones. The speed and remote abilities of telecommunications can help connect many women to health care services and facilities. Low- and middle-income countries accounted for more than 80% of the 660 million new mobile-cellular subscriptions added in 2011, with more than 1 billion subscriptions belonging to women.


The benefits of mobile technology reach far beyond the bounds of health in empowering women. For example, 41% of female mobile phone owners enjoy increased economic and professional opportunities due to owning a mobile, and 85% report feeling more independent because of their mobile phone.

Read more. Via textually.

Whooz Identification Labels

Whooz? vinyl identification labels

Cute but I don’t think I could ever stick them on correctly. Whooz? vinyl identification labels let you personalize and jazz up your chargers and cords with these boys and girls. Each pack comes with four sheets of designs and each sheet has labels to cover your charger, usb cable and earbuds. There are also labels for the new lightning cords and earbuds.

3 Apps For A Day Of Golfing In Paradise

There’s nothing like heading out on a clear sunny day for a round of nine or eighteen on the links. A pleasant breeze blows the flags just a little, touching the dewed grass just as the sun comes up over the horizon to mark a new day of golfing. Is there any pairing better than golf and good weather?

As it turns out, there is: golf and technology. Technology that makes golf not only easier and more convenient but also more fun is always in demand, and as the world becomes more mobile, so too does the world of golf spring forth into the electronic age. Believe us; once you review the kind of golfer’s technology available today, you’ll know why this is a good thing. Here are a few pieces of technology you might want to check out.

Swing by Swing

If you could pick just one application to use while golfing, what would it be? The chances are that there isn’t just one app you’d pick—you need more than one in order to keep score and to find the range of your next shot. If you can combine the two functions into one app, you’d get Swing by Swing, an Android-friendly application designed for just about everything you could possibly need when you’re already out there on the links, from tracking your distance to tracking the amount of shots you’ve already taken.

The application has been featured in sources as wide-ranging from Golf Magazine to the New York Times, establishing its popularity as one of the chief golfer applications around. In other words, there’s a good chance you won’t need another app once your Android phone is ready to run Swing by Swing.

Golf Buddy Voice

If you want something beyond the mobile sphere, then it’s time to upgrade to Golf Buddy Voice, a device that essentially acts like a caddy, giving you shot information, telling you what areas to avoid, etc. all by actually playing a voice!

The features on the Golf Buddy Voice include audio distance information (i.e., the caddy will tell you the distance of your next shot from the pin) as well as support for a wide range of greens and holes. In essence, the Golf Buddy Voice is the robot caddy you always wish you had, only this caddy also comes with a volume control for making the trip a little bit more user-friendly.

Golf Logix (iPhoneAndroid

Perhaps the most-downloaded golf app available, Golf Logix is the kind of all-in-one app that you want if you are a novice golfer and want to be sure that you have the latest and greatest. Golf Logix is particularly known for helping you to set tee times with local courses, ensuring that you don’t miss the local deals or any of the local courses. This is especially nice to have while on vacation, when you’re not sure about the golfing opportunities in the surrounding area, but can be great to use year-round for any of your golfing excursions.

Carrie Thompson, who writes for ForeUp, is an avid blogger who enjoys hiking, biking and traveling in her free time. Although Carre is not a golfer, her phone sticks close by her side for other app-related uses throughout the day.

Basic Phone Lets Parents Keep In Touch With Their Kids


1stfone is a credit card-sized mobile device designed for children aged 4 to 9. A more attractive alternative than the Samsung I recently bought for my daughter. PSFK reports:

While the 1stfone has no screen, internet access or texting capability, it does have customizable buttons and can be programmed with important numbers so that children can keep in touch with the people they need.

The phone is designed to keep children safer from bullying and enable them to make or receive a call when they need to. It can hold up to twelve numbers and is available in different colors and styles. Parents decide who the phone can call, providing them with peace of mind and a first phone for their child.

1stfone. Via.