Brazillion Dollar Home SLR Camera Bag

I doubt they intended for it to be used in this manner but the Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home slr camera bag looks like a great 3 day get away and/or carry-on bag. It should work well for me as I always seem to travel with a small laptop and slr body and lense. Other than this kit I tend to travel very light so this set-up should work well – especially with the front pocket to carry passport, tickets, and a notebook.
The Brazillion Dollar Home is designed to carry 2 slr bodies with glass attached, all the associated gear, and a large screen laptop. This much gear can be heavy so you have the option of carrying the bag as either a shoulder bag or (somewhat) as a backpack. This isn’t a messenger so it will take actual use to determine wether using a shoulder bag is comfortable enough when carrying all this gear.
Made with water resistant 1000D shell, brushed nylon, 300D and ripstop linings. Very annoying oversized strap excluded the other slr bag from Crumpler I own, an older 5 Million Dollar Home, has proven to be a great investment. So I would expect that this will prove to be the same.
Repurpose your bags! You can purchase the bag for $390.00AU on Crumpler’s Australia site which is regrettably one of the worst in the industry. The bags are worth it though.