Google Portrait Series

google portraits
QR codes as art? Why not. Aram Bartholl’s Google Portrait Series was commissioned by Microwave Festival, Hong Kong in 2009. Each code represents a search on ‘Aram Bartholl’ in a specific language on Google. From the artist’s statement:

A large number of people can be found by name on Google today. Everyone who is working on a computer and uses the internet regularly can be found on Google. Even people who don’t use computers can be found sometimes because their names appear in ‘old’ media (i.e. books) on the net.
‘Egosurfing’ is a popular way for a user to find out what websites and information Google returns on his/her name search.
How many hits does Google show on my name? Am I popular? Do I want to be found at all? Who writes about me? What do people find out about me when they google my name? Am I in concurrence to other persons with the same name? Do I rely on the results Google shows me on a person’s name? In which way do I relate to someone which I only known by Google results?

Google Portrait Series
Drawings 2007-2009
Via Rhizome.