Koichi Futatsumata’s Tube Amplifier

Elekit vacuum tube amplifier prototype

Design of a new generation vacuum tube amplifier for EK Japan Co., Ltd.(Fukuoka, Japan) who develops numerous electronic kits/ gadgets targeted at both children and adults.
The prototype, as shown in the photo, is an embodiment of the concept which symbolically gives an accent on vacuum tubes on the top, supported by aluminum dials on the front integrating all controls thereinto and by the sides made of cast steel. So that a vacuum tube light stands out, the mechanical structure and parts (which usually exposed outside to radiate heat) are kept inside and the top aluminum plate functions as a heat sink instead.
The circuitry a hybrid configuration, and, on the right side is a mini- jack for portable music players like iPod.

Elekit vacuum tube amplifier prototype
Beautiful design by Japanese designer Koichi Futatsumata for his Case Real studio for Elekit. Found via Monoscope and Dezeen.

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  1. This device looks magnificent, properly fantastic – like something out of Denmark in the late seventies.