Ladybirds’ Requiem digest version

“Ladybirds’ Requiem” is an animation work I created from 2005 to 2006. To create it, one second required 15 sheets of drawings, and as a whole, it consisted of approximately 3,000 drawings. It is just a 5minute-and-38second work, but it took me about a year to complete it. In spite of a great deal of time and many drawings, it is possible to reproduce animation works unlike paintings. “Ladybirds’ Requiem” is also made in limited numbers and sold as an artwork.
“Only one existence” makes it possible to keep the value of artwork. However, to produce a work that is amenable to mass production decreases a chance to show it to many people.
This time I enter a digest version of “Ladybirds’ Requiem” on Youtube. I edited it in 2010 and uploaded it on Youtube to show it to more people. I hope you will be interested in the completed version of “Ladybirds’ Requiem” through the digest version.

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