Lafuma Naia 25 Daypack

Now that summer is in full swing my wife and I are finding more time to take day trips with the kids through-out the middle of the island. My wife thinks that our old LaFuma backpack is starting to show it’s age. At 12 years old I think it’s just coming of age but with all the new bags I have brought into the house over the years it’s hard to present a convincing argument.
The Lafuma Naia 25 Daypack offers a women-specific fit which might answer one of my wife’s constant complaints that our current bag never feels right on her shoulders. It’s made from 420-denier polyamide which will help keep in one piece on and off the trail. The large main compartment, 2 interior zippered pockets, and 2 exterior front pockets provide 25 liters of space in total – more than enough for our needs. Our current backpack does a great job of keeping the pack off our backs, important with the weather we have around here, hopefully the mesh on the back panel will provide similar comfort. The included raincover is a nice addition.
REI has the Lafuma Naia 25 Daypack on sale.
Some other women’s backpack’s worthy of consideration:
Black Diamond Bullet Pack is cheap but a bit small.
The Tom Bihn Smart Alec is beautiful and will last a lifetime but the back of the bag might make you sweat.
MEC Air Hiking 28 is fantastic but suffers from bland styling.