Milan Design Week Highlights Industry Relevance

designjunction, 12-17 April Milan Design Week 2011 by UK in Italy

designjunction, 12-17 April Milan Design Week 2011 by UK in Italy

The Milan Furniture Fair, also known as Milan Design Week, is under way once more, and while the 2012 event saw an impressive turnout of 292 370 trade operators, 6484 communication operators and 39 279 other visitors, this year’s edition promises to be even bigger. This annual celebration of leading Italian designers and their international counterparts also highlights the role played by the country’s creative industries in its economy as a whole. It is believed that design, architecture and related disciplines will reinvigorate Italy’s economic growth in the years to come.

International Significance

The Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano in Italian) is the largest trade fair of its kind, and has been growing rapidly since it first launched in 1961. Interior designers, architects and industrial designers from every corner of the globe gather in Italy every year to see the latest creative pieces of furniture and lighting that make up this industry-leading showcase. There’s hardly a better opportunity to spread the word about the economic potential of Italy’s internationally renowned design disciplines.

The Role of Design

Cristina Tajani, the City of Milan’s councillor for economic development, higher education and research, addressed visitors at the start of the 2013 Milan Design Week, saying “Any time the market is tough for companies, we are under obligation to investigate… what has made us competitive in the golden times. We have found that the recipe for the City’s success in the past is design, manufacturing and production.”

The Key to Creative Success

In order to make an impression at Milan Design Week, creative firms must be at the top of their game, blending aesthetic trends with the industry’s most innovative technologies to produce something that is both useful and beautiful. Of course, there is a strong focus on quality and every exhibitor strives to outdo themselves with their best creative work yet. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, and it appears they may even have a far-reaching economic impact. “In the past, we have matched creative knowledge, manufacturing and craft capabilities… this will be they key to our success and to update our economic model in current times” says Tajani.

Designer Delights

Design houses large and small will be showcasing their furnishings, lighting and homeware designs, making Milan Design Week an inspirational feast for creative types from all walks of life. If you appreciate top quality design from leading luxury lifestyle brands, be it from a professional point of view or simply as a consumer, be sure to visit the Milan Furniture Fair this week.

Nicky Warner is a London-based lifestyle writer and interior design enthusiast with a soft spot for Amode modern furniture; she wishes she could be among the crowds at this year’s much-anticipated Milan Furniture Fair!