Simple Shoes

While this may be a rather odd introduction to a great pair of sneakers I realised these past few weeks that it’s one thing to sit and talk (or write) about living a mobile lifestyle and quite another to get up and actually live it. Having a Blackberry or a bag that won’t break your back are good enablers but my sore feet have been telling me I have been neglecting probably the most important item – shoes. You owe it to yourself to get great shoes. Look for simplicity and comfort, and forget heels.
My old sneakers have served me very well but I have all but destroyed them with my constant wandering about. Simple Shoes no longer make the Crusher but their OS Sneaker-Cork look to be suitable replacements. They feature distressed leather and canvas uppers, “Tech Oink” linings, cork and rubber midsole, and a gum rubber outsole. Sure there are more purpose built shoes out there, and I own a few pair, but Simple Shoes provide great all around comfort at a price that seems reasonable. Their Men’s OS Sneaker-Cork are about $70.00US on their site.