The Ringtone only Teens Can Hear

“They can receive calls and texts during lessons without teachers having the faintest idea what is going on”
Creative thinking! “Teen geeks have retro-fitted a sound called the Mosquito alarm — normally only heard by people under the age of 20 and developed as an irritant to drive teens away from hangout spots at malls — and made it a ringtone. Now all the kids in class can hear cell phones, which have been banned in most classrooms, but the teachers can’t. The ring tone is called Teen Buzz, and it’s spreading like wildfire via SMS and Bluetooth.” It’s a great way of circumventing adult authority by using the very tool used against them.
In a sign of my advancing age I downloaded a copy and couldn’t hear a thing. Here is a copy of the Teen Buzz ringtone in mp3 format. Via here here, here, and here.
I have been fairly busy of late with projects other than Pop Wuping, look for a return to my regular rhythm next week.