Puma Urban Mobility

puma urban mobility
Adam Greenfield comments on the Puma Urban Mobility collection; the collection includes shoes, clothes, bags, and a foldable bike (the bike is uninspired).

In Puma’s conception, urban mobility apparently has to do with affording the wearer free movement of the body, protecting him or her against inclement conditions, and offering plenty of pockets. These are not clothes for sitting in cars, riding on buses, or waiting on subway platforms, in other words; apparently, getting around the city is something that must be negotiated parkour-style, in the remorseless arena of the physical, unaided by anything infrastructural.
… such efforts are going to feel increasingly weak and incomplete without a networked component of some type, and the more so the greater the degree to which the posture subtends a domain in which the informatic is primary.

Puma Urban Mobility. Via Adam Green Field – ‘Urban Mobility‘.