Swims Dress Overshoes

Are dress overshoes becoming fashionable again? I could just just see myself buying a pair of the Swims mobster, the boot cut pictured above, as an alternative to wearing sandals and carrying my shoes in a bag. The rainy season is long here and I always dread stomping through water in dress shoes while en-route to some meeting.

SWIMS allows you to wear your favourite shoes regardless of weather conditions, while also providing a classy look. Slip’em on before walking wet or muddy streets and slip’em off when you arrive. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes will stay shiny and clean.
– Pull on & pull off loop – Intelligent fit and great stretch ensures a good fit – Our unique inner lining serves many purposes: Low frictition when slipping on & off, moisture prevention, insulation to keep feet warm in cold weather and a unique polishing action. – Extra traction helps for better grip on slippery surfaces – Shock-absorbing heal – Tear-resistant – Waterproof


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