Mobile culture: Gloves Made For Texting

Mobile culture: Gloves Made For Texting
kate spade new york Tilt-a-Whirl Scarf, Hat and Gloves
Fashion accommodates the real needs of people using modern tools.
From Mobile Marketer: an advertisement in a Bloomingdale catalogue this past December shows the importance that mobile, specifically SMS, plays in the lives of consumers on a daily basis.

The ad is for Juicy Couture winter gloves that have the tips of the thumb and pointer finger cut off, especially for texting. Who would have thought two years ago that we would be seeing ads like this.
“The use of SMS will continue and perhaps accelerate as more phones enter into the market, and applications, such as Facebook continue to integrate with SMS,” said Joshua Kittner, senior marketing consultant for digital engagement at the American Red Cross, Washington.

Have you ever heard anyone commenting about how they like being marketed to via sms?
I’m surprised with their data showing increasing growth for sms in the US. Those with smart phones tend to use app. messaging systems far more frequently – Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and IM being the most popular in my circle. With cheap unlimited data plans like we enjoy in Taiwan, sms messaging is far less attractive. Obviously, I’m forgetting that most still don’t own a smart phone.
Here’s a quick round-up of texting Gloves and mittens (some are sold out at post):
Freehands Gloves has the largest collection
From Josh Rubin of CoolHunting who “realized there was an opportunity in the winter of 2007 when he found himself answering his iPhone with his nose to avoid taking his gloves off.”
DKNY Cashmere Pop Top Glove
Juicy Couture – Text Me Leather Electronic Gloves
jobout 1.19
Soft knit gloves that fold back at the tips of the pointer fingers and thumbs for easy texting; rib knit trim at the wrist.
Rachel Rachel Roy Gloves, Striped Texting
From last year: Etre Touchy wool gloves with the tips of the thumb and index finger exposed to allow for convenient usage of touch screen devices like the iPhone.