MEC Dolomite Wool Jacket

It seems like only yesterday that I was sweating and lamenting the fact I didn’t bring a pair of shorts when I was visiting Bangkok. It gets hot there when you are carrying around a large backpack. Now I am back in Taiwan freezing without any proper ‘cold weather’ gear. Cold here is about 20 celsius but it feels like -20 – almost. MEC Dolomite Wool Jacket comes to the rescue.

Once a staple in every wardrobe, wool has re-emerged as a viable (some may say desirable) alternative to synthetic fabrics. This jacket is a perfect example. It boasts the warmth of wool, the comfort of fleece, the functionality of a soft shell, and a definitive urban style that makes the well-worn fleece jacket you’ve be wearing around town look, well… worn.

Clean styling should make this a versatile jacket. Luckily it’s available in black. $99.00 CAD from Mountain Equipment Co-op.