The flat design trend – where to from here?

I’ve long hoped Apple would lesson the skeuomorphic cues found in the UI of it’s software, particularly on the desktop where it’s particularly garish, Geri Reid wonders where we go from here, particlularly if the markets design and taste leader Apple, sheds it’s overweight skin.

It always surprised me how wholeheartedly Apple embraced skeuomorphism, given their clean and minimal design ethic. iBook’s faux wood bookshelf and iCal’s moleskin ‘hand-stitched’ leather binder, while initially enchanting now seem terribly passe. This month, Apple profits fell for the first time in a decade and many commentators see their failure to evolve as their downfall. It suddenly seems as if Apple have lost a bite of their cool.

Flat design is quickly being adopted by market leaders. Facebook and eBay have introduced flatter versions of their logo and icons. Microsoft, traditionally the uncool laggard of the biggies, struck a winning blow with the flat interface of Windows 8. Rumour has it that Apple are now embracing the flatlands with iOS 7.

There is something about this design ethic that feels honest. Giving users what they want without the additional noise somehow seems kinder, more straight up.

Geri Reid: The flat design trend – where to from here?