Basket Backpacks

Laotian Backpack
I’ve been seeing these more frequently and I love the look.

Laotian Backpack

Made by the Kammu ethnic group, North-West Laos of a mid-20th century design, this work of art features a 2 pocket basket made of rattan, leather lining and an aluminum base.
Rattan is abundant in the forests of Laos and has been used for centuries for making basketry and furniture. Young rattan shoots are also consumed as food.

Market Backpack

basket backpack
Made in Morocco these backpacks are based on Brook Farm’s classic French market basket. Light weight, with adjustable leather straps and large capacity.

Adirondack Utilitarian Pack Baskets

adirondack backpack
More than art objects these Utilitarian Pack Baskets, made in Rome, NY by Linda Allen, are designed for heavy use. A great alternative to nylon based packs for hiking and perfect for urban trendsetters. They come in a range of sizes and feature, seagrass rim filler, a hand-carved oak handle, with sturdy half round rims. The baskets are woven with flat and/or flat oval reed.